Kraujo akmuo

Kraujo akmuo Pra jo dvide imt met kai legendinis Jonas enou atv r laiko vartus ir pasaul leido Diakon bei jo pasek jus Dvide imt met kai pats Jonas enou buvo ding s o Diakonas vald kra t ketindamas ia sukur

  • Title: Kraujo akmuo
  • Author: David Gemmell Irmina Domeikienė
  • ISBN: 9986971470
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pra jo dvide imt met , kai legendinis Jonas enou atv r laiko vartus ir pasaul leido Diakon bei jo pasek jus Dvide imt met , kai pats Jonas enou buvo ding s, o Diakonas vald kra t , ketindamas ia sukurti Pa ad t j em kaip jis j suprato Ta iau Diakono Jeruzal s Raiteliai m si terorizuoti visus kitatikius , mutantus, ai ku, taikos ir tik jimo vardan.IrPra jo dvide imt met , kai legendinis Jonas enou atv r laiko vartus ir pasaul leido Diakon bei jo pasek jus Dvide imt met , kai pats Jonas enou buvo ding s, o Diakonas vald kra t , ketindamas ia sukurti Pa ad t j em kaip jis j suprato Ta iau Diakono Jeruzal s Raiteliai m si terorizuoti visus kitatikius , mutantus, ai ku, taikos ir tik jimo vardan.Ir tik tuomet pasirodo vieni as raitelis, kuris turi susiremti ne tik su vietiniais fanatikais, ne tik su Pragaro I peromis, bet ir i siai kinti, kod l stebuklingieji Sipstrassi pavirto siaubingaisiais Kraujo Akmenimis

    • Kraujo akmuo By David Gemmell Irmina Domeikienė
      497 David Gemmell Irmina Domeikienė
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      Posted by:David Gemmell Irmina Domeikienė
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    1. David Gemmell Irmina Domeikienė

      David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984 He went on to write over thirty novels Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell s works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sell worldwide.

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    1. Bloodstone is a very good ending for the saga of Jon Shannow. "I am Jon Shannow and I never lie."Shannow settled down at the end of The Last Guardian. This story starts with him wounded, on the run, and stricken with partial amnesia. The villain of the story, at least in the beginning, is a mysterious religious leader called The Deacon. Shannow's quest takes him across dimensions and ties into the ending of The Last Guardian nicely. Amaziga and Sam Archer make appearances, as do Clem Steiner, Be [...]

    2. It's been about ten years since I read this series but it was amazing. When I can read a book a decade ago and several hundred books and a few thousand beers ago and still recall what it was even about it goes without saying that it was good, then again, I don't think that David Gemmell ever wrote anything in his life that would qualify as "bad". If you like anything else by Gemmell you'll like this, if you like violence, epic fantasy, dark and angry good guys, time travel, and a mix of high tec [...]

    3. This trilogy is fantastic in its scope & imagination. I absolutely love how everything connects; sometimes in surprising/unforeseen ways. The time travel aspect of the plot is mind-bendingly awesome. The fact that characters can cross paths with their future or past selves without realizing it at the time - and that Gemmell is able to disguise this fact from even the readers until a later time when he chooses to reveal it - is amazing. I love it when an author can keep ahead of me plot-wise; [...]

    4. I have just finished the final chapter in David Gemmell's Jon Shannow trilogy, and what a ride it was. I couldn't imagine a more satisfying conclusion to this thrilling series. Any fan of westerns, fantasy, post-apocalypse, or suspenseful action will love this series about a post-apocalyptic gunslinger that is known as the Jerusalem Man for his early quest for the lost fabled city.This book has everything great about the other two volumes and more. It is the only book in the series that could no [...]

    5. An ageing Clint Eastwood as The Man With No Name takes on an army of werewolves and a great big soul-devouring demon in a post-apocalyptic world. A thoroughly enjoyable romp, enlivened by an abundance of likeable characters, and a bewildering series of time-travel-driven plot-twists, the last of which is truly glorious.

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed the final part of Jon Shannow's story. I was a bit disappointed in the ending, and the time travel aspects got a bit confusing at times. Overall, though, an excellent read and another reason to miss Gemmell's genius.

    7. This would ordinarily be a 3-star review but I finished it in one session, so there. I liked the ending that Shannow got in The Last Guardian and this felt a little like the dead horse being flogged.However, it does have a great time-travel plot and it's Mr Gemmell back on form with his philosophising about violence and means and ends. The ending is a bit of a doozy as well. The biggest problem is that it does rely very heavily - as did the other Jon Shannow books - on the reader swallowing any [...]

    8. The final triumph of the Jerusalem Man. The last adventure was a wild ride and I for one will certainly miss Jon Shannow and his tragic life of blood and death. Without giving anything away, the ending did leave just a little wiggle room for the hero's survival if you think about it hopefully enough. Unfortunately, there won't be any more adventures coming from the pen of David Gemmell as he sadly passed away some years ago. Someone should bring the Jerusalem Man back (he's that interesting to s [...]

    9. As I conclude this trilogy, I can't help but think these books were naught but an experiment for Gemmell, maybe even a creative exercise in between his other, more consistent sagas. The chronicle of the Jerusalem Man is one with many ups and downs, high points and low points, but never a dull moment. Even if your suspension of disbelief must be thoroughly turned off for this read, and you must learn to roll with it much like Jon Shannow himself is forced to. After all, if the author introduced a [...]

    10. The closing chapter of David Gemmell's Jon Shannow trilogy. This takes a slightly left of field approach to the material, enhancing the previous back story while going in some unusual directions which I liked. I thought the action scenes were a little sparse here but that may well be because Gemmell had already utilised his sci-fi/western/horror setting to the maximum in the last two books and didn't want to repeat himself.The novel sees Shannow's legacy leading to further evil as ruthless Chris [...]

    11. The final - and, arguably - best of David Gemmell's Jon Shannow trilogy (after both Wolf in Shadow and The Last Guardian), set 20 years after the events of the previous one, and in which Shannow himself (otherwise known as the brigand slayer 'The Jerusalem Man') has become a figure of legend.With a plethora of returning characters - most noticeably Beth McAdam, Clem Stenier and Amizaga Archer - alongside several compelling new additions, and with a 'big bad' that seems nigh-on invulnerable (unti [...]

    12. One of the best series i have read. Read it for it's amazing storytelling in apocalypses word with western style heroes and town added with a touch of magic, time travel and multiple world to complete the fantasy element. Really enjoyed it and a great ending to a awesome series. The book started with a bang and ended with another. The beginning is very unexpected as we see a very different Jon Shannow. He is old, having amnesia and has lived a polar opposite life for 20 years. His journey and wh [...]

    13. I could call it holiday indulgence, but the extent to which I enjoyed my first Gemmell for a while perhaps removes the need for an excuse.Riddled with the themes readers of Gemmell will recognise - perhaps a little too readily - the familiarity doesn't detract from an enthralling story, something else fans of Gemmell will be familiar with. Bloodstone has complex heroes, sinister villains, the triumph of ageing warriors, rip roaring combat, and the masterful threading together of numerous story a [...]

    14. I really like David Gemmell's novels and mourn that there will be nor more. I have reread most of his novels often and bought many extra copies to pass on. So I was somewhat puzzled that as I read this story it seemed completely unknown to me. The odd event seemed familiar so either I read it so long ago I've forgotten or Gemmell's penchant for starting stories from the end, with references to what has already happened, (although he hasn't written that story yet), is what makes it familiar.Eithe [...]

    15. Fine del CicloIl ciclo delle Sipstrassi, dopo il calo Arturiano, riprende quota e si conclude degnamente: il sapore western torna ad impregnare il Mondo di porte parallele Gemmelliano, ridonando smalto e rinvigorendo un'ossatura narrativa accattivante nella sua semplicità.Saga tra le meno incisive dell'autore da me lette, acerba, che comunque offre alcuni spiragli fantastici degni di essere letti.

    16. The John Shannow books were an interesting excursion. An odd post-apocalyptic/fantasy setting that had some very interesting ideas and cool story lines. John Shannow was always a little too Clint Eastwood cool for my tastes, brooding and mysterious. Not until the end of the series did I ever find out enough about him to really care deeply for him.All the same, I enjoyed the books and odd settings, just wish the main character had been a little more engaging at times.

    17. This one really gives the other titles in this series a muddy face. Confusing, back and forth time travel a lack of focus on the coming bad guy just a mixed mess of ideas that just never really came together to create the sense of foreboding the author wanted to create. The final conclusion was pretty clever, but the author weebled-wobbled and fell down too many times getting there. SORELY LACKING

    18. I did not expect time travel in a supposedly fantasy book. It made it interesting though. Post apocalyptic world, magic stones and the ultimate threat is going to destroy multitude of worlds. And who is going to deal with this? Of course Jon Shannow, the mysterious man who radiates power. It was a pleasure to read this book even though it differs from what I have expected. David Gemmell does not disappoint.

    19. This was a toughie - lots of different threads to pull together and make sense of. Raises time-travel's dilemma of course - destiny or free will. I've heard Gemmell worked hard on this one. After reading Koontz's third Frankenstein book (where he just completely punted) and other series that fall under their own weight, I like Gemmell better and better.

    20. Don't get me wrong, this was another outstanding book, it's just that I felt there were loose ends and a few dead ends in the story. One character seemed to have a great story arc and then he just fizzled out. For these reasons and more I am taking off one star, but this is still well worth a read and a good, if not great, conclusion to the series.

    21. This book continues the post apocalyptic western style saga of John shannow. The Mix of western, fantasy, and sci fi should not work. I have seen similar sorts of works fail spectacularly but the brilliant writing style of gemmell somehow brings it all together. These three books are gemmell at his very best, and a must for any fan of his work.

    22. This was a good tale with a nice ending. I have a hard time buying the changes in Jon Shannow, especially the twisted bit at the end. One reason why I don't try to write novels is the difficulty in creating a truly wise or intelligent character. It is hard to write above yourself, but quite easy to see the mistakes of others. Still this book is worth reading just to listen to the Deacon talk.

    23. I hesitated a bit at reading the Jon Shannow books because they looked like they'd be in a more modern setting, and they are, with guns. However, I came to like the Shannow character as well as any of Gemmell's heroes and much enjoyed the whole set of Shannow books.This is my favorite of the Shannow books.

    24. I'll have to read the first two in this series to fairly evaluate this oneI mistakenly thought this was a standalone book. The story is good but I'm sure it will be much better once I see how the action got to Book 3!

    25. A wonderful way to end my adventure with David Gemmell. I find myself incredibly upset that I will never read a new Gemmell novel again. I cannot express how amazing I find this man's books. I hope that others will agree. RIP David Gemmell

    26. Gemmel was my favourite author growing up. I love all of his books, but man, I got a real soft spot for Shannow!Wild west meets sword and sorcery (sort of), it's a book that only he could have thought of, but it - and the entire series - are books anyone can love.

    27. Hugely enjoyed all the Shannow books. This final one is certainly the most ambitious. It doesn't tie up all the loose threads, but I'm quite glad about that. It fits nicely with the series. Strongly recommended for fantasy fans.

    28. This was a wierd book. Its one of those sequels where its about the main character, but he's not exactly as cool as he was in the previous books, sort of like the dying story of this character I still like it though. Awesome series.

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