Seventeen: Book One

Seventeen Book One Corporations control all of the world s diminishing resources and all of its governments dividing the world into two types of people those who unquestioningly obey and those who die Most of the worl

  • Title: Seventeen: Book One
  • Author: Mark D. Diehl
  • ISBN: 9781492744863
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Corporations control all of the world s diminishing resources and all of its governments, dividing the world into two types of people those who unquestioningly obey, and those who die Most of the world s seventeen billion humans are unconscious, perpetually serving their employers as part of massive brain trusts The ecosystem has collapsed, naturally growing plants haveCorporations control all of the world s diminishing resources and all of its governments, dividing the world into two types of people those who unquestioningly obey, and those who die Most of the world s seventeen billion humans are unconscious, perpetually serving their employers as part of massive brain trusts The ecosystem has collapsed, naturally growing plants have been declared illegal, and everything from food to housing to medicines must be synthesized from secretions of genetically modified bacteria Only corporate ambulatory workers can afford patented synthetic food, and non corporates fight for survival in the city s sprawling, grotesquely violent ghetto known only as the Zone.Nineteen year old waitress Eadie challenges the hierarchy when she assists a bedraggled alcoholic known as the Prophet, drawing massive social control machinery into play against her The Prophet predicts she s the general who will lead a revolution, and a few desperate souls start listening How can she and her followers possibly prevail when she s being hunted by a giant corporation and the Federal Angels it directs

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    • Seventeen: Book One : Mark D. Diehl
      483 Mark D. Diehl
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    1. word count: about 110 000 rating: not for the faint-hearted *ARC provided by NetGalley"Lord, I pray to you in my capacity as Chairman of the Board of Williams Gypsum Corporation and de facto head of this household. Thank you for selecting me to lead this successful company and family. We praise your wisdom and judgement in selecting all the leaders of our society. Thank you for allowing our company to provide us with this home, this food, this way of life. Amen." This is not a 'feel-good, all en [...]

    2. Just imagine almost the entire world’s population of 17 billion is asleep, being used like battery powered brains.There are no sustainable food crops and the big wigs control everything. All you have to do is give yourself, all of yourself, over to the oppressors and all of your needs will be provided.With food shortages and power hungry officials running the show, you can bet there will be a rebellion. And a young waitress, Eadie, is prophesied to lead it. She’ll be going up against a huge [...]

    3. Seventeen: Book Onea new novel by Mark D. Diehl Earth is a dying planet, its resources depleted by the over 17 billion people who now live there. The only way to survive in this arid desert world of dwindling food and water is to join the last elements of civilized society that are left: The dozen or some mega corporations that have extensive political control, private armies to protect their domain, and the ability to feed and house the teeming millions of members who make up their Companies wo [...]

    4. Seventeen: Book One (Vol 1) by Mark D. DiehlI received a copy for review from NetgalleyA dystopian book with a twist. Nobody in this story wins.No utopia for some and dystopia for others.Some may think they are better off but they are not. Being a free thinking person in this world is dangerous, deadly even.So comes together a group of rag tag survivors with a prophet, a Samurai inhabiting somebody else's body and a General who is or used to be a waitress.I loved the fact that this group knows t [...]

    5. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Well it has finally happened the people have killed the planet. Earth is dying but with over seventeen billion people in the world what can you except. Most of these seventeen billion people are already dead but they have found a way to keep them alive kind of. The bodies is nothing but rotting flesh hooked up to machines that keep their brains working and used as a "brain trust" a place to store information to be used by t [...]

    6. Seventeen: Book OneWe are warned in the author’s notes: “We are evolving into a corporate species.”Welcome to a world set in a not impossible future, where corporations rule the world, all in the name of God. In this world, the only things grown are grown from bacteria, organic items are illegal and nearly mythical. Here we discover the Goldens, humans who have been genetically improved and are educated with the help of implants directly linking them to the sources of knowledge, as well as [...]

    7. Normally I don’t like to give the first book in a series a 5 star rating; but this book definitely deserves all 5 and it’s only the first book in the series!XVII was not like any dystopian book I’ve read. Nobody wins. There’s no underlying love story to be had. This isn’t a happily ever after… yay they win! None of that happens here; and there is a big cliffhanger at the end, but again, this is only the first book.The author creates an amazing visual of the future. You can really get [...]

    8. Have you ever considered the vast and increasing amount of power wielded by multinational corporations in our world today? Does it worry you? This book may convince you that it should.In the dystopian world of “Seventeen,” the corporations have taken over completely. They no longer have to hide their machinations, their efforts to influence government and society. Their power is unquestionable and accepted, and they direct every aspect of human life. Corporate employees are considered very f [...]

    9. I really liked the premise of this story because it seems very realistic to me. I don't think I've ever read a book with a similar world.I loved the ending, simply because it was so completely unexpected. Wonderful plot twist!It was very refreshing to read a dystopian novel intended for adults and didn't include a love story.During the first 30 pages or so I was utterly intrigued by the world building. It all made perfect sense to me. But then there was the sudden flashback to Sato, a sumarai fr [...]

    10. This book is a different type of dystopian book. I really enjoyed reading about this possible future. There is a couple different groups. The Elite who pretty much run things, the people in the brain trust and people who are what you might say free. You would think the Elite ones would have it made but that is not the case. Each one has a person above them it seems and they can be reprogrammed at any time. The brain trust are really shells of people who are hooked up to machines keeping things g [...]

    11. When I read the synopsis of Seventeen I was intrigued. The idea of the population being in a brain trust that serves the corporations was mind boggling. How was this done? I don’t read a lot of dystopian novels but this one sounded good so I gave it a chance.Unfortunately it didn’t really meet my expectations. The writing is okay over all but the brain trust wasn’t really explained so I still have no idea how this entire process is run. The societal descriptions are frightening. Sadly, I c [...]

    12. I received a copy via net galley. I didn't like nor dislike this book. Characters were interesting, storyline was intriguing but I think that the execution was done a bit poorly Maybe it's just a classic it's not the book but me syndrome. The cover and synopsis was what drew me in, mostly the synopsis but hey I was looking for something different and I found it in this book, go in without judging it too much. I might reread soonish to see if I was just having a bad book funk and wasn't in a read [...]

    13. A great written dystopian novel. The plot is wonderful and the characters are well formed. A world where corporations rule the world. Workers have no control over there own lives, if they fail at their jobs they have little chance of survival. Eadie thinks she can change the world and starts to rebel.This story will keep you turning the pages.

    14. While this was a super interesting concept, and the world building was awesome I thought that it was TOO much at times. There was just so much going on that it was distracting. I also don't think that it is a YA novel, it was marketed to me as a teen novel, but the themes and action felt more like an adult novel to me.I received a digital copy of this for review from Netgalley.

    15. First I would like to thank the author Mark D. Diehl for giving me this book for an honest review. This is a very well written dystopian novel. The world building in good and well thought out, the characters are well written, although you do get many points of view throughout the book. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

    16. Review: XVII (SEVENTEEN) by Mark DiehlAs highly dystopian as it gets (if it could be worse, please spare me), XVII postulates an Earth severely groaning under the combined eight of a populace of 17 billion (hence the title) and multi-corporate rule. The 99% of humanity have been wrung dry to feed the gross profit motive of the 1%. What remains can scarcely be considered human.

    17. This type of book is not really my thing. The writing was good and the story was good, but overall I was a bit bored and confused and really noone won in the end. The ending was a very good twist though. Overall, even though it wasn't my thing I would recommend it to others.

    18. This book was provided by netgalley in exchange for an honest review.It was an awful reading. Seriously, the plot has potential, but, as it is, is completely unreadable.Vote: 1 star

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