Champagne Kisses

Champagne Kisses What s important to a soldier his love of his country or his love of a woman In the summer of Rachel Weber spent a week down on the Florida coast soaking up the sun s rays while she waited for

  • Title: Champagne Kisses
  • Author: Krista Lakes
  • ISBN: 9781492751601
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • What s important to a soldier his love of his country, or his love of a woman In the summer of 1990, Rachel Weber spent a week down on the Florida coast, soaking up the sun s rays while she waited for her life to begin It was there that she met Dean Sherman, a handsome, muscular soldier with blue eyes The two spent a week together full of champagne kisses that onlyWhat s important to a soldier his love of his country, or his love of a woman In the summer of 1990, Rachel Weber spent a week down on the Florida coast, soaking up the sun s rays while she waited for her life to begin It was there that she met Dean Sherman, a handsome, muscular soldier with blue eyes The two spent a week together full of champagne kisses that only ended when Operation Desert Storm forced Dean to choose between his duty and his love He chose duty.Twenty years later, Rachel figured it was just summer love, but she never forgot those eyes As personal assistant to powerful billionaire Jack Saunders, she never expected Dean to walk into her office after being hired as Jack s personal bodyguard Even though she had spent the last two decades trying to forget Dean, she found herself falling for him once again.When fate forced both Rachel and Dean to choose yet again between love and duty, Rachel had to decide between the man she had always loved and the family that had become her life She knew she couldn t have both, but she knew she wouldn t be happy with just one Would she choose love, or be forever haunted by the memory of those Champagne Kisses This thrilling romance novel brings the cast of the bestselling novels Saltwater Kisses and Rainwater Kisses back for an epic and timeless love story.

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    1. Krista Lakes

      Krista Lakes is a newly turned 30 year old who recently rediscovered her passion for writing She loves aquatic life and running marathons She is living happily ever after with her Prince Charming and her bouncing baby boy.

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    1. 2.5 stars.**Review posted September 27, 2013For a synopsis please read the blurb. I'm going to make it as short as possible.It's safe to say that Champagne Kisses: A Timeless Love Story wasn't my cup of tea. The story and the writing were too cheesy and the epilogue doesn't get any sappier either. From the beginning I've had a hard time to get into the story and I felt a bit bored. Add in the fact that the sex wasn't memorable at all and I was very glad to finish the book ASAP. Fortunately it wa [...]

    2. Rachel Weber and Dean Sherman met during a magical week during the Summer of 1990. She was with two girlfriends celebrating their college graduation and he was waiting to be deployed to the Middle East. They fell in lust and burned up the sheets, but realized their feelings for each other were much deeper. They had fallen in love. Then life circumstances tore them apart.About twenty years later, they were reunited. Both carried the scars of life and were wary of old feelings that kept creeping b [...]

    3. I had hoped someone would pick up on the exchange between Dean and Rachel in Saltwater Kisses A Billionaire Love Story The Kisses Series 1. “We’ll go over your rules in the car, Dean,” Rachel cut in, hustling me down the hallway. “We’re on a tight schedule today.”“Of course Ms. Weber,” Dean said smoothly, tipping his head. “As you wish.”Rachel gave him a brief smile before shooing me into the elevator." And people did!! I got lots of emails from readers asking if Dean and Rac [...]

    4. This was my first read by this author. It had been in my TBR folder for a while and I wish I had read it sooner. Dean and Rachel meet in the summer of 1990 while vacationing in a small Florida beach town. They are young adults, early twenties and Dean is in the army. They spend a week together, fall in love and agree to keep in touch and find each other after he returns from the war in the Gulf. They write each other but for reasons detailed in the book they don't reconnect until 20 years later. [...]

    5. Wow!!! This is by far the best book from the series. It's so poignant and full of love, the pages practically leap from the book. Dean and Rachel had a history( which I didn't know about, from the previous book). Twenty years ago they met and fell in love with one another. Dean was about to be shipped to fight a war while Rachel wanted to be a designer. But fate had other plans, although they both wrote to each other, neither one of them received their letters. After years they meet again, Rache [...]

    6. 4.47 stars, 36 ratings freebie! September 26: amazon/Champagne-KisseSounds really good!What's more important to a soldier- his love of his country, or his love of a woman?In the summer of 1990, Rachel Weber spent a week down on the Florida coast, soaking up the sun's rays while she waited for her life to begin. It was there that she met Dean Sherman, a handsome, muscular soldier with blue eyes. The two spent a week together full of champagne kisses that only ended when Operation Desert Storm for [...]

    7. I didn't read the first two books in this series, but it didn't matter. This book worked just fine as a stand-alone.This is a semi-typical lost-love and then found-it-again story. Nothing deep, nothing serious. If you find it plausible that three gals, recently graduated from college, could meet three soldiers on leave, and they'd pair up neatly into three love connections and fall into three separate beds the same night they meet, then this is the book for you. After raising my eyebrows in disb [...]

    8. I always read Krista's Billionaire bookies I love them and when they come out the first day they're always free which makes me love them even more. Dean he was a character and he was flirty, "are you trying to get my address?" Dean asked with a mock-scandalized look." He's a looker, "he held me up with ease, his strong arms supporting me with no problem whatsoever. I reveled in the feeling of his chest those strong muscles." He's quite endowed, "I saw the bulge in his briefs, I froze up while lo [...]

    9. I completely agree with Michelle's review, although I had similar experience with Rainwater Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story and since then I think I already read everything she has published. As all the other books, I loved this one. It was fun and it was sad. It nearly made me cry when Daniel died and I definitely felt said because of the death of Tony. Before I read that he is dead I so much hoped that he and Kimberly will also get together, but I hope that at least Matt and Jenny will have t [...]

    10. Dnf. A freebie and not surprisingly. I couldn't get into the characters. In the current time Rachel must be at least 40 and yet she acts and behaves like a teenager when she is supposed to be a competent, capable professional. The 'wtf' moment for me was when Dean says to her: 'There's a war going on right now between one of America's allies and a much larger nation. They have no chance of winning without our help.' I mean wtf? She isn't a seven year old is she? I presume intelligent Americans w [...]

    11. A beautiful love story , back to back from 20 yrs ago , spent only 4 days together during summer break, now met again and fall in love all over again.

    12. Classic love story this one doesn't disappoint. It is so sweet and git wrenching. I love how it continues to inform you of the lives of the characters from previous books!

    13. TRUE RATING ★★★½✩ Rounded upAll 6 notes and highlights are at points where I was "thrown out" of the story, lost the flow due to poor edits,(missing or incorrect or repeated words)

    14. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    15. Love and moreA love story many wish could be reality. Great easy enjoyable read. I would recommend to those that love romance.

    16. •Love or Duty This isn't the first of Krista Lakes "Kisses" series that I've read. Each story seems to go along with another character but is still A STANDALONE HEA in itself!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM, I am going to have to go back and read them ALL!! Even the ones I've already read, they're THAT GOOD! They're all told as if they've TRUELY happened. I hadn't realized until reading this story that the series had been released earlier, the first one I read was (Saltwater Kisses Book 1 in April of [...]

    17. Champagne Kisses: A Timeless Love Story is an addition to the Kisses series by Krista Lakes. I think it is probably the best of the series I have read so far. Although the series can be read without order, this one definitely needs to follow Wishful Kisses. Rachel has been a great asset to the Saunders family. She took a job designing maternity dresses for Bianca’s second pregnancy. The day she took that job, she found Jack on the streets of New York, lost while trying to find his Daddy’s of [...]

    18. Rachel is on vacation at the beach when both her friends and her meet these three hot men, Men that are in the Military. Rachel and Dean start this Summer Romance Fling, but by the end of the week when they all have to leave the two of them have fallen for each other, with promises to write and find each other when he comes back. 20 years later and Rachel and Dean meet up again after all that time, but with them working together there is an strict Employee Contract that forbids they to date or b [...]

    19. If you have read Saltwater Kisses, you will remember Rachel Weber, Jack’s tireless and selfless personal assistant. If anyone deserves a happy ending, it is her. This is a woman who lives at the beck and call of her workaholic boss and future CEO of an oil and gas company. She has no time for a book much less a romance. Dean Sherman is Jack’s wife’s bodyguard but also a summer fling Rachel had back in 1990 when she graduated college. Fraternization is against company policy and grounds for [...]

    20. In the beginning of this story I was a little lost due to the timeline presentation. Then I 'caught on' to what was going onere was a shifting back in time to the present to back in time to the present that was extremely confusing at first. Essentially it is a story about Rachel & Dean, two young adults who meet while on vacation in a Florida beach town. Rachel just graduated college with a degree in fashion design and Dean was on military leave. They share a magical few days together and en [...]

    21. This is a sweet short love story about second chances. Rachel feel in love with Dean over 20 years ago - a summer romance that was close to perfect. Then Dean left to fight in the Gulf War and she never heard from him again. Flashforward 20 years Dean is now hired to protect her bosses wife and the chemistry is still there, execpt now if she goes after what she wants it could cost her the job she loves. So for 2 years they stay away from each other - until 1 day everything changes.Dean is fighti [...]

    22. Another wonderful romance by Krista Lakes. There hasn't been a book in this entire series that I haven't enjoyed. This love story covers twenty years. Rachel and Dean met when they were young, she just out of college and he was in the Army getting ready to deploy to Kuwait. They fell in love and each tried to stay in touch but somehow fate stepped in and kept them apart. Her letters to him were returned and she never got his letters. Then years later, he was hired as a bodyguard for the Saunders [...]

    23. This is a typical lost love, found again story. I found it a little implausible that these characters found each other in a different state, all over again, 20 years later. Although the story starts off with 4 girls, each hooking up with one of the 4 guys and all having sex with them the night they meet! Ummally? All of them were that easy? But, I'll let that slide. The young story was good. I enjoyed the descriptiveness and lightness of the plot. But then it ends abruptly because of what? A mis [...]

    24. When they say that we truly love deeply only once in a lifetime, I think they were talking about Rachel and Dean and Krista Lakes has captured that here in Champagne Kisses. The undeniable connection and deep, passionate love is felt from the very beginning and continues on even though there is the probability that they will never be together because of the extenuating circumstances that fill their lives. I have had the pleasure of reading the first two Kisses books written by Ms. Lakes and the [...]

    25. Champagne Kisses byKrista Lakes is a powerful book to theKisses Series as we get to delve into Rachel and Dean's past and see where it had first started for them. This novel was the one the first got me intoThe Kisses Series. It has depth and even made me cry at several sections. I adored Dean and Rachel before and now I love them to death. The intimate scenes were steamy with real chemistry between the pair. (view spoiler)[ I had to cry when I read that Tony died. It makes me not want to readWi [...]

    26. I just finished re-reading "Champaign Kisses" this morning. I am re-reading the whole "Kisses" series I really enjoyed them the first time. "Champaign Kisses", is a continuation of the "Kisses" series by Krista Lakes. I absolutely loved this book! This one reallllly brought me in. I cried several times for the people in the book. I really liked how it told the story of how Rachel and Dean met in Florida. I cried when they separated, really cheered for them when they got back together. I like the [...]

    27. I received this book for an honest review.I have read the stories before this one in the series so I had a good idea who Rachel and Dean were to the Saunders. This book gives us a look at the past when Dean and Rachel first met and how their fates were tied together from that point forward. Rachel works for the Saunders family. She is Jack's personal assistant. When she needs to hire a new body guard for Jack it is recommended that she hire Dean. A blast from her past.As Dean and Rachel dance ar [...]

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