The Given

The Given New York Times bestselling author Vicki Pettersson continues her breakout new supernatural noir mystery series as a fallen angel and a reporter team up to stop a drug cartelAfter learning his wife sur

  • Title: The Given
  • Author: Vicki Pettersson
  • ISBN: 9780062066206
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Vicki Pettersson continues her breakout new supernatural noir mystery series as a fallen angel and a reporter team up to stop a drug cartelAfter learning his wife survived the attack that killed him fifty years earlier, angel PI Griffin Shaw is determined to find Evelyn Shaw, no matter the cost Yet his obsession comes at a price Grif hasNew York Times bestselling author Vicki Pettersson continues her breakout new supernatural noir mystery series as a fallen angel and a reporter team up to stop a drug cartelAfter learning his wife survived the attack that killed him fifty years earlier, angel PI Griffin Shaw is determined to find Evelyn Shaw, no matter the cost Yet his obsession comes at a price Grif has had to give up his burgeoning love for reporter Katherine Kit Craig, the woman who made life worth living again, and dedicate himself to finding one he no longer knows.Yet when Grif is attacked again, it becomes clear that there are forces in both the mortal and heavenly realm who d rather see him dead than unearth the well buried secrets of his past If he s to survive his second go round on the Surface, Grif will have to convince Kit to reunite with him professionally, and help uncover decades of police corruption, risking both their lives and testing the limits to what one angel is really willing to give for love.

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    1. Vicki Pettersson

      Vicki Pettersson is a NYT and USA Today bestselling author of ten novels, most set in her hometown of Las Vegas Though she ll ever consider that glittering dustbowl home, she now divides her time between Vegas and Dallas,Texas, where she s learning to like good Tex Mex easy and the Dallas Cowboys easier than you d think Her most recent release is SWERVE, aptly titled as it s both a chase book and a hard departure from her fantasy work A pure adrenaline, white knucked thriller, Swerve releases on July 7, 2015 perfect for the novel s Fourth of July setting If you re looking for a romance with little to no violence this is not your novel If, as with her other work, you re looking for a strong female protagonist who comes out swinging when pushed into a corner, then perhaps you can connect Welcome

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    1. Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsThis series is a great way to switch things up if you’re looking for something that’s a little outside the paranorm, and it’s also a trilogy which makes it not too daunting of a commitment. The supernatural elements are subtle, the mystery is complex and engrossing, and the ending is unexpectedly uplifting. I missed the rockabilly aspects that were at the forefront of book 1, and the story lagged a bit in the earlier chapters, but overall this was by far my favourit [...]

    2. Finally read the conclusion to Vicki Pettersson's Celestial Blues trilogy and what an ending! I was expecting something of epic proportions with The Given, because it's a given with the final book! (LOL!) And Vicki definitely did not disappoint!It's been six months since Grif and Kit split, so to speak. Learning that his beloved wife Evie is still alive, kind of put a crimp between them. Plus the things Sarge told Kit also was a factor. Things are a mess. Though, Grif still likes to keep an eye [...]

    3. Review by Brandi5 Stars!First, I would like to show my love for all the cover’s to The Celestial Blues series! They are all so beautiful and eye catching that they are my favorite cover’s to date! If I was not such a fan of Ms. Pettersson I would pick these up with just one glance.Now, I absolutely adore this author and all her work and I have to confess she blew me away with the Celestial Blues series! It’s so unique and her writing is truly perfection that I have been antsy to get the fi [...]

    4. This was probably my favorite book in the whole series. That is odd for me to say since usually the ending book is often my least favorite. In this book we finally get the conclusion to Grif's quest and get those answers we have been seeking since the first book. The book's flow was even and there was no competing mystery to solve.There are several twists and turns that happen with Grif's mystery. You find that it is even more twisty than even Grif could guess. Several of the twists were not sur [...]

    5. I love Vicki Pettersson's world building and complicated, well rounded characters I always fall in love with. The Celestial Blues series combines two of my favorite things, paranormal fiction AND Rockabilly. I dressed up and trimmed my Bettie Page bangs so I could spazz about my lovin' of The Given on video!See?thebooktart/book-review/th

    6. "What will your sunrises look like if I'm gone? How will your days stretch out before you, and what will you do to fill in all of those years, all that time (without me)?" - Griffin Shaw, break my heart why don't cha!

    7. This one was a great way to end the series. I had picked up the truth about Evie in the second book; that was a shocker though. But this book was solid and Kit definitely got what she deserved in the end. It was an awesome ending and as much as I'd like to read what happens next, I didn't have any major questions unanswered.

    8. I've really enjoyed this Rockabilly urban trilogy. Set in Vegas, Shaw comes back to investigate his own murder. I have to admit, I guessed the culprit half way through the first book.

    9. This was everything you could want in an ending. Faithful to the first 2 books of the trilogy, this book too had its own unique mystery but it also brought to the fore Grif's overarching mystery that launched the series and the relationship that grounded it. It sounds cliche, but this book did make me laugh and cry and scream and smile. Pettersson did an amazing job of showing the character growth that allowed for the relationship to evolve and that growth also pushed the storyline along. She se [...]

    10. I got a copy of this book to review through NetGalley. This is the final book in the Celestial Blues trilogy by Pettersson. I have actually been enjoying this series quite a bit more than Pettersson’s Signs of the Zodiac series.There are spoilers ahead from the first two books in this series.Griffin Shaw has finally learned that his wife, Evie, is still alive and he hopes to track her down and finally solve the mystery of who killed him all those years ago. Unfortunately his obsession with the [...]

    11. openbooksociety/article/thBrought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi*Beware of Spoilers*the-given-celestial-blues-vicki-petterssonIt’s been six long months since Grif and Kit went their separate ways. And, both have been miserable in their own right. But the Host is getting tired of waiting for Grif to find who killed him and take his rightful place in the Everlast. He is given a prophecy that he must fulfill before the 51st anniversary of his death, and it’s approaching fast! He will reunite with [...]

    12. Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Chelle:*Copy gifted by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI truly don't believe that this brilliant piece of storytelling genius can be properly summed up and done justice by yours truly, but I shall endeavor to tryI have enjoyed this series since book #1, but this installment had so much wonder, so much intrigue, so much surprise (OMGoodness the twists!!), heart, and action that it was all I could do not to be overwhelmed by all that it ma [...]

    13. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTHE GIVEN is a satisfying and touching conclusion to the Celestial Blues series. The main mystery of who killed Griffin Shaw occupies THE GIVEN surrounded by a plot that involves betrayal, organized crime, and murder yet at its center, it’s a story about true love and finding peace with yourself. Both Grif and Kit have huge a journey of discovery about their own strengths and about living in the present rather than using the past as a shield. I never [...]

    14. Griffin Shaw, Centurion angel, literally just got word from above that his time on the mortal plane is numbered. He’s left unsolved too long the 50yr old crime of his and his wife’s murder and will now pay the ultimate price. Worse than losing his mortality is finally realizing his one true love is not his wife Evie, but his beautiful crime-solving partner, retro-diva, Kit. With a lot of luck and some divine intervention, maybe just maybe he can solve the case and still get the girl.Katherin [...]

    15. Who killed Griffin Shaw?In this final installment of The Celestial Blues trilogy the reader once again meets up with private Detective Griffin Shaw and investigative reporter Kit Craig. Although they have been separated for six months, both have been plague by the question “Who killed Griffin Shaw?” But time is running out, their days are numbered, and if they want resolution they will have to team up in order to get the answers they seek. New mysteries are discovered, and old wounds torn op [...]

    16. While I've read several of Vicki Pettersson's Signs of the Zodiac books, I haven't read her Celestial Blues series and didn't realize that this was book #3 of a trilogy. Luckily, the storyline was easy to pick up and Pettersson does a great job of providing just enough background that I never felt lost or confused.Grif is part angel/part human. Determined to find out who was behind his murder fifty years ago and what became of his wife, he's been allowed to return to Earth in the hopes that he'l [...]

    17. This was the best book in the whole series. I cried for two chapters straight. Kit and Grif have been apart for 6 months and both have been miserable without the other. Also, at the end of book 2 Grif finds out that his wife is still alive. Heaven is tired of waiting for Grif to come back so now they are forcing his hand. He now has till the 51st anniversary of his death to solve his murder and reunite with his true love before he dies a second time. So he now has 42 hours get himself together. [...]

    18. Satisfying series conclusions are few and far between. Yet while The Given was far from the best book I’ve ever read, it maintained the standard Pettersson had set in the previous two books. Because of that, I found this to be a fairly satisfying series conclusion.The main thing going down with this book is answering the long-standing question “who killed Griffin Shaw?”, rather than dealing also with a side mystery. This book had a bit more to do with angels and the paranormal than previou [...]

    19. In the final installment of the Celestial Blues trilogy, Griff is wrapping up his time on Earth, before he must return to the heavenly realm and leave behind Kit, his modern-day rockabilly love. This is by far the best of the trilogy, with everything built up to this moment. Griff's past and his future are converging, as he follows the mystery of his murder and his wife's involvement to its nail-biting conclusion. I highly enjoyed the noir/gangster/old Vegas vibe of it all as well as Kit's rocka [...]

    20. Review will be posted atbooks-n-kisses MBER OF HEARTS: 4 1/2REVIEW: By far my favorite book of this trilogy! Honestly I was not sure what to expect in this book. I have liked Grif & Kit in the first two but was still on the fence about them. But was in love with them after this book. The world that Vicki has created was very different and interesting. It makes me wonder if we will see any more trilogy’s set in this world (I think Dennis needs a book or two). The twists and turns in this tr [...]

    21. This book is so fabulous that I read it in under twenty-four hours. I love everything Pettersson writes, but The Given raises the bar even higher. The Given, the final novel in the Celestial Blues trilogy, is a noir mystery set in modern day Vegas. The heroine, Kit, is an investigative reporter with a love of all things rockabilly. Griffin Shaw is a Centurion sent back to Earth to solve his own fifty year old murder. The story illuminates both the dark side of human nature, as well as, the beaut [...]

    22. **I received this book for free from Edelweiss/Harper Voyager in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Genre(s)* Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Noir*Rating* 3.5-4*My Thoughts**May contain mild spoilers from the first two books*The Given brings the Celestial Blues trilogy to a satisfying conclusion. Going into The Given, readers were left with a few mysteries to unmask. Who really killed former P.I, now Centurion, Griffin Shaw and wh [...]

    23. In the last book of the Celestial Blues trilogy, the series comes to a satisfying close. The plot of this novel focuses mostly on the question of who murdered Griffin Shaw. Reunited with Kit Craig, the duo also untangles the murder of Kit's father, and the demise of a former mobster's wife. Discussing the plot of The Given without spoilers for the trilogy is difficult because it deals primarily with questions raised in the previous two books. However, I can say that seeing the change Frank (Grif [...]

    24. The final book of the series finally wraps up the mystery of who killed Griffin Shaw. Grif and Kat have been estranged for six months after the events of the previous book but things come to a head when the Pure get involved to get Grif into gear and fix things with Kat and fix things for Francis. The downside is he has 48 house to find out what happened to Evie all those years ago and once again prevent Kat's death. Will true love win in the end triumphing over all the bad in Las Vegas? Not eve [...]

    25. Vicki Pettersson has grown into one of the best fiction writers out there. Her prose is just gorgeous! The Given, the third and final book in the Celestial Blues trilogy, is a glorious end to an innovative and exciting series. I especially love that Kit, the heroine, is optimistic and eclectic instead of the snarky trope that is so familiar these days. And Grif is solid and heroic, which is quite a feat as he is not quite an angel and not quite dead. Love these books and this one was my favorite [...]

    26. "Celestial Blues" has once again deliveredd Vicki Pettersson wove her writing magic into a book that really does enlighten us on the perspective of putting meaning into our present life. A great trilogy from an awesome author.The finale of the story with Kit and Grif continues with the pieces of the mysterious puzzle of Grif's death. These pieces come together in an adventurous tale filled with love, lies, deceit, trust and the need to know the truth. Are our lives fate-driven or do we have the [...]

    27. A mystery within a paranormal, with a heavy dose of Las Vegas noir and rockabilly culture brings The Celestial Blues to a satisfying conclusion in The Given.The romance between Kit and Grif, on the rocks since Grif discovered his beloved wife Evie Shaw was still alive, flares back to life as they team up to continue searching for the clues to Grif's death. Forces both human and angelic are arrayed against them, and the Kit also faces Grif's ultimate demise as his mission on earth is concluding. [...]

    28. No spoilers review:Best book in the series! I won an ARC here on , and I'm so glad I did. I was on the fence about the first book, but the second book was really good. This one blows them out of the water!We finally find out who killed Griffin Shaw. I won't say who. There are hints starting in the second book, if you were paying attention. I love how Vicki brings it all together in this book. I also love how the old folks home plot connects to the Shaw murder. Brilliant!The ending of the 2 plots [...]

    29. This book is a nice capstone to the trilogy about Griffin Shaw, murder victim turned angelic escort of the recently dead into the everlast, and his new found rockabilly flame, hardnosed journalist cum newspaper heiress Kit Craig. The big mystery is revealed, and smaller crimes along the way are exposed while I tagged this as romance it keeps the mystery and world front and center -- yes, Kit's heartbreak and disillusionment with Grif's quixotic quest lasts for the first half of the book, and sh [...]

    30. Just finished reading Vicki Pettersson's The Given, the final book in her Celestial Blues trilogy.As Grif & Kit close in on the answer to the series central question - Who Killed Griffin Shaw? - you are drawn deeper into a tangled web of false identities and lies. Nothing and no one should be taken at face value.Vicki's characters are solid, the dialogue is tight, and the pace will take your breath away. She kept the pace and tension up all the way to the end and I highly recommend this seri [...]

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