Looks Great Naked

Looks Great Naked Grace Adams has it all under control True she can t order anything through the mail for fear her dachshunds Laverne and Shirley will intercept and eat the contents and she s still carrying a few e

  • Title: Looks Great Naked
  • Author: Sandi Hutcheson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Grace Adams has it all under control True, she can t order anything through the mail for fear her dachshunds, Laverne and Shirley, will intercept and eat the contents, and she s still carrying a few extra pounds from the birth of her kindergartener, but the rest of her life marriage, kids, house, even her tennis game is picture perfect.At least it is until the day herGrace Adams has it all under control True, she can t order anything through the mail for fear her dachshunds, Laverne and Shirley, will intercept and eat the contents, and she s still carrying a few extra pounds from the birth of her kindergartener, but the rest of her life marriage, kids, house, even her tennis game is picture perfect.At least it is until the day her mother hands her a diet and exercise book called Look Great Naked and says, I think your husband s having an affair As the fa ade begins to crumble, Grace realizes that looking great naked means having nothing to hide It s accepting yourself exactly the way you are right here, right now, flaws, wrinkles, knots, bumps, lumps, bad attitude and all.

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    1. Sandi Hutcheson

      Sandi Hutcheson is the author of Looks Great Naked She counts as one of her greatest achievements in life the fact that her three grown children visit frequently and actually like to talk to her She lives in St Augustine Beach, Florida, with a three legged Australian shepherd and a pair of obstreperous dachshunds named Laverne and Shirley.

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    1. "Looks Great Naked" is glimpse into the mind of many: a preacher's kid, a sex addict, and a Southern girl just trying to live her life's dream. Grace Adams uses humor to stanch the flow of a man's terrible actions to tell a story of heartbreak and survival.There are many gems in this book and it's not just for the person who has been cheated on. It's a story of how things that may appear nice and shiny on the outside yet actually may be a bowl of muck on the inside once you start digging around. [...]

    2. I would like to start my review by expressing my great respect for Ms. Adams for delving into her fictional personal life and bringing the reader in as if they were a trusted friend. There are plenty of people that are incapable of this kind of honesty with those closest to them. But as any writer knows, there is a modicum of safety in putting your thoughts and feelings to paper. It is how we have become a society that depends on email and text messages to express important information rather th [...]

    3. If this book were listed as memoir, I probably would not have chosen to read it. I'm not fond of memoirs, particularly if they tend toward exploring victimhood. In fact, I have often thought, when reading some memoirs, that I wish the author had kept her clothes on, figuratively speaking, to spare the reader the need to accept that the person lived through the particularly awful events on which she reminisces. Something about the need/wish of some memoirists to expose the experience, to bare the [...]

    4. One of the things that makes Looks Great Naked such a fabulous read is that the narrator tells the story as if she is sitting beside you on the couch drinking a cup of coffee. The reader feels like this is a good friend trusting you with her deepest secrets and naked truth. Even the best of friends don't always open themselves the way the author does in this heartfelt story of love and betrayal. Adams is a gifted story teller who invites you into her darkest moments as she takes the reader from [...]

    5. What an interesting piece of "fiction." If this is fiction, then my name is Attila the Hun.Grace Adams writes of growing up as a preacher's kid--that perfect specimen of evangelical family culture--marrying Mr. Perfect because they look well together, and after a few years of ostensible wedded bliss, she discovers that her husband is a sex addict. It was the phone bills. $1,000-$2,000 at a pop for phone sex. Then the girlfriend. Then the alcohol. Then the $35,000 sex-addict rehab for HIM only to [...]

    6. Although this book is advertised as a work of fiction, it reads like one woman’s account of dealing with a cheating husband. In it, Grace marries her ‘prince charming’ husband and they have the perfect life – wealth, a beautiful home, beautiful children, and a strong faith-based marriage – until she discovers her husband is cheating, and even worse, he’s a sex addict who refuses to quit cheating. Her journey from being his codependent doormat to her realization that it’s not her fa [...]

    7. I don't know why, but I thought this was a self help book on how to look good in your own skin. I started it and was hooked but kept waiting for the part that would apply to me. True, I knew plenty of ladies that this would apply to, and some that need to read. But I kept thinking where is my part. But as quickly as I read it, in the end I was glad. There were many lessons she learned that do apply to me, and many that I want to make sure my kids remember as well. Quick read, easy writing, somet [...]

    8. I kept waiting for this book to get to the funny part. True, there were occasional funny instances but most of this book was an account of a marriage falling apart. I wish I had enjoyed it more but I really didn't like it.

    9. A great little book that was fun to read. I also liked the fact that the author put it all out there and told how she felt about divorce. Even though it was a book of fiction I felt like the story was extremely heartfelt.

    10. Looks Great NakedThis was a great emotional whirl wind of a book. Sad but true this can happen in people's lives. I love this point of view from her. I really enjoyed this book.

    11. I loved this book- the story was incredibly emotional, full of twists and turns, and simply pulled you along for the ride.

    12. I am very conflicted with this bookI want to love it, but to me it feels like the author was trying to much in this book. Yes, i know it is a work of fiction, but it also seems like a true story, but written as fiction.Grace thinks she has everything under control. She was brought up with a perfect church family. Her father was a pastor, and her mother spent the rest of her life making the dream family. it didn't matter what kind of family problems that were going on everything was put on hold w [...]

    13. Sandi Hutcheson grew up a preacher’s kid in Atlanta, Ga. Following Southern tradition, Sandi married young and set out to raise a perfect family. Three kids later, she was on track, until Sandi’s mother gave her an unexpected “gift”: a copy of a book filled with diet and exercise tips called Look Great Naked, and told her “I think your husband is having an affair.” The unspoken message was, your husband is straying; go fix yourself.Instead, Sandi learned to peel away the scales of im [...]

    14. From the very first page actually the first paragraph, Grace pulls you in to her world where chaos is normal and "survival of the fittest" takes on a whole new meaning! She and her gang of wacked out dogs (who happen to have a total of eleven legs), take control of a situation that no really good, God-Fearing, Southern Woman would EVER want to find themselves in! While the canines choose to deal with the cheating spouse in a passive-aggressive way, Grace uses her wit and wits to keep her from f [...]

    15. This was a freebie from the kindle store. I thought it was going to be funny and light but instead it is a rambling, almost completely random wander through the life of a woman whose husband is rubbish but who keeps taking him back and pandering to him. Here's my hint, lady: if he cheats, you're out. If he goes to sex addict recovery camp and talks to his lover more often than he does to you, you're out. Etc etc. I kept waiting for the funny parts but other than the dachshund poo (seriously? You [...]

    16. I knew of this ladies parents' and having had relationship adversities I have never been around or with a sex addict. I find her use of some extreme language in bad taste especially for a preacher's daughter. It seems her mom was raised in a true old fashioned way and wasn't much support or comfort and helped her be codependant in the first place. It reads she wants to be a writern't know that I would try her again hope she is enjoying a better life waiting to divorce the jerk before all the mon [...]

    17. If you've ever been through the pain of divorce, the torture of loving someone who's an addict and/or a narcissist, the compulsion of perfectionism or the disappointment that comes with realizing your life didn't turn out exactly as you planned, dreamed or wanted then you need to get this novel for $2.99!! I read it in 2 1/2 hours. A fictional, yet real, honest and hilarious view of going through trials and coming out the other side even better (no actual nudity required).

    18. I really liked this bookup until Chapter 12. I enjoyed the author's humor and became invested in the story, but she suddenly stopped telling it. She gives explicit detail of how the relationship went to pot, and gives her realizations, but never really clues us into her healing process and the aftermath. That was disappointing because I came to like and really root for her.

    19. This book leaves me conflicted wondering if I truly learned something about myself and the life women are trained to want or whether this fictional book is just one option. I'm leaning and hoping for the first. A shorter book that I read during my ventures to the bar.

    20. Just a great read especially for those of us that have experienced. While we can decide to laugh or cry this story proves you don't have to be a victim unless you choose to be. Helped me realize that in life we must be true to ourselves and cling to faith

    21. Quick read. How much married women have to suffer and take just for the sake of their children? I think is a huge mistake to stay married JUST for the kids!

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