Snowblind They come at night Forward A stranger staggers out of the wilderness under the cover of a blizzard and stumbles into a diner full of people He collapses in the entryway unzips his jacket and allows

  • Title: Snowblind
  • Author: Michael McBride
  • ISBN: 9781937771492
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • They come at night.Forward.A stranger staggers out of the wilderness under the cover of a blizzard and stumbles into a diner full of people He collapses in the entryway, unzips his jacket, and allows the object hidden inside to fall out Screaming commences.Down.Four old college buddies embark upon their annual elk hunting trip into the Rocky Mountains This promises to bThey come at night.Forward.A stranger staggers out of the wilderness under the cover of a blizzard and stumbles into a diner full of people He collapses in the entryway, unzips his jacket, and allows the object hidden inside to fall out Screaming commences.Down.Four old college buddies embark upon their annual elk hunting trip into the Rocky Mountains This promises to be their last, for the passage of time is as merciless and unpredictable as the Colorado weather And they re not alone.Help.There are other hunters in the mountains, stalking game of a different breed They know exactly what they re doing, because they ve been hunting in these woods for a long, long time And no one ever survives to betray their existence.

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    • Snowblind by Michael McBride
      232 Michael McBride
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      Posted by:Michael McBride
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    About "Michael McBride"

    1. Michael McBride

      Michael McBride was born in Colorado and still resides in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains He hates the snow, but loves the Avalanche He works with medical radiation, yet somehow managed to produce five children, none of whom, miraculously, have tails, third eyes, or other random mutations He writes fiction that runs the gamut from thriller to horror to science fictiond loves every minute of it.

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    1. He repeats three words over and over in his mind.Forward.Down.Help.They are the only conscious thoughts he’s capable of forming, the residue of the plan he formed when he set out. He had known at the time that it really wasn’t much of a plan, but its simplicity was what had allowed him to survive beyond the point when his faculties abandoned him. As long as he continued to move forward and follow the mountainous topography ever downward, he would eventually find a cabin or a town or someplac [...]

    2. Four friends get together for their annual hunting trip in the mountains. Except this time, there is a blizzard. And something else. Something terrifying.This was a quick read. The tension constantly builds and builds throughout the story and then WHAM! The ending is like a punch in the gut. I just love stories like this. If you like to have your breath taken away by a story, then I recommend you try this one.

    3. Are you as sick of the summer heat as I am? Here is a good way to cool off. Snow and ice drip from this book, and they freeze your hands with each turn of the page. It's bad enough that you are fighting a snowstorm while trying to stay warm and protected. There are things in the snow, and they are hunting you. As badly as you want to get away, you still want to know: What the HELL is out there? Hello?

    4. When Snowblind begins, it wastes absolutely no time and throws you right into the terror; drops you right in the middle of three college buddies helping their friend who's been injured on their annual elk hunting trip in the Colorado Rockies. They end up off the usual trail and soon they are fighting for their lives while being hunted by an unseen force in the raging blizzard.I really wanted a fast-moving, exciting creature feature and I got that and more with this novella. What I wasn't expecti [...]

    5. This book was awesome fast paced action from the start to finish it did not stop.Four friends set off on their annual hunting trip to the mountains everything was going okay until they heard a noise which sounded like a bear growling but sounded more threatening the way they were killed was terrifying only leaving one left at the end.The tension kept building chapter by chapter i could not put it down a well written novel by Michael Macbride.Will read more of his books loved this

    6. There's something in the woods not just one or two, but a whole pack of them. Something that was once thought of as a myth, but is very much alive and out for their blood.The hunter's are about to become hunted.Right away I found the tension hit me this is a fast pace of a tale. There are some really scary moment's in this book that hits you, and Michael McBride really set's the tone in the beginning of the book. It's a short tale, but packed full with Intense moment's you can't help rooting for [...]

    7. Review of Snowblind by Michael McBride Forward. Down. Help. Four long-time friends trek into the Rocky Mountain for their annual elk hunting trip. It isn't long before they find out that they are not alone and that something is hunting <i> them </i>. Add in a near white-out blizzard and hell just froze over. This fast-paced novella from Michael McBride is all adrenaline, no-frills and well worth your time.

    8. Snowblind is a story that focuses on four ex college buddies that go on an annual Elk hunt in the Rockies, for some it’s a chance to cling frantically to a youth that’s long been left behind, for others it’s another chance to remember a past semblance of humanity long gone, they all have a reason for making this trip and for them all it’s about to turn into something terrifying, they are about to become the hunted.A novella that almost immediately starts to ramp up the tension and never [...]

    9. Snowblind was a fast and furious read. McBride's tale, of an annual elk hunting trip for four college buddies now pushing towards their forties, is full of atmosphere and paranoia. While hunting, one of the hunters breaks his leg just as a blizzard is dumping foot after foot of the white stuff on the mountain. Visibility is zero and they're lost. They eventually stumble onto a dilapidated cabin to get out of the miserable weather. Unfortunately for the hunters, they aren't alone. Snowblind was a [...]

    10. I have a bit (OK, more than a bit) of a soft-spot for horror stories set in frigid, snowy climes, where our plucky band of survivors are picked off one by one by mysterious entities. When they're done with as much skill as demonstrated in this work from Michael McBride, I really cannot help but fall in love all over again with this particular subset of the horror genre. The writing is crisp and economical, the gore is nicely realized, and the atmosphere is frighteningly realized. There's a dictu [...]

    11. Snowblind is a tale of man versus self, nature, and beast, and it is perfect all the way through. A short novel that keeps on moving, with a gritty, blistering atmosphere smothered in escalating tension and suspense, McBride's novel earns its accolades. I can easily give it 5 stars, particularly since I liked it so much and generally despise horror (as opposed to horror comedy) based on this legendary creature.The medical jargon gets a little heavy at times, but the story is almost entirely from [...]

    12. My fam in the north have been snowed in for what seems like the past month, so I thought to myself, "Myself, why don't you read that McBride book about snow that you've been putting off for, I don't know since it was released?" Yeah, I'm late to the party. Kiss my colon. Can I get on with the review, please?Michael McBride plays in my favorite key. His writing stokes my engines, gets me going, and if his words could don sexy lingerie, my wife might have something to worry about, ya dig. *wink, w [...]

    13. Forward. Down. Help. Four long-time friends trek into the Rocky Mountains for their annual elk hunting trip. It isn't long before they find out that they are not alone and that something is huntingthem . Add in a near white-out blizzard and hell just froze over.This fast-paced novella from Michael McBride is all adrenaline, no-frills and well worth your time.

    14. This was my first Michael McBride novel. I love a good horror story set in the snow with a monster involved and this is exactly what I got here, my only problem with this novel was that it was very short however I just discovered there is a part two. So happy fucking days!!!!!

    15. Without meaning to riff off the title, I went into this one completely blind. I'd never read anything by Michael McBride, nor was I overly familiar with his type of work. I seemed to recall some critics comparing him to Michael Crichton, and that was sufficient enough to steer me away. But when this novella came up as the monthly book read at Horror Aficionados, I opted to give it a shot.And I'm certainly glad I did.McBride here serves up a fast-paced, tension-filled survival horror about four f [...]

    16. Another of the great novellas from Darkfuse. They are putting out some of the best dark fiction around. I am a member of their e-book club and consider it the smartest money that I have spent on reading next to my Kindle.This was my first book by Michael McBride and prompted me to buy more immediately. Snowblind is pretty much a perfect monster romp. Good characters that you root for. Good build up and suspense. Well written. Really, really (yes, really) nasty monsters and great ending. I am not [...]

    17. I love the way Michael McBride has left the door of this brilliant short novel open (even though that door is cold and there is snow coming in!!) for a sequel. I also found his notes informative and very useful for the enjoyment and progression of the story, in particular the subtleties in the naming of the “Alferd Packer Grill”The use of landscape blended with unexpected and extreme weather conditions is a very powerful tool in the hands of an accomplished author. Who can ever forget Jack T [...]

    18. Hunters Become Prey- 4.5 starsIn Snowblind, four college friends have been going hunting every year together but this year instead of hunting, they are being hunted. Someone or something is stalking them through the woods & every time they think they have a planned worked out to thwart their stalkers, their stalkers are two steps ahead of them I absolutely loved it! It's the perfect story for a cold weather night - or even when it's a 100 degrees in the shade as it is here. Since the temp d [...]

    19. Review of Snowblind by Michael McBride5 starsReaders who enjoy Blake Crouch’s thrillers are going to love “Snowblind,” as I did. I don’t think there was a single moment of relaxation of tension in this story-it caught me by the throat from the first sentences and never let go, and that ending! In addition, author Michael McBride (who definitely knows his medical terminology and medical care!) proffers an Author’s Note which explains a whole lot more than I think I really wanted to know [...]

    20. Four longtime friends were going elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains. Little did they know but they were about to cross the gates of hell. Once you cross them, there is no way out! There is a blizzard that is dumping unbelievable amounts of snow, with no let up in sight. The snow was like a curtain and the men could not see in front of them. They were lost and would not be able to find their way back to camp. The group stumbles on to this little run down cabin where they can hold up until the bli [...]

    21. An annual elk hunting trip goes terribly wrong for four old college buddies as the tables get turned and the hunters become the hunted. Trapped in a broken down cabin, the tension and suspense are palpable, as the college friends try and understand their enemy and defend themselves against a creature(s) they cannot see, while in the midst of a horrible blizzard. With visibility down to almost nothing, the survivors must decide to make a stand and fight, or try and run and risk getting lost and d [...]

    22. This was a fun read. Intense survival story that'll put you off wilderness. Four friends' hunting trip turns into a blizzard wrapped nightmare and there is someone/thing out there that likes to hunt as well. So the hunters become the hunted and you have to read the book to see by whom. Loved the reveal, great ending and the very informative trivia afterword. Solid writing and lighting quick pace, took just over an hour to read. Thank you, Charlene. Recommended.

    23. Excellent little novella that does a fantastic job of building suspense and uses the power of a winter storm to full effect. I won't put in spoilers, but I only give it four stars because I am not a huge fan of this particular subgenre, but fans of it will no doubt go the full fifth star. Unfortunately I can't tell you whether you are a fan, as that is half the mystery to be uncovered!

    24. This is not a spoiler: never leave your bed, fuck adventures. Don't go to mountains, don't have friends. Avoid nights in the outdoors, avoid being a meal. Do read this book.

    25. This was a short story with a a lot of promise. I was hooked in right away, wondering what was going on and what was going to happen. The book was extremely tense and scary. One not to read while alone at night! I don't know what happened, but it fell apart at the end. I really disliked how it ended, what the antagonist ended up being. It just didn't make any sense. I was like whaaaat? Promising start, but very disappointing finish. I would like to try something else by this author.

    26. A group of old friends assemble for an annual hunting trip. When one of them is critically injured during a snow storm, they are forced to seek shelter in a dilapidated cabin in the mountains. They quickly discover that the blizzard is the least of their worries when some unseen enemy begins hunting and killing them one by one. Whatever the predator-- or predators-- are they are intelligent and cunning and savage beyond belief. And it soon becomes apparent that the enemy has them exactly where i [...]

    27. itting here in snowbound Penicuik, this latest offering from Michael McBride, seems like the perfect story to pass a chilly morning. Set in the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, this fast paced killer action based horror is the perfect antidote to the winter blues. Using a well worn premise of a group of friends, who despite growing apart over the years, still come together out of a sense of duty and sentimentality, it may seem that this novella is going to tread the same well worn tracks of a hu [...]

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