Faithful Shadow

Faithful Shadow Faithful Shadow takes you beyond the splendor of nature to the terror that lies beneath one that should have never been discovered Yellowstone is suffering from the largest forest fire in the park s

  • Title: Faithful Shadow
  • Author: Kevin J.Howard
  • ISBN: 9781432794354
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Faithful Shadow takes you beyond the splendor of nature to the terror that lies beneath, one that should have never been discovered Yellowstone is suffering from the largest forest fire in the park s history Ranger JOE RAND, once passionate about nature and now drowning in alcohol after the recent death of his son, notices something is very wrong within Yellowstone afterFaithful Shadow takes you beyond the splendor of nature to the terror that lies beneath, one that should have never been discovered Yellowstone is suffering from the largest forest fire in the park s history Ranger JOE RAND, once passionate about nature and now drowning in alcohol after the recent death of his son, notices something is very wrong within Yellowstone after a string of disappearances But when a fireman is found dead in the Old Faithful Inn after falling into a hole earlier that day, his body mauled and deprived of all its fluids, Joe knows he has no choice but to set down his flask and investigate Joe and Lieutenant DALE CAFFEY of the Billings Fire Department go into the woods to search the hole the fireman had fallen into They discover a series of tunnels lined with bones, the air thick with smoke Joe and Dale conclude that the creature that had killed the fireman had left its subterranean dwelling to flee the overwhelming smoke from the fire above The creature takes shelter inside the Inn, concealing itself within the darkened crevices, emerging to feast on passersby After staging an evacuation of the park, they lock themselves inside the Inn to hunt the creature After just a short while it becomes frighteningly clear that it is, in fact, the creature that is hunting them.

    • Faithful Shadow - Kevin J.Howard
      327 Kevin J.Howard
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    1. Kevin J.Howard

      Kevin J Howard was born in Mission Viejo, California, moved to Seattle at the age of twenty one, and now lives in Puyallup.

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    1. I absolutely adore monsters; whether it's Jaws, Godzilla or the creature from underground in Yellowstone National Park.Alex and Emily went to Yellowstone camping, even though there was a major fire going on. Little did they know, it would end so badly for them.Since his son's death, Joe was angry at the park and was nipping at the bottle to get through the day. He and Andy responded to a call about vandalism at the cabins at Old Faithful Inn. Blood filled the cabin, but the scene didn't make any [...]

    2. Yellowstone National Park is on fire. The skies are smudged with smoke and the air is filled with the pungent scent of burning brush.Underneath Yellowstone, the creatures maze of tunnels are filling up with smoke. It has to find a safe place until the fires are put out. One unlucky fireman gives it that opportunity.For Joseph Rand, a park ranger, things are heating up, and not only because of the fire. People are disappearing mysteriously. They seem to just vanish, leaving no trace.Taking advant [...]

    3. Originally Featured on Bookluvrs Haven.Those eyes. Glowing an unnatural green from the darkness of the forest. Staring at you. Urging your primal instincts for flight, as the hair on your arms and the back of your neck raise. Terror blinds you. Your hearing is hindered by the frantic beating of your frightened heart. There is no stand to fight. You are gripped in your terror, and you run. Run faster than you though you could possibly run. But you can't run fast enough. Because it is hungry and i [...]

    4. This book was Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite.“Faithful Shadow” by Kevin J. Howard tells the tale of one fictional, but terrifying, result of the major fires in and near Yellowstone National Park several years ago… or in any year yet to come. Smoke from the main fire, several miles from park headquarters, has invaded a massive network of undiscovered tunnels below the park. Living within this network of tunnels is a previously undiscovered “thing”; not animal, not human, [...]

    5. No one ever thinks of Yellowstone National Park as anything but a place of beauty and amazing landscapes. But Faithful Shadow shows us just how dangerous the world can be.

    6. How often do you really notice a shadow? How do you kill something that lurks like a shadow?A large forest fire is underway. Employees and residents are being evacuated, but that is not the only reason. A monster of some sort lives under the camp grounds, tunnels dug out lined with bones from years and years.Joe long time park ranger is teamed up with local firefighters trying to destroy the monster from below. Missing people, friends and colleagues killed right before there eyes, can they stop [...]

    7. Faithful Shadow is novel I find myself having a difficult time reviewing. On the one hand, the structure frustrated me to no end, especially Kevin J. Howard's use of short (sometimes exceptionally so) chapters. I've never been a fan of short chapters, preferring instead to be drawn in and deeply immersed in the story, so that kept me at a distance. The third person omniscient narrative bothered me as well, especially when the POV shifted characters within a scene, or divulged too much informatio [...]

    8. Kevin J. Howard does not waste any time introducing readers to the horror that lurks within the forest of Yellowstone National Park. While the park is experiencing the largest forest fire in its history, visitors and locals begin to disappear without leaving much evidence of their existence behind. It’s up to long time park ranger, Joe Rand, to get to the bottom of this mystery while dealing with his own personal issues and alcoholism. With the help of fellow rangers and dedicated firemen, the [...]

    9. Some months ago, I listened to a radio talk show about another book, called Missing 411. It was a true account of disappearances in national parks. As a result of that show, I became more than a little nervous about visiting wilderness areas. Kevin Howard has skillfully aggravated that fear. Faithful Shadow starts out somewhat like an early 1980's slasher film. (Whenever 19 and 20-year-olds go camping, drinking, and sexing, the killer is not far away.) From there, it takes a different turn. Inst [...]

    10. This is a classic horror story and it was pretty much good one too. I really enjoyed first 80% of the book where everything was put up as it should be but the end was somehow out of focus. I prefer full action pack especially in books like this one but, although it was ok, it could be much better if focus was on pure action rather on random thoughts of certain characters or eating ice cream in the middle of the mayhem. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it as it's interesting and light read. Read it if you [...]

    11. My go-to authors for horror and suspense are the usual suspectsKing, Koontz & Hill. After reading "Faithful Shadow" I can add Kevin J. Howard to that list. Interesting characters, good developing plot with just enough revealed each time to keep you going and a body count to rival the best slasher films. I am very much looking forward to more from this author.

    12. It’s summertime in Yellowstone National Park, but it’s far from a pleasant escape for the park’s visitors and staff. First a wildfire threatens nearby, inching closer and closer to the visitor’s area and leaving a thick smoke hanging in the air. Then people start disappearing, but there is no sign of a struggle; it’s as if they simply vanished. After days of searching, Rangers Joe and Andy finally stumble upon a watch in the underbrush from a missing staffer."The watch was almost stuck [...]

    13. This book would make a great horror movie, without a doubt. It's definitely something I would watch! It's a hard book to review though. The synopsis covers the basic plot really well and gives you a great idea what it going to happen during the story.There are a ton of characters in this story and it's hard to keep them all straight in the beginning, but then once you figure out who is who they start getting picked off by a mysterious killer. One thing I will tell you is thisn't get connected to [...]

    14. Mysterious killings in a beautiful, natural setting - Faithful Shadow has the makings of a classic X-Files episode, but with the characters and predictability of a b-horror movie.The premise of the book is solid and interesting. Yellowstone Park is subjected to a serious forest fire, with tourists and park employees trying to get by while fire crews try and put out the blaze before it gets worse. At the same time, something has come from the depths of Yellowstone, hiding in the shadows and comin [...]

    15. A creature unlike any other, nothing more than a shadow, has been living in tunnels and caves until Yellowstone National Park. It has survived decades on animals and tourists that fall into the tunnels and pits. But now Yellowstone is on fire. The smoke has chased the shadow out of its tunnels. Now it is looking for a safe place to hide. But it is stuck in man’s world, where can it go.Joe Rand is a ranger for Yellowstone. He once cared for his job but now dwells on the loss of his son and drow [...]

    16. from beginning to end your transfixed by every thing going on. The fire people dissappearing weird things going on in the cabins. you just can't put this book down. poor joe is destroyed over his sons death and self medicates to get threw the day while still doing his job which when Doug and Rewanda dissappear their friends think hes not gonna be of any help beause of the smell of alcohol, but you'll have to find that out for yourself. The creepy shadow, the erie feeling of being watched that Ke [...]

    17. This is an excellent first novel. The last novel I read by a new author was poorly edited, so right away I was thrilled with this novel. The idea was simple enough, a monster in the forest forced out by a forest fire, but the execution was wonderful. I've been to Yellowstone many times and never did I think I was in danger. The author does a fantastic job taking you out of your comfort zone. I felt the employees of the park were kind of punks, but that's probably how they really are. Young peopl [...]

    18. It is always so much fun to discover a creature of such malice. I love vampires and zombies, but this thing is just plain naughty…love it. I’ve been to Yellowstone probably five times and I remember those times very well. Yellowstone is just one of those beautiful places of such wonder, and I loved reading the novel and remembering so many of the places I had visited. Old Faithful Lodge, fairy falls, the grand prismatic spring…all of them will look different now. What might be lurking behi [...]

    19. Finished it just in time for Halloween!I haven't read a horror book in a long time, but it kept me glued to the pages as I furiously turned to find out what happened. The first chapter sucks you in with the disappearance of park tourists, and the vivid details makes you feel like you're actually seeing it. As I read the whole book, I could see everything in my mind, like a movie. A monster is terrorizing Yellowstone, killing not only tourists but the firemen who are fighting a fire miles away an [...]

    20. Disclosure - i received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Really enjoyed this book. It had me enthralled from the get-go. A lot of suspense trying to figure out who or what was responsible for the deaths and disappearances. I read before bedtime, and I had to leave a light on when I was reading certain passages. I can't give 5 stars, as it read a bit like a stereotypical horror film - albeit one that I was very compelled to keep reading. Very enjoyable :)

    21. If your looking for a book to lose yourself in, this is the one. The descriptions of Yellowstone during the fire brought me back in time to a rare chance to be virtually alone in the park. The book was well written and suspenseful, leaving me to wonder if any of the characters were going to make it out alive (a sheer bet winner, in my book). I've since picked up one of Mr. Howard's other books and can't wait to finally start reading it!

    22. Suspenseful. Good story. Easy to read. Glad I read it in the daylight while sitting in my yard and not at night!!!

    23. This book had me from the first chapter. Icould not put it down. Very scary! Can,t wait for his next book.

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