Global Frequency

Global Frequency WARREN ELLIS ACOMPA ADO POR DIBUJANTES DISTINTOS DE LA TALLA DE SIMON BISLEY GENE HA CHRIS SPROUSE O GLENN FABRY Global Frequency es la red global de rescate m s importante del planeta Miranda Z

  • Title: Global Frequency
  • Author: Warren Ellis Garry Leach Lee Bermejo Tomm Coker Jason Pearson Gene Ha Álex Fernández Glenn Fabry
  • ISBN: 9788498479188
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • WARREN ELLIS ACOMPA ADO POR 12 DIBUJANTES DISTINTOS, DE LA TALLA DE SIMON BISLEY, GENE HA, CHRIS SPROUSE O GLENN FABRY.Global Frequency es la red global de rescate m s importante del planeta Miranda Zero es su directora de operaciones Agujeros negros, terroristas, zombis no hay problema que Global Frequency no pueda solucionar.

    • Global Frequency ¦ Warren Ellis Garry Leach Lee Bermejo Tomm Coker Jason Pearson Gene Ha Álex Fernández Glenn Fabry
      343 Warren Ellis Garry Leach Lee Bermejo Tomm Coker Jason Pearson Gene Ha Álex Fernández Glenn Fabry
    • thumbnail Title: Global Frequency ¦ Warren Ellis Garry Leach Lee Bermejo Tomm Coker Jason Pearson Gene Ha Álex Fernández Glenn Fabry
      Posted by:Warren Ellis Garry Leach Lee Bermejo Tomm Coker Jason Pearson Gene Ha Álex Fernández Glenn Fabry
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    1. Warren Ellis Garry Leach Lee Bermejo Tomm Coker Jason Pearson Gene Ha Álex Fernández Glenn Fabry

      Warren Ellis is the award winning writer of graphic novels like TRANSMETROPOLITAN, FELL, MINISTRY OF SPACE and PLANETARY, and the author of the NYT bestselling GUN MACHINE and the underground classic novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN The movie RED is based on his graphic novel of the same name, its sequel having been released in summer 2013 His graphic novel GLOBAL FREQUENCY is in development at Jerry Bruckheimer TV for the Fox network, and his GRAVEL books are in development for film at Legendary Pictures, with Tim Miller attached to direct IRON MAN 3 is based on his Marvel Comics graphic novel IRON MAN EXTREMIS He s also written extensively for VICE, WIRED UK and Reuters on technological and cultural matters, and is co writing a video project called WASTELANDERS with Joss Whedon that will appear some time before we both die He is serialising a new graphic novel, TREES, with artist Jason Howard, through Image Comics Warren Ellis is currently working on a non fiction book about the future of the city for Farrar Giroux Straus His newest publication is the digital short story single DEAD PIG COLLECTOR, from FSG Originals His next book will be the novella NORMAL, also from FSG.A documentary about his work, CAPTURED GHOSTS, was released in 2012.Recognitions include the NUIG Literary and Debating Society s President s Medal for service to freedom of speech, the EAGLE AWARDS Roll Of Honour for lifetime achievement in the field of comics graphic novels, the Grand Prix de l Imaginaire 2010, the Sidewise Award for Alternate History and the International Horror Guild Award for illustrated narrative He is a Patron of the British Humanist Association, an Associate of the Institute of Atemporal Studies, and the literary editor of EDICT magazine.Warren Ellis lives outside London, on the south east coast of England, in case he needs to make a quick getaway.

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    1. This volume collects all 12 issues of Global Frequency. As such, it tells 12 different stories that come to life through the art of 12 different artists. I will not pretend to know the different artists. I must also admit that some of the art was not too good in my opinion (3 stars max) while other artists blew it out of the water.I will not go into details of all the 12 standalone stories. Suffice it to say that they offer a glimpse into what the Global Frequency is. Miranda Zero started the re [...]

    2. Global Frequency was surprisingly good. This volume collects all the single issues into one.The Global Frequency is a group of thousands of individuals who are all connected to this private frequency. They are all sorts of people- from intel agents to computer hackers, artists to parkour athletes the event of an emergency (generally a rescue operation of some sort) the Global Frequency jumps into action. Due to the huge disparity in the jobs and roles of the members they can sometimes respond qu [...]

    3. I'm not sure how this hasn't got past the development stage of a TV series. The first 12 episodes have already been written even. They could be lifted as is from the graphic novel. That's how good this series is. This is Warren Ellis at his best.The premise of the series is simple. 1,001 experts in their fields have committed to be on-call when disaster strikes. They fight alien technology, terrorists, government experiments gone wrong, etc.

    4. Man, I wish I could say I loved this book. It’s got action, sharp writing, cool technology, and resplendent artwork. And yet it’s fundamentally unsatisfying because of what it is: a series of twelve well-crafted, self-contained, consequence-free action scenes.For me, the episodic nature of this series is its undoing. You know going in that the Global Frequency agents are going to get the bad guys, so the book is devoid of any genuine sense of danger. Drama flies out the damn window, and you [...]

    5. 3.5I'm torn with this series. The action is awesome, it runs all the way through with minimal stops for explanation. The situations are fantastic because the writing creates a whole world with such a limited experience. It's just 12 issues, all centered around action pieces and out of this world scenarios.That's great and all, but there isn't any character development. Each issue is a new cast (save for two). Whenever shit hits the fan (because there are instances where things go smoothly) there [...]

    6. Me encanta el concepto de esta serie, una agencia global formada por 1001 agentes especializados en distintas disciplinas repartidos por todo el mundo, que se encarga de misiones especiales de rescate y emergencias fuera del ámbito normal de las fuerzas del orden, allá donde sea necesario, en un tiempo record y con una efectividad máxima cada episodio se encarga a un dibujante distinto y cuenta una historia conclusiva escrita por Warren Ellis, con lo que el arte es bastante irregular pero el [...]

    7. Global Frequency is an international, independent organisation founded by the mysterious and secretive Miranda Zero. It's made up from 1001 agents all over the world and deals with occurrences and situations too big, strange or dangerous to be handled by conventional means, such as eco-terrorism, mass hysteria, or secret government cyborgs out of control. The agents range from law enforcement representatives, both active and retired, professors, scientists, tech savvy teenagers, intelligence ope [...]

    8. Warren Ellis escribiendo sobre lo que mejor le sale escribir. Complots, tecnología extraña, diálogos punzantes y personajes bastante turbios. Esta serie consta de 12 capítulos, cada número es autoconclusivo, lo cual está bastante bien porque uno puede ir de acá para allá y leer más distendido las aventuras de esta organización tan particular que es la Global Frequency. Los únicos personajes que aparecen en todos los números son Ms Zero (la directora de la organización y una "badass" [...]

    9. Warren Ellis mentioned in an interview that he wrote this book in response to 9/11. Not that attack of 9/11 but the response of people to it, and how some would say "I wish Superman(or whoever) were real to stop things like this." His response in this book is that it can be everyday people like us to stop these things. Each issue is a single issue about a single event, and a group of people (brought together by the Global Frequency) to stop a bombing, a virus release, etc. Each issue has a diffe [...]

    10. Loved this, sad to see it had such a short run, excellent pace and the various artists on the issues where all top notch. This could and should have ran for longer so more background on the operatives could have been established. The mission impossible/man from uncle vibe i enjoyed and the fact that it was a rescue organisation was also very cool. Its a shame the proposed t.v. series never got past the pilot episode stage. I think toady this series would have gone further. Mr Ellis rocks again.

    11. Special Ops team that operates on a global scale to save the world from threats. Not a believable story. I couldn't get into it.

    12. Global Frequency was a 12 issue, episodic miniseries written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by a roster of artists whom each drew a single issue for the Wildstorm imprint. This edition was released by Vertigo around a decade after the original release.The book centers around a group of 1,001 skilled operatives known as Global Frequency and only has two major characters, the leader Miranda Zero and the dispatcher Aleph, the rest of the characters change from issue to issue except for issue 12 wh [...]

    13. When things go wrong -- bionic men turned psychopathic killers, doomsday cults hold hostages, a burned church releases an angel, an old Russian bioweapon gets activated -- 1001 special agents get the call. Literally, they get a call from the agent who runs the information network, and they pool their special skills into saving people's lives. (Occasionally by killing a lot of people.)If this sounds like a Warren Ellis pitch, that's because this is a very Warren Ellis comic: group of specialists [...]

    14. Entertaining collection of short comic stories, with the central theme of the misuse of science. Fighting the horrors is Global Frequency, a loose group of former secret agents, scientists, and civilians, connected by internet. Filled with Ellis's dark and delightful conspiracies, violence, action, this a thrilling read.

    15. Bombhead: uma envelhecida arma da guerra fria começa a despoletar, ameaçando uma das maiores áreas urbanas da América. A arma está implantada no cérebro de um sensitivo russo, antiga cobaia dos investigadores soviéticos de armas exóticas e que agora vagueia pela cidade, esquecido pelas décadas e transformações do mundo. O seu implante, degradado, está a activar-se e a criar um buraco negro entre a sua localização e uma bomba atómica esquecida nas vastidões siberianas.Big Wheel: u [...]

    16. *1,5*En mi humilde opinión existen 3 grandes problemas en esta obra:1- Si la intención de Ellis fue crear una serie de 12 episodios auto-conclusivos, casi sin conexión y de rápida resolución realmente lo ha conseguido.En lo personal este aspecto no me ha gustado para nada, ya que donde algunos ven versatilidad y poder de síntesis personalmente veo poco desarrollo de las historias y finales en general precipitados que repiten hasta el cansancio la “solución final”.Además, en una obra [...]

    17. This is a good test for comics that rely so much on technology: read them 10, 12 years later. Global Frequency was published from 2002 to 2004 and it's fresh in 2015. It serves as a counterpoint to Transmetropolitan.And it actually began when Transmetropolitan ended, in 2002. That other series was an anti-system delirium, centered around a single character, distilling heavy doses of hatred, scepticism, lucidity, humanism, sometimes all those at once. The leading character, a journalist, incarnat [...]

    18. Global Frequency is a Warren Ellis written post-cyberpunk title within an independent Wildstorm universe. The 12 issues follow the various members of the Global Frequency; a group of various professionals that handle ultra-sensitive, high tech, world threatening jobs outside the jurisdiction of military and governments internationally. Some of the threats include aerosol dirty bombs, orbital kinetic weapons, rampaging augmented human/cyborgs, and various cyber and new age religious cults.The iss [...]

    19. An intense, varied, and political comic I did not want to put down. I read well over half of this fairly large collection in one sitting because I was just too hooked to let it go. There's a lot going on here, and the story just kind of takes off from page one and waits for you to catch up, without ever feeling truly confusing. Ellis wastes no time with exposition. You could read any one of these 12 stories in any order and each one would be completely understandable.I particularly love how hear [...]

    20. Global Frequency es una serie de televisión hecha comic, pero no, no es una serie de televisión que se volvió comic como una idea tardía o por un rechazo se resignaron a convertirla en comic, Global Frequency es una muy buena fusión entre lo que hace interesante a un medio como las series de televisión y a los comics.Tal vez no funciona muy bien en paperback porque este tipo de tomos usualmente implican que la serie tiene cierta relación entre los números y aunque obviamente Global Frequ [...]

    21. Remember the TV series Mission: Impossible?(probably not, because most people now associate the franchise name with the Tom Cruise vehicular franchise.)Anyway much like the original series, each issue focuses on a case, unlike Mission: Impossible however, the cases involve things other than international intrigue and heists(though there is a fair share of that), instead going for cases that have a more science fiction or comic bookey bent. For those of you new to this series, Global Frequency is [...]

    22. While I was reading the first few issues of Global Frequency, I didn't think I liked it. I found it difficult to feel invested in the characters, because they were ever-changing. However, by the end, I actually wished there was more for me to read.I did feel like the art could have been a bit more consistent. Aleph, in particular, ranged from a frumpy college girl to a sexy, nearly-naked wet dream. I also felt like depicting her that way was unnecessary and a bit forced. It felt a little too muc [...]

    23. Are you on the global frequency? If so, you're one of 1001 agents scattered across the globe. Each one of the members has a skill set, everything from technology to Parkour, that drew the attention of the enigmatic Miranda Zero, the spokeswoman/leader of the Global Frequency. If you've been tapped by Miranda Zero, you may find yourself called in by her central operations operator, Aleph. Aleph will keep you connected with your new comrades and together, you will all mount incredible rescue missi [...]

    24. Classic Ellis. And by that I mean dark, terrifying, and brilliant. A mystery woman named "Miranda Zero" has crowd-sourced an organization to provide quick responses to global threats, typically but not exclusively the kinds of threats created by secretive weapons research, intelligence agencies, and other shadowy Powers That Be.The missions, and the ad-hoc teams created to carry them out, admirably showcase Ellis' gifts for inventive technological horror and fascinating and relatable characters. [...]

    25. The best action comic I have ever read with great action, a wonderful overarching mythology, a variety of art styles, and fairly strong characterization.The global frequency is a global rescue organization made up of 1000 on call operatives with varying specializations. From fighting to tech, speed to hostage situations, there is always someone around who can handle the situation. And this leads to some fantastic single issue story arcs. With fresh characters introduced each issue and a new cris [...]

    26. This was pretty damn good, but that's kind of expected of anything from Warren Ellis. His standard approach is to write gritty, brutal, technological, action-packed stories and this was exactly that. The main idea - that a civilian group has taken on the responsibility of policing a cold, heartless government - is very slick and having a multi-tasking, mohawked, "Aleph" was the icing. The format is a little different in that there really isn't an overarching plot, it's more like a bunch of short [...]

    27. Decent stories about world-saving semi-secret organization of super specialists linked together via speedy telecommunication. The stories at times seemed similar, predictable, and missing an element of twist, but fair for this genre. If I have one gripe, really, it's that I am getting tired of the employment of so many different artists, which gives me a headache. Garman does this a lot too. Some of the chapters were awesome, while others more jarring. I suspect comics aficionados enjoy it, but [...]

    28. A re-read for me, and actually, I've lost count of the number of times I've read this one. Not something new, but a recent acquisition by my library, and read by me just to celebrate its arrival. This one is Warren Ellis' global action and rescue team with "one thousand and one" members, dealing with excrement hitting fans and the "unexploded bombs" of previous centuries all while engaging in perfect horror, innuendo, action and playful banter, Ellis-style. Each issue of the 12 (the whole series [...]

    29. A team of heroes so vast that most of them have never met before being thrown together to face a crisis: this is a comic for the twenty first century. I like the broad team, and the fact that every issue has new characters because it raises the stakes dramatically. That said, there are a few recurring characters if you need someone to are about. The aesthetic of the book is also perfect for the story. Well drawn, but without the hyper realism that so many science fiction comics have been going f [...]

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