Scavengers With Scavengers Steven Havill begins his new series featuring former Gastner deputy Estelle Reyes Guzman Estelle played a supporting role in the Gastner books then left New Mexico to follow her surg

  • Title: Scavengers
  • Author: Steven F. Havill
  • ISBN: 9780312288334
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With Scavengers, Steven Havill begins his new series featuring former Gastner deputy Estelle Reyes Guzman Estelle played a supporting role in the Gastner books, then left New Mexico to follow her surgeon husband to cold, cold Minnesota Now she is back, welcomed by the whole department and already swamped in her role of Undersheriff under the new sheriff, Bobby Torrez BuWith Scavengers, Steven Havill begins his new series featuring former Gastner deputy Estelle Reyes Guzman Estelle played a supporting role in the Gastner books, then left New Mexico to follow her surgeon husband to cold, cold Minnesota Now she is back, welcomed by the whole department and already swamped in her role of Undersheriff under the new sheriff, Bobby Torrez But Gastner s readers have the best of both worlds The setting is still Posadas County, and Gastner, having taken on the presumably less stressful job of State Livestock Inspector What are those Burros Miniature donkeys Oh is prominently in the background, even though that seems like an oxymoron.Bobby Torrez is at a law enforcement conference, and Estelle, and early after her return Estelle is landed with the case of a body is found in the desert that of a man who has been badly beaten and then shot Estelle and her deputies begin the forensic process photographing, sending the body to autopsy, looking for identification and clues as to why the man was so badly beaten and then killed Not long afterward, the discovery of another body yields evidence of what happened and why But Estelle is still a long way from finding answers to all the questions involved meanwhile she is coping with an aging mother and a case of flu that has most of her family on their aching backs Gastner, who is in the area tracking down a rumor of animals being illegally brought over the border, can help and does, but the horrifying and breathtaking climax is Estelle s burden alone, and she carries it off with honors In the smoothest of segues Havill skillfully retains the well loved familiar characters and setting while craftily turning the responsibility of carrying his compelling stories to a new and engaging star.

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    About "Steven F. Havill"

    1. Steven F. Havill

      Steven F Havill is an American author of mysteries and westerns.Havill lives in Raton, New Mexico, with his wife Kathleen He has written two series of police procedurals set in the fictional Posadas County, New Mexico along with other works.

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    1. This is a Posadas County mystery #11. To me, a big plus is that this author uses maps! I wish more authors did. Even though the location is fictional, it really adds to my enjoyment to "see" where the action is taking place. Another excellent murder mystery from this author. Set in a fictional small town and county in New Mexico. The main character is a female Under-Sheriff who has a physician husband, 2 small children, and an elderly mother. I'm not as interested in the family side as I am in t [...]

    2. For me, this was a very enjoyable murder mystery. It takes place in southern New Mexico near the international border in the fictional town of Posadas where the main character is the female undersheriff of the local county. Her "family" includes her physician husband, two small boys, and her aged mother as well as the close knit members of the sheriff's department. The author does a good job of describing desert landscapes, Hispanic culture, and the complexities of law enforcement along the US-M [...]

    3. Another good book in the series where setting and characters shine. Given how much I have enjoyed Rusty Nelson's audio narration of the Bill Gastner series up to this point in the novels set in Posadas County, I was shocked and rather unnerved when I started listening to this book to hear a female voice. Since the series takes a turn at this point to start focusing on Estelle's point of view rather than Bill's, I suppose it makes some sense to use a female voice for the audio version, even thoug [...]

    4. It's a large ensemble of police officers, including a Mexican police captain, to keep track of. People who have been reading Havill's Gastner series might have a handle on the cast. Since I'm not one of those readers, I let some fo the names slide by. The main character--Estelle, now undersheriff--is a solid character, and it's nice that she's appreciated at home and at the office in this procedural.Bill Gastner, formerly the sheriff and now is a state livestock inspector, makes an appearance, f [...]

    5. RATING: 3.25Steven F. Havill is the author of the Sheriff Bill Gastner series set in Posadas County, New Mexico. SCAVENGERS is the first book in a new series featuring a minor character in the Gastner books as the protagonist, Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman. Gastner has retired and been replaced as sheriff by Bobby Torrez; currently, Bill is working as a State Livestock Inspector. He makes periodic appearances in this book, serving as an advisor to Estelle as she runs the Posadas Police Depar [...]

    6. Posadas County Mysteries Not the Same Without Bill GastnerFirst published in 2002.Synopsis: The Posadas County Sheriff's office is short-handed when it gets word that a pilot spotted a body that has been shot in the middle-of-nowhere. Literally, in the middle-of-nowhere - not near a road, a train track, a business or anything. The bullets were fired just in hearing range of a gravel pit but no one thinks twice about bullets being fired in the New Mexico countryside because people hunt or shoot a [...]

    7. I have not quite finished this book, but I thought I'd give a review of what it's like so far. First of all, this story abandons the point of view and focus on the character of Sheriff Bill Gastner, who retired in the previous book of this series. It gives way to the return of Estelle Reyes-Guzman, who is now the new Under-Sheriff, working in Posadas County under newly elected Sheriff, Robert Torrez Gastner appears from time to time in his new position as a State Livestock Inspector.This review [...]

    8. After taking the journey back to Posadas County for the 10th installment.I was both entertained and disappointed.The same reliable characters.ough Undersheriff Bill Gastner is now retired leaving Estelle-Reyes Guzman(back from Hiatus in Minnesota)to take the reigns. This time we find Undersheriff Guzman attempting to identify a dead body in the desert, then two more surface. in a fire.Guzman tackles her job head on, even calls on her old boss Bill Gastner(who is now a livestock inspector) for a [...]

    9. Undersheriff Estelle already has two dead bodies to investigate when she's drawn by her former boss into another situation regarding miniature donkeys, and then yet another situation that is probably all too familiar in every Mexican border town. And then there's a fire and fatality with very suspicious circumstances. How Estelle investigates multiple issues, and how the author ties some of them together (but not all) makes up the story. There are several interesting characters, and locations wi [...]

    10. #10 in the Posadas County series. Long time Undersheriff Bill Gastner has retired after a planned brief period as Sheriff. Bob Torrez has become Sheriff and named Estelle Reyes-Guzman as Undersheriff. Life goes on in the rural New Mexico Posadas County Sheriff's Department.Posadas County mystery - Estelle Reyes-Guzman has assumed the post of undersheriff for new sheriff Bob Torrez. A student pilot spots a corpse on the desert floor, a second body turns up and a suspicious fire takes a third life [...]

    11. I know that (currently) the border areas between the USA and Mexico are not always safe places. I know the alarming Juarez death toll for 2010:JUAREZ, Mexico, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- The body count in Juarez, Mexico, already reached 3,000, 10 times more than the annual number of deaths the city recorded three years ago, officials said.With just two weeks until the new year, 2010 has become the deadliest year Juarez ever has seen, a spokesman for the Chihuahua state attorney general's office told CNN Tu [...]

    12. Excellent western detective series. I am reminded of the Longmire mysteriesrst paragraphChapter One Posadas County Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman parked her Expedition between the deputy’s unit and the chain-link fence surrounding the gravel pit. She sat for a few minutes with the engine switched off and the driver’s-side window open. Five hundred yards east, Deputy Jackie Taber stood on a slight rise in the prairie, waiting.Havill, Steven F (2011-08-25). Scavengers (Posadas County #1) (P [...]

    13. This is an extremely well written book. A small, fictional desert town in South-Eastern New Mexico, very near the Mexican border, is the setting of several homicides. The characters arise from the page and come to life. The plot is tight and engrossing. Our heroine is an Undersheriff of Mexican descent, capable, thorough, and thoughtful. In the pictures painted in this novel she and her small town become as familiar as your neighbors and your own neighborhood. She and a staff of support people s [...]

    14. Not worth the timeI have continued to read the Posadas County Mysteries in spite of the truly annoying endings that leave too many unanswered questions. The irascible former sheriff Gastner was easy to relate to because he was less than perfect, but now that the focus has shifted, he has turned into one of "those" old men who calls every woman sweetheart. Needless to say, I will not be reading any more of these mysteries.

    15. Checked this out to see how the transition from Gastner to Torrez and Guzman would be handled, and I have to say that there was no drop-off in interest or quality, the book engaged me as much as it would have if Gastner was the primary character. That being said, I love when Gastner makes an appearance in the "new" series, but at the same time I feel like LET THE GUY RETIRE!

    16. Undersheriff Estelle has bodies piling up in a quiet New Mexico countyd a murder scene without any evidence but the bodies.ex Sherriff Bill Gastener is still around though this time as a livestock inspectoris man can't seem to retire and is of course drug into a suspicious fire which kills the owner's son.

    17. A very enjoyable mystery in a unique and well-drawn setting. I liked both the characters and the storyline, the pacing was great and the ending satisfactory. It wasn't too difficult to figure out what was going on with the mystery element but that didn't detract from the storytelling.

    18. A bit disappointing after the gasner series. That series was lively and interesting while the Estelle books (I've just started the second)don't seem to come alive and seem very slow in development. The woman does not come alive for some reason.

    19. Wasn't one of my favorite Steven F. Havill books. A good mystery, just not as interesting as some of his earlier books.

    20. Finished 12/12/2013. The new under sheriff is featured in this story of multiple murders for very little gain that stretches across the border with Mexico. #11 +

    21. Delightful heroine, intriguing "cast". Story kept my interest and the southwestern US desert is one of my favorite locations.

    22. God-awful. Really boring, uninspired. No really memorable characters. I really don't remember why the killers did what they did. Way too dragged out for so little in return.

    23. I enjoyed the writing. Not as much of a mystery as I like, but the characters have good depth and the descriptions of New Mexico are rich.

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