Chasing A Blond Moon

Chasing A Blond Moon Once again Grady Service the hard boiled Conservation Officer of this superb series set in Michigan s Upper Peninsula has a weird case on his hands Strange things are happening to the black bear po

  • Title: Chasing A Blond Moon
  • Author: Joseph Heywood
  • ISBN: 9781592280513
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Once again, Grady Service, the hard boiled Conservation Officer of this superb series set in Michigan s Upper Peninsula, has a weird case on his hands Strange things are happening to the black bear population Grady Service can t pin this phenomenon to anyone or anything until a Korea born professor from Michigan Tech is murdered by cyanide laced figs and two freeze driedOnce again, Grady Service, the hard boiled Conservation Officer of this superb series set in Michigan s Upper Peninsula, has a weird case on his hands Strange things are happening to the black bear population Grady Service can t pin this phenomenon to anyone or anything until a Korea born professor from Michigan Tech is murdered by cyanide laced figs and two freeze dried bear gall bladders are found among the figs Service is certain that bear poachers are at work, killing U.P bears to fuel the Asian market for traditional medicines The animal parts market is second only to drugs in global profitability it s highly organized and the practitioners are ruthless and dangerous Grady s nemesis, Michigan s governor, is ending his final term as governor, but has cut budgets so severely, that there are not enough conservation officers to cover the state Service finds himself filling in for colleagues, chasing illusive poachers who leave little evidence, and wrestling with the usual cast of eccentric and entertaining characters And in this novel, there is a new twist in Grady s personal life He meets a sixteen year old son he never knew he had.Sexy, suspenseful, and full of action, perfect dialog, and unforgettable characters, Chasing a Blond Moon will confirm Heywood as one of the finest of his day.

    • Chasing A Blond Moon by Joseph Heywood
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    1. Joseph Heywood

      See also Joe T HeywoodJoseph Heywood is the son of a career USAF officer His dad was from Rhinecliff, New York on the Hudson River in Dutchess County, and his mother is from Mize, Mississippi in Sullivan County His mother s maiden name was Hegwood and she had only to change one letter to convert to her married name He is a 1961 graduate of Rudyard High School in Michigan s Upper Peninsula Chippewa County Played football, basketball, baseball, and ran track 1965 graduate of Michigan State University BA Journalism Joseph played on the Michigan State Lacrosse Club for three years, crease attack, tri captain in 1965 He was in the last class of mandatory ROTC for land grant universities and predictably chose the Air Force.In 1965, he married Sandra V Heywood 1943 2002 of East Lansing Five children, one dog Widower.1965 1970, USAF Instructor Navigator, KC 135 tanker, honorably discharged as captain Vietnam veteran Air Medal with 6 Oak Leaf Clusters Graduate studies, Western Michigan University, 1974 75, completed course work for MA in English Literature no degree.Joseph worked for The Upjohn Company now Pfizer , 1970 2000, retiring as vice president for worldwide public relations.He walks every day in all weather conditions, and have hunted and fished Michigan since 1958, mostly alone Joseph Heywood s Woods Cop mysteries are based on the lives of Upper Peninsula conservation officers, and for going on seven years has spent about one month a year on patrol with officers, in all kinds of weather, all times of day and under sundry conditions He worked in all 15 Upper Peninsula Counties as well as in another 15 16 counties BTB Below the Bridge In preparation for work with COs, he often hikes alone at night flashlight for emergencies using only ambient light He has spent nights alone in jungles and on mountains Has canoe camped in Michigan, Missouri and Arkansas, over the years he has had one close encounter with a wolf six feet away in tag alders on the Iron River , and with a cow elk and her calf in Idaho Too many close meetings with black bears to count, no injuries He loves to take photographs while walking, hiking and fishing, and use some of the pix for his paintings.Joseph always carry a ruck with emergency equipment, compass, etc even for short sorties on foot in the U.P It s too easy to get under cedars and old growth in an overcast and get hopelessly turned around He does not use a GPS When it comes to lost in the woods there seem to be two categories of people Them that have been and them that will be Iron ore deposits can make compass navigation interesting The Upper Peninsula is not just a setting and base for Joseph Heywood but serves as a character in many of his novels When I write, I try to take readers to places and events in the U.P they might not have occasion to visit or experience on their own For me, the U.P is a natural jewel and I am always surprised by how little people from BTB know about it The day we arrived in the U.P to report to Kinross Air Force Base later renamed Kincheloe, and since decommissioned my mother cried as we drove up the several mile two lane to the front gate looking at all the woods passing by, I had a feeling I was coming home.

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    1. Does this guy ever win a fight? and at what cost? the son was a change of pace. not sure you could hang with a guy like Grady. the cooking is reminesent of spencer in the early days.

    2. I liked this book, although I thought it overly long with too many characters to try to keep track of. At times it really dragged and got confusing. I had previously read the first one in the Series ("Ice Hunter") and liked it a lot more than this one. I read about 30% of the next one ("Blue Wolf in Green Fire") and could not get into it at all! So, for me, this series is a little hit and miss. I will probably get around to trying the next one in the series (I DO like the main characters), but n [...]

    3. Two many sub plots that detracted from the main story. 100 pages too long. The constant sexual innuendo between Grady & Nantz is juvenile and boring. Those who give Grady Service 4 or 5 stars would give Joe Pickett 14 or 15.

    4. #3 in the Woods Cop series. This series just gets better. Conservation Officer Grady Service continues his torrid relationship with the beautiful, talented, well-to-do Maridly Nantz. He discovers that he has a son from a short-lived marriage with a woman who was later killed on 9/11. The son has an indifferent stepfather, so he and Maridly encounter no objections to serving as his guardians as he begins college and pursues hockey in his father's footsteps. The Blond Moon in the title is the name [...]

    5. Another very entertaining story about the trials and tribulations of Grady Service; Conservation Officer [Detective] in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The main plot-line regarding the "blond moon" or "yellow bear" is a little thin and didn't seem to grab my interest but the incidental encounters [man that guy is everywhere!] help package the scenarios along enough to maintain interest; the trips to Wisconsin, the added characters [the Wisconsin CO is hilarious], the "new" son as a hockey prodigy wh [...]

    6. Grady Service DNR officer assigned to the UP nature police and my fictional hero. He is true to nature and his woman. Afraid of dogs shows his flaws but not his lack of character. I'm so thankful Sandy Chavez, Laingburg's greatest librarian talked me into reading Joseph Heywood"the UP's answer to Ernest Hemingway and a MSU grad" This story line twists state politics and global greed of the "black" bear market into a thriller. The story also provided some little known facts, Marquette County has [...]

    7. Of the three Woods Cop novels I've read so far, this has been the least satisfying. At 454 pages, I felt that much of the rising action in this book was superfluous. Once again, the secondary characters were fleshed out and engaging, but the relationship between Service and Nantz, as well as that between Service and Walter, left a little to be desired. The climax and resolution were a bit rushed, although there were several events that (hopefully) set the tone for the next few stories. I'm looki [...]

    8. I had read Taxi Dancer and The Berkut around twenty years ago. The Woods Cop Mystery series is different reading, not better but and more to my personal taste and interests. A myriad of characters are developed; at times I had to go back to reacqaint myself with some, but most are memorable. The setting, Michigan's upper peninsula is familiar which helps to place and picture the action. I'll be reading more of the series.

    9. This is the first book I read of the Wood Cop series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fun to imagine the U.P. places he wrote about since I travelled in those areas this past summer. The story was interesting enough and the characters well defined. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about Michigan, wildlife and the outdoors, and the interesting life of a conservation officer.

    10. Some interesting new characters are introduced in this third novel in the Woods Cop series. At times it seems like Heywood is having Grady Service approach - but not quite reach - a Mel Gibson level of physical punishment in the line of duty. Still, I enjoy the action, the characters and most especially the locations. The biggest bombshell in this story occurs in the prologue, but, trust me, keep going.

    11. I'm a big fan of this series, great characters wonderful descriptions of an area I've never heard a lot about but fell like I could hop out of my 'truck' and know exactly where I am in the 'UP'. For people new to this series it has the feel of Michael Connelly's police procedurals Bosch series 'Gone Bush'.

    12. I had a hard time putting this book down long enough to do things like sleep or eat. One thing I wil say. If you have a hard time with names you might want to keep a running account of the characters because there are a lot of them in this book and I found myself trying to remember where Service had interacted with the person before in the book.

    13. Another in the woods cop series. I love the Michigan upper peninsula woods descriptions. Good mystery stories, descriptions of many kinds of people. Many of the incidents are based on real life happenings according to the author.

    14. My favorite of the four I've read so far. Complex, but tightly crafted storyline. Lots of interesting minor characters that seem worth developing as well. This series continues to hit several sweet spots for me - the U.P fly fishing, hunting, and a general disregard for social propriety.

    15. The 3rd book in the Woods Cop series was just okay. It wasn't nearly as quick moving or interesting as the first two. There were a few new characters introduced which we good, and some interesting insites into the Allerdyce clan. Otherwise is was just so so.

    16. This book is a great read, lots of great characters and descriptions of the famous UP. It would get five stars, but it ended on quite a political note, real people thinly disguised as fictional characters. In addition, I felt dissatisfied with the main plot, which seemed too contrived.

    17. Took me a long time to get through this one, no reflection on the book, I was just busy with other stuff. Very entertaining read! Wonderful writing style. Good characterizations and a great setting. Joseph Haywood is on my list of favorite authors. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

    18. i really enjoyed this book. i don't know that i'll ever give a mystery five stars, but i will definitely be looking for more by this author.

    19. Really enjoyed this one, perhaps even more than the first in the series. Also, totally great that I was in the UP while reading the book!

    20. Two long, way too many characters and plotlines. The ending was rushed and everything tied up way too quickly as though the author had reached the end of his allotted pages and had to wrap things up.

    21. Another good addition to this series, this one to do with illegal bear poaching in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    22. interesting twist to the Grady Service series. The story line between him and Nantz, gets a little old. It also didn't flow like the last ones

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