Falling Away

Falling Away I remember he said softly I remember everything You Me Us Jenna s first two years of community college are almost over and it s time to decide where to finish her degree Should she attend Yale to be

  • Title: Falling Away
  • Author: Devon Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781475132830
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • I remember, he said softly I remember everything You Me Us Jenna s first two years of community college are almost over and it s time to decide where to finish her degree Should she attend Yale to be with Robert, or off to Rutgers, where she really wants to go As Sophie and Jhett s engagement is announced, she begins to question if she ll live happily ever after I remember, he said softly I remember everything You Me Us Jenna s first two years of community college are almost over and it s time to decide where to finish her degree Should she attend Yale to be with Robert, or off to Rutgers, where she really wants to go As Sophie and Jhett s engagement is announced, she begins to question if she ll live happily ever after too Right on cue with her doubts, a familiar boy pops up in her dreams again But Evan s entrance is as abrupt as his exit, and Jenna s left worrying about his safety Concern and curiosity get the best of her and checking up on him puts her within arm s reach of a man who still adores her, and one unexpected act of indiscretion will turn her world upside down and inside out New Adult Paranormal Romance think old school paranormal Twilight Zone ish, not sparkly supernatural creatures Recommended for Ages 17 for Language and Sexual Situations.

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    1. Who would I cast?Robert: Michael Anthony TrevinoJenna: Emma RobertsChance/Evan: Jackson RathboneSophie: Abbie CornishJhett: Chase Crawford10/5: Wanna read a teaser? Excited for Falling Away? Help promote it with sidebar banners! Get the code at my site!

    2. 3/03/2012I so want this now. I need more Robert and Evan/Chance! The anticipation is just too much. I can't. I just *sigh*UPDATE 10/25/2012Why is time taking forever?! Jeez, can we just fast forward to December, then skip January? Seriously.I've been waiting, and waiting. *sad face*Time, won't you just move along a little faster? Pretty please?2/17/2013Finished! *sigh*Guy, baby, I love you. I almost strangled Jenna there for a sec. Enjoyed it a lot!Even though I wanted to pull out my hair a few [...]

    3. This series is great. I didn't like the back and forth and the indecisiveness from Jenna. I can't wait to read the HEA of the guy she didn't choose. Both guys were great. I favored one a little more than the other but either guy was OK in my books.

    4. Want want want this now!!! The first book surprised me, and I want to see more of Chance/Evan in the flesh! Oh gosh can you imagine the sexual tension!?!?!

    5. This book was so much better than the first and seeing as I loved that one, it's not a light statement. I devoured it in hours which isn't an easy task because it's on the long(ish) side.Yes, those who've complained about sexual content will complain again. The first book was more about sexual awakening and teenage hormones, this one is not far from that seeing as sex still plays a good part of it, but I thought it had much more substance. On the plus side, the characters are older in this one.I [...]

    6. WAY better than the first book. I loved Jenna's choice between the two guys, and the ending was perfect. <3

    7. "I do love you. And i never gave you anything less than everything i had to give" A solitary tear managed to break through my defenses."And i'll always regret that it wasn't enough."I don't know there to start with this. I stumbled upon Falling In Between right around when it was released at the beginning of 2012. The synopsis sounded interesting, but i didn't expect to like it as much as i did. Devon Ashley really surprised me with the amazing first book in the falling series, and i couldn't wa [...]

    8. I swear this author could sell fire in hell!Usually when you read a book with a "love triangle" the author will lead you in one direction holy crap I was all over the place.This was my brain while reading the two books in this series "Yes, be with Robert""Oh, Chance is so great." "But then there is Robert""Wow,Evan you amazing man""Ugh, Robert is such an asshole""Evan, you dick""Robert could be good for you""Holy shit, Evan" and so on and so forth.The author so easily persuaded me back and fort [...]

    9. I am CRYING as I write this. I don't know what it was about this book that justre my heart APART. I am vehemently AGAINST love triangles. I HATE them with a fiery passion and absolutely despise everything about themexcept for this one. This is the ONE exception, that never made me angry, that never made me shout "CHOOSE YOU DUMB HO!!!!!" Or already know how it would end, who the girl would choose. I THOUGHT I knew. I THOUGHT I KNEW. Then I thought I was wrong, then I justdidn't know what to thin [...]

    10. Falling away was much better than the first book, mostly because it had more Evan, who, to be honest, felt almost like a whole new character to me. I'm not sure why though, maybe it's because i haven't read the first one in ages, or because he was called Evan instead of Chance (kind of preffered the name chance for him, but i could work with Evan ;) all the way through. Whichever it was i found myself firmly on Evan's side from the very start this time. Not that i wasn't in book one, but in this [...]

    11. My aching heart! Gah! I can't deal with all the feels!It's been a while since I read Falling In Between, but when I dove into this book, I returned to the story almost immediately. Everything came back like that *snaps fingers like a boss* and I couldn't believe I actually waited this long to finally uncover the ending of Jenna's story.Falling Away was BY FAR so much better than the first book. In this book really get to know Evan/Chance in reality, and we get to see the chemistry between him an [...]

    12. Writing a review for a sequel is always so difficult. There is only so much that can be said without giving away the most important parts of the book. So, I am going to do my best to express how I felt while reading without spoiling anything for you.I felt so conflicted the entire time I was reading this book. I love both Robert and Evan, so I never really knew who I wanted Jenna with and i honestly would have been happy no matter who she chose. But when she was with one, my heart hurt for the o [...]

    13. This was a great continuation of Falling in Between. Some of Jenna's actions in the beginning made me cringe b/c I KNEW she was going to get busted. Even though she technically didn't do anything wrong, her heart wasn't in the right place. But it turns out that our worst mistakes can sometimes be our best and so Jenna is able to rebuild her life and the romance that comes in the door is STEAMY! Of course, there's always trouble in paradise, but the story wouldn't be the same if Jenna didn't have [...]

    14. 4.5 Stars Yay!!! I have the biggest smile on my face right now! That ending was PERFECT! I was worried there for a little while, but it all worked out how I had hoped for, and a lot more!!! I laughed out loud numerous times during this book. It was truly great. I absolutely adore Evan!! He was really front and center this whole book, and I loved every minute of it!! I have read 3 books by Devon Ashley now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. I will definitely be reading more of her [...]

    15. I loved this book. I loved both books. I agree with Jenna's choice, but I still feel bad for the boy left behind. On a side note, I loved the bit near the end with Robert's mother. I wanted more from her, but I liked that she was able to give something. Devon, I hope you read this and know that you are amazing. I am, however, disappointed with the finality of this book. I highly doubt there will be a Falling 3 and that makes me sad.

    16. I was really looking forward to reading this sequel but was unsure of how it would rate compared to the first. Needless to say, I shouldn't have worried. it was the most enjoyable book I've read in a long while! I actually thought it was better than the first, which is hard to do with sequels! My only nag is that I couldn't put this book down and finished it so fast! Missing the Jenna, Robert, Evan triangle already!

    17. I was super glad for this novel. I waited for it, for a long time and was ecstatic when I finally got it. Bottom line, I loved it. I was glad for all the emotions Robert, Jenna and Evan went through. I nearly cried when all the break ups started happening. I giggled at the funny parts and absolutely adored who Jenna ended up with. I was entranced by this novel as soon as it started. It was unbelievably easy to fall in love with it.

    18. When I started this book I was unaware that it was, the second book in a duo, so some of the beginning of the story was catch up for me. However I was able to glean the info I needed to make this book a complete story for me. This was not only well written but the characters were alive and enmeshed in a complex and fascinating story of love, loss and life. Well worth the read but I suggest reading the first book to save time on pondering the mysteries of this book.

    19. Dammit I hate love triangles. I loved both boys:(Although I am happy who she ended up with, I am still sad about the other one cause he was great too!Jenna grew up so much from the first book that she almost seemed like a different person. I loved her and her spunky attitude. Falling Away was better than the first bookwhich I happened to love a lot! I am kinda hoping another book comes out! Need more of Jenna and gang.

    20. Glad that Jenna finally made up her mind and that she finally chose who she can't live w/out. My heart ached for Robert a little, I know he fought for her but if he was just not stubborn he could've saved himself the trouble of losing Jenna. Congrats to Sophie and Jhett, happy that they found their happy ever after.

    21. Jenna and Robert split-up , but when one door closes, another door opens.This book was just as bad as the last book, but with a heck of a lot more moping and whining. Completely stupid characters who can't make up a decision to save their lives.Do not recommend unless you enjoyed the first book in the series Which I didn't.

    22. Wow! It was an amazing roller coaster ride. This is definitely a book I would recommend for 17+. Great romance and happily ever after!

    23. Awesome!!!!! I really wish more people knew about this book. Ps. I would be very glad if there were more books in the series!

    24. Jenna has just completed her first two years of Community College and living happily with her boyfriend Robert and best friend Sophie and her fiance Jhett. This novel starts off with Sophie and Jhett planning their wedding and the thought of Jenna and Robert being next pops up. Jenna however isn't ready for it and it will start to develop into a major part of Falling Away as during a flower shop visit where Sophie and Jenna have gone to look at arrangements for the wedding, Evan pops up. At firs [...]

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