Alexander's Bridge

Alexander s Bridge The characteristic themes of Cather s mature work are already present in her debut novella an evocation of a tragic love triangle Bartley Alexander renowned engineer of bridges is a man with a past

  • Title: Alexander's Bridge
  • Author: Willa Cather
  • ISBN: 9781612191058
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • The characteristic themes of Cather s mature work are already present in her debut novella, an evocation of a tragic love triangle Bartley Alexander, renowned engineer of bridges, is a man with a past who looked as a tamer of rivers ought to look Discovered by his mentor sowing wild oats in London, he returned to America and the commission that made his name Now,The characteristic themes of Cather s mature work are already present in her debut novella, an evocation of a tragic love triangle Bartley Alexander, renowned engineer of bridges, is a man with a past who looked as a tamer of rivers ought to look Discovered by his mentor sowing wild oats in London, he returned to America and the commission that made his name Now, married to his wife of ten years, a chance encounter with actress Hilda Burgoyne, an almost forgotten love from his past, prompts a doomed attempt to recapture the boundlessness of his youth This is a Hybrid Book.Melville House HybridBooks combine print and digital media into an enhanced reading experience by including with each title additional curated material called Illuminations maps, photographs, illustrations, and further writing about the author and the book.The Melville House Illuminations are free with the purchase of any title in the HybridBook series, no matter the format.Purchasers of the print version can obtain the Illuminations for a given title simply by scanning the QR code found in the back of each book, or by following the url also given in the back of the print book, then downloading the Illumination in whatever format works best for you.Purchasers of the digital version receive the appropriate Illuminations automatically as part of the ebook edition.

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    • Alexander's Bridge BY Willa Cather
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    About "Willa Cather"

    1. Willa Cather

      Wilella Sibert Cather was born in Back Creek Valley Gore , Virginia, in December 7, 1873 Her novels on frontier life brought her to national recognition In 1923 she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her novel, One of Ours 1922 , set during World War I She grew up in Virginia and Nebraska She then attended the University of Nebraska, initially planning to become a physician, but after writing an article for the Nebraska State Journal, she became a regular contributor to this journal Because of this, she changed her major and graduated with a bachelor s degree in English After graduation in 1894, she worked in Pittsburgh as writer for various publications and as a school teacher for approximately 13 years, thereafter moving to New York City for the remainder of her life She traveled widely and often spent summers in New Brunswick, Canada In later life, she experienced much negative criticism for her conservative politics and became reclusive, burning some of her letters and personal papers, including her last manuscript She was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1943 In 1944, Cather received the gold medal for fiction from the National Institute of Arts and Letters, an award given once a decade for an author s total accomplishments She died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 73 in New York City.

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    1. In 2014, I enjoyed O Pioneers! (the first book of Willa Cather's The Great Plains Trilogy) so much that this year I decided to read Alexander's Bridge in honour of her December birthday. This remarkable story is an impressive first novel which exhibits, for a young author, a surprisingly mature understanding of human psychology.The story revolves around Bartley Alexander, a stellar civil engineer with an international reputation as a bridge-builder. Alexander is introduced to the reader as a con [...]

    2. A man is caught between the marriage of his adulthood and the love affair from his youth, loving both and realizing having both is not possible. The bridge can be an obvious metaphor but instead of the usual symbol overshadowed by the divisions it joins or the obstacles it crosses, there was some actual engineering speak. I approve.I haven't read much of Willa Cather's works so I'm not sure how it compares to her other writings, or to that of other authors. I guess I could say she does paint her [...]

    3. In the preface to this edition Willa Cather writes, "Alexander's Bridge was my first novel, and does not deal with the kind of subject-matter in which I now find myself most at home." She spends the rest of the preface apologising for its existence. I feel Cather is far too tough on herself for this novel, because I rather enjoyed it. The plot is very simple. A man has an affair and can't live with it. That's basically it. This novel has the unique claim of the main character being a bridge-make [...]

    4. It is scientifically proven that Willa Cather is my favorite ever, so I took the opportunity over winter break to read this little gem. For a variety of reasons, I have stacks and stacks of books that I want to read because I think they will be terrible, or because someone recommended them to me so I feel an obligation. I often forget to read books I think I will love. And, you know, I think a lot of why I do that is because often I love the terrible books or the recommended books, and they are [...]

    5. Rating: 2* of fiveIt's vintage romantic fiction with a definite twist of Cather. That's not enough, I'm afraid, to overcome the mundane mid-life crisis/affair plot's unimaginative development. Strictly formulaic, and the characters were stock characters, and the settingsCanada? London?weren't of any great interest to Cather so therefore fail to engross the reader as well.But Cather. Yes indeed, she was already headed down the Prose Turnpike to Lapidaryland. It's to one's taste or it isn't, but I [...]

    6. This was my second reading of Alexander's Bridge. When I first read this novel I was in my mid-20s and saw Alexander as a tragic hero. Now, in my mid-40s, it speaks to me as a cautionary tale of what can happen when you lead a life of action without reflection. It seems that Alexander has lost touch with who he is and what he wants. I see him as a victim of his inability to be true to himself.In some ways, Alexander's plight made me think of a recent cartoon making the rounds on Facebook: “Ins [...]

    7. “Alexander’s Bridge”, published in 1912 is the first novel by Willa Cather, though it should probably be considered a novella. It is a fairly quick read, but unfortunately it lacks depth and is overly simplistic. The title character is Bartley Alexander an engineer of bridges. He is married to Winifried Alexander, a loving and supportive wife who would appear to be a sufficient companion for any man. But Bartley hits a mid-life crisis, and finds himself in an affair with Hilda Burgoyne, a [...]

    8. At the end of my first year at university, the day after the final exam, I paid my first visit to the literature shelves in the basement of the university library. There were only a few shelves, because I was at university that - at the time - had no arts faculty. Those shelves didn't look entirely promising, but there was a small run of green Virago Modern Classics. Half a dozen books by the same author; an author I hadn't heard of before.That was my introduction to Willa Cather.I picked up the [...]

    9. Even though this book is sad I loved it. I forget just how good Cather is until I read or reread something she wrote.

    10. Cather belongs to the great American voices who by their talent get us truly through the inner void of their characters with all ups and downs, conundrums, dead-ends and the like. Instead of telling us what they have been through, she just gives us some strong description of the environment where the characters root in, and also a wide range of emotions that might be underlying behind their unreasonable deeds. The first piece I had read by her was "Paul's Case", a small masterpiece of human dept [...]

    11. Willa Cather is one of the authors who I am determined to read a lot more of this year. I already have several waiting to be read, I feel she is a writer that I have so far neglected a little bit.Alexander’s Bridge was Willa Cather’s first novel, published in 1912, it is quite different to O! Pioneers – her second novel and the first of her Prairie trilogy that she is perhaps best known for and depicts Pioneer life in Nebraska.In 1907 the great new cantilever bridge that was being built ov [...]

    12. Barely more than a novella, Alexander’s Bridge is Cather’s first novel. It is always interesting to see the seeds of genius in an author’s early work, and this book is primarily interesting for that reason. The story itself is a bit of wish-fulfillment: set internationally, in London, Canada and New York, the main character Bartley Alexander is a man of accomplishment.The preface to my edition was written by Willa Cather herself, in 1922, and begins:It is difficult to comply with the publi [...]

    13. I could not WAIT to put down some thoughts and comments about this book. I listened to this audiobook book while working and the first thing I'm doing upon hitting the door is this review. To simply say I enjoyed it is an understatement. I was into this book like the latest episode of a much loved series or soap opera. I was "tuned in". Who knew? I sure didn't. Who knew that in 1912 (re-released in 1922 says Wiki) they were getting down and scandalous like this! I thought it was all prim and pro [...]

    14. This is a light and easy read, but certainly not up to standards as O Pioneers! or My Antonia. The characters were not developed in depth and I didn't have emotional connection to Bartley by the end. I'm not sure if I truly understood his character. Perhaps if the story was longer, and there was actual conflict between Bartley and Winifred, some stronger characters would have been created. More time was spent on the relationship between Barley and Hilda, and their relationship seemed far simpler [...]

    15. Alexander's Bridge foi o primeiro romance publicado pela escritora Willa Cather.Devo confessar que quando comecei a ler este livro, não achei que conseguiria lê-lo até ao fim. Não sei, ao certo, a partir de que momento fiquei presa na história.Alexander's Bridge conta-nos a história de Bartley Alexander, um engenheiro civil, cuja especialidade é a construção de pontes. Bartley é casado com uma adorável senhora de nome Winifred. Tendo em conta a sua profissão, Bartley tem que se subme [...]

    16. A powerful portrait of a man in crisis - midlife crisis - and his attempts to feel young again while still holding on to his present life and responsibilities. As he gets further caught in his desires, he loses control of things he worked hard for, amongst other things. I didn't relate to Alexander's choices, but he didn't really frustrate me either. I understand why people say he's selfish - but I think Cather really showed a realistic portrayal of a human in earnest conflict, as well as the co [...]

    17. The case of Bartley Alexander, an engineer who per chance meets his former lover Hilda, renewing their past love affairs. But Alexander is now married to Winifred who has helped throughout his professional life and is a devoted wife.In this story we are reminded that sometimes in life we need to break the bridges down and just start all over again!!!

    18. The world needs more books about sexy civil engineers that are world famous bridge designers. Bartley Alexander is working on several important projects, including a bridge in Canada which will be the largest cantilever bridge in the world. He loves his supportive, beautiful, and well connected wife, Winifred, but a chance meeting with a long ago love, actress Hilda Burgoyne, in London puts Alexander on a path to disaster. Torn between two women he loves, Alexander must make a decision about his [...]

    19. Quick, involving read! I forgot how much I liked watching these characters interact. I'm sure I'll be rereading it again in the future.

    20. Chris of Wildmoo Books and Thomas of The Readers have inspired me to read more of Willa Cather. I had read 2 over the past couple of years and have decided to read the rest in order this year. I picked this up while on a book jaunt with some other Booktoopians; the Melville House Novella edition drew me to it. This is set on the east coast of the US as well as Europe and is the story of a bridge architect who loses his way personally and professionally. He is unable to make a decision and thus h [...]

    21. A slight story with loads of drama at the end. Spoiler Alert. (view spoiler)[It all comes crashing down for successful engineer Bartley Alexander as affairs of the heart comprise his successful life and the overly-ambitious bridge he is building. If only he could have dumped his devoted Irish actress first-love/mistress and returned to his cold, classy yet supportive Bostonian socialite wife. But he is saved from any upright behavior as his over-extended bridge project comes crashing down with h [...]

    22. Willa Cather's first novel - my goal is to read all as since college and first reading of "My Antonia" she's one of my favorites. Written in 1912, amazingly it read as though it could be current. Apparently based on a factual event of a bridge collapse in Quebec, story of the bridge engineer, his happy marriage, his spirit which propels him to strive to 'go further', his Irish mistress, problem with loving two women at once. Mid-life crisis? A wonderful first effort by a young author - I look fo [...]

    23. I have loved reading Willa Cather over the years. But I was quite disappointed with Alexander's Bridge. I never seemed to grab me. I couldn't identify with any of the characters. I've vowed to only read one tragedy a year and unfortunately this is the second in six months, so I believe I've already hit my plimsoll line on depressing books. The only saving grace to this book was that it was so short that by the time I realized it was a tragedy it was pretty much over. How's that for giving away t [...]

    24. A short and simple story of a sort-of midlife crisis. The description doesn't do it justice because the characters are good, likeable people. Bartley Alexander has a successful life but is no longer quite sure that he's living the life that he wants. By story's end he may or may not find out. As short as the story is, it might be a good introduction to Willa Cather, one of the greatest American writers.

    25. How have I lived 24 years withought hearing of Willa Cather? I can't give a proper review for this book, my mind is fried. As soon as my senses recover and maybe after I take a writing course, will I atempt to write about this book.

    26. When someone is arrogant and presumptuous, if they have power they do not have much left to do to the people who are by their side.However, when this person falls, everyone tries to push him down so that he falls to the bottom and nobody helps him.I've seen it in my life and with people very close to me. At the peak of power all seek, when that power is over no one speaks to them.(Who was the sack?)Thisis one more story about this topic.Written in 1912. And nothing has changed. Alexander was per [...]

    27. Willa Cather's voice is inimitable. Her writing is free to be as strong as Mother Nature's wrath or as quiet as the air floating above fresh snow. There are hints of this iconic voice, even through her first novel, 'Alexander's Bridge'.Right from the start, 'Alexander's Bridge' opens with the sensual, colors-melting descriptions of setting that Cather is known for: "The sun sank rapidly; the silvery light had faded from the bare boughs and the watery twilight was setting in descending into coole [...]

    28. I decided that I'd like to read all of Willa Cather's novels, so I started with this novella about a successful middle-aged man going through a mid-life crisis. This story is very different from the rural works that Cather is best known for; the influence of Henry James and Edith Wharton is strong. Cather herself, looking back, said that this wasn't her best work. It's a decent story but nothing remarkable.

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