Assassino de Sombras

Assassino de Sombras H um assassino solta e a forma como mata faz oscilar a fronteira entre a realidade e a fic o As suas v timas s o autores de romances policiais que transformaram a an lise do perfil psicol gico dos cr

  • Title: Assassino de Sombras
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9789727921577
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • H um assassino solta, e a forma como mata faz oscilar a fronteira entre a realidade e a fic o As suas v timas s o autores de romances policiais que transformaram a an lise do perfil psicol gico dos criminosos na nova vaga dos thrillers dos anos noventa Mas este assassino diferente de todos os outros A sua sede de sangue abala todas as teorias convencionais sobre aH um assassino solta, e a forma como mata faz oscilar a fronteira entre a realidade e a fic o As suas v timas s o autores de romances policiais que transformaram a an lise do perfil psicol gico dos criminosos na nova vaga dos thrillers dos anos noventa Mas este assassino diferente de todos os outros A sua sede de sangue abala todas as teorias convencionais sobre as motiva es e os mecanismos de um assassino em s rie E h uma mulher para quem a busca desesperada da sua identidade se transforma numa quest o de vida ou de morte.Fiona Cameron professora universit ria de psicologia, e utiliza a tecnologia inform tica para ajudar as for as policiais a apanhar criminosos em s rie Costumava trabalhar com a Pol cia Metropolitana de Londres, mas jurou que nunca mais o faria na sequ ncia de uma investiga o que correu profundamente mal por aquela ter decidido ignorar o seu conselho Ainda traumatizada com a experi ncia, est a trabalhar num caso em Toledo quando o namorado, o autor de thrillers psicol gicos Kit Martin, lhe diz que um dos seus colegas acaba de ser assassinado Fiona n o pode deixar de se sentir interessada E ainda bem que assim , porque em breve o assassino ataca outra vez E depois outra.

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    1. Val McDermid

      Val McDermid is a No 1 bestseller whose novels have been translated into than thirty languages, and have sold over eleven million copies She has won many awards internationally, including the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year and the LA Times Book of the Year Award She was inducted into the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame in 2009 and was the recipient of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger for 2010 In 2011 she received the Lambda Literary Foundation Pioneer Award She writes full time and divides her time between Cheshire and Edinburgh.

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    1. Fiona Cameron is a psychologist and criminal case profiler who until recently consulted with Scotland Yard’s Metropolitan Police. A high-profile case that eventually went bust caused the rift though she still maintains a friendship with the man in charge of the investigation. Now she’s working from the sidelines on a case that hits close to home when famous crime writers are murdered. Her live-in lover, Kit Martin, happens to be one of the most famous thriller writers and this case has her a [...]

    2. I considered 2 stars for this book, but then I thoughtwhy kid myself or anyone else? I didn't like this book. I got about half way throughen started jumping forward just to finish it up and see how she tied it up big surprises.The biggest problem however for me wase book would have been a lot better if she'd spent more time on the story and less impressing us with her moral and intellectual superiority. She leaves us in no doubt that if we disagree with her "take" on "whatever" we're probablywel [...]

    3. I had never heard of Val McDermid before reading one of the Stieg Larsson books, and a scene where Mikael Blomqvist sits down and cracks one open. I took that as an endorsement. So this is the first of her I've read, and it has many flaws. The story itself isn't terrible, though quite farfetched (someone furious at the media attention given psychological profilers is killing crime novelists, whom he/she blames for generating the hoopla). There seemed to be a whole bunch of murders at the outset. [...]

    4. Murder mysteries, thrillers, suspense are my type of book and this mystery novel doesn't disappoint. Though I was long and took me a while to finish it I still enjoyed this book and highly recommend it if you're into these types of books.

    5. I love Val McDermid! Having said that I also want to mention that I can never read two of her books in a row. She leaves me seriously disturbed and gets under my skin the way no other writer can, and I need to read something cheerful and light once I've turned the last page of one of her novels. The plot of this particular novel is gruesome and wholly engaging. We meet Dr. Fiona Cameron a geographic profiler (which by the way really works, we use it in my line of work) and her partner Kit who ha [...]

    6. I really, really like Val McDermid--usually. But this one was too full of unnecessary details. I thought I'd never get to the end of it. I didn't much care for the premise either: someone is killing crime writers supposedly because they stole his (or her) ideas. I might have been able to swallow it if McDermid hadn't inserted diary entries from the killer, which turned out to be totally misleading. She used this technique in The Mermaids Singing, but it worked there. I didn't care for the main c [...]

    7. I enjoyed this thriller / crime story. It has three crime stories in one book, really, and the main story evolves into a thriller rather than a detective story. Fiona Cameron is the lead character - she is a psychologist who has worked with police in the past to do what she calls "geographic Profiling" of crimes, leading to detection of where and how a suspect may be living. She is not a psychological profiler, she tells us. As the book begins, she has sworn off working with the London Metropoli [...]

    8. Toledo, Espanha”Assassino de Sombras” - numa excelente edição da extinta e saudosa editora “Gótica” - é mais um policial/thriller da escritora escocesa Val McDermid (n. 1955).A Dra. Fiona Cameron é uma psicóloga académica, uma profiler, especialista na utilização de programas de computador, que permitem desenvolver um sistema, onde se vai aglutinando a informação recolhida na investigação policial, organizando-a e associando-a de modo a criar perfis de comportamento criminal [...]

    9. Although this one stars out very slowly and takes time to get rolling, it's another solid Val McDermid thriller. This paperback edition came in at over 460 pages and really didn't get rolling until about 150 pages in. But, once the story takes off this one is an incredible thriller. As usual with Val McDermid's stories the characters are very well established. The plot has plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader on edge to how this one will work out. As a huge fan of all Val McDermid's nov [...]

    10. Overall, this wasn’t a bad book. It was just way too long and it dragged in parts. The story is about Fiona. She is a criminal Psychologist who specializes in computer analysis and statistics of crime. There is a serial killer knocking off famous crime writers and her lover just happens to be a famous crime writer who is next on the list. There are a few miniplots going on within the book that really could have been omitted. I read The Distant Echo earlier this year and loved it. This one wasn [...]

    11. Actually I didn't finish that one. After a third I thought that I didn't care enough to finish it. I didn't like the characters, I didn't really get into the story - that's about it. So don't waste time on books you don't like!

    12. I have not read McDermid for quite a while, but I have loved her novels in the past. This book was a disappointment. It had a subplot that seemed irrelevant and it was building to a climax that was a real let-down. There was a lot of potential here, but it was never developed.

    13. The multi-layered nature of this book is pleasing although I regretted there was not closer follow-up of the Spanish murders -we never did discover if Berrocal managed to pin the murders on his chief suspect. Although the book's main character is the profiler Fiona Cameron, rather than the psychology of the killers, the portrayal of the police feels closer to reality. Dedicated but fallible is probably the best way to describe them. Both Steve Preston and Sarah Duvall are portrayed as incredibly [...]

    14. Of the two books that I have read by Val McDermid (the other being The Distant Echo), this was definitely my favorite. The writing was really good and the story sucked me in. The fact that there were three cases going on made this story a nice change from the usual thriller/detective where there’s only one main criminal event. However, I can imagine that some people would find this annoying, as not everything is equally relevant to the story. But this does allow us a more detailed background i [...]

    15. This book was impossibly wonderful! I fell desperately in love with all the characters (except for Terry, that idiotic little ditz deserves nothing less than a boot to the head because really, why would you EVER turn off a policeman's phone just because you want him all to yourself!!! I had to put the book down and just breathe for a few minutes because I wanted to hit her!)Anyways, I fell desperately in love with Kit, Fiona, and Steve almost immediately and I am absolutely heartbroken that this [...]

    16. I've been meaning to read Val McDermid ever since I started watching Wire In The Blood, I still haven't found a second hand copy of 'The Mermaids Singing' which begins the Tony Hill storyline but when I saw this for 50p I thought it would be a great start to see whether I liked the authors style. Answer is, I do. Very much so! It's refreshing to read something set in your own country as many of the crime series I read are set in Canada or the US. McDermid's narrative is easy to follow, descripti [...]

    17. The storyline is very contrived, and perhaps the most improbable I've read but despite this I enjoyed it thoroughly, experiencing that wonderful feeling of being unable to put it down and reading until 3am, quite tensely worrying whether the protagonists would make it (McDermid of course, having no compunction about killing her characters off so you can never be sure of a happy ending).The characters are well rounded and believable and hopefully they'll appear in a new book some time.

    18. A lo largo de sus 605 páginas al principio tuve algo de confusión al leerlo porque abarca muchas cosas, muchos asesinatos y tiene páginas donde la tipografía es diferente, lo cual indica que tienen cierta relevancia con los hechos, más aún cuando no son un capítulo en sí. Un thriller apasionante, entretenido y que te mantiene intrigado hasta casi las últimas hojas por saber quien es uno de los asesinos que llevamos siguiendo a lo largo del libro. Muy recomendado.

    19. I almost wanted to put this into noir due to graphic bits of the book but this really isn't a noir book. While I know McDermid writes noir and this is a bit borderline, it's only borderline. That doesn't count in my book. Great writing, as always. Love McDermid's work. She tackles this story from all angles. If you want to read noir, check out Denise Mina.

    20. We are more critical about lady authors of the 'crime thriller series ' than men. With that in mind I admit writers like Val McDermid really are a class apart, creating their own niche spaces !!The basic plot is about a serial killer of serial killer writers. Here Ms Fiona Campbell the main protagonist, using her psychologist/ profiling skills along with a customised crime linkage/ geographical location (profiling) software hops across 3 cases including one in Spain. There are sub plots, romance [...]

    21. Резюмето на книгата предвещава динамичен сюжет, пълен с реалистични образи. За съжаление тук очаквания и реалност поне за мен доста се разминаха. Книгата наистина има динамични част и интересна идея за сюжет, но много по-голямо внимание се отделя на драмите и любовните тер [...]

    22. For me this novel was just ehh. This is the first Val McDermid book I have read and I don't think i'll be reading any more. My displeasure with the novel mainly comes from the fact that I just did not feel connected with the characters at all, needless to say I actually didn't like the character of Fiona. This of course may just be me but her character was quite aggravating at times which resulted in me not really caring about what happens to her or the other characters in the novel. Apart from [...]

    23. As most of McDermid's books, easy to get into and captivating to read… this is listed as a stand-alone although I think the main character (psychological profiler of serial killers) comes into another book somewhere. This was ok - a neat premise because it lets you into the world of crime fiction writers so rings true (I'm sure Val knows it well). I was captivated until the end but, unfortunately, thought the end was quite lame it just sort of ended and the three different storylines never rea [...]

    24. Val McDermid is a snappy writer this narrative thunders along and I fairly effortlessly covered the 600 odd pages in pretty much 2 sittings. It's a well crafted book, 3 story lines neatly dance around each other until finally meeting for the resolution at the end. The psychologist, main protagonist, came across as pretty 2 dimensional and predictable, as did the depiction of her relationship. The clever device of offering samples of other fictional writers added some interest. In summing up: a c [...]

    25. A thriller that keeps the reader on their toes, Killing the Shadows features two separate serial killer cases, which are being investigated by Dr Fiona Cameron, an academic psychologist, with the help of her old friend, Detective Steve Preston. While quite a long book, it is a page-turner that keeps you reading to the last page, with a large cast of strongly differentiated (if at times one-dimensional) characters and plotlines that are complex enough not to be easily guessed and straightforward [...]

    26. Just doing some cutting and pasting here on from my book reading log, have not really got the hang of so thought I would add some reviews and see what comes of that? Frankly I spend so much time on the BookCrossing site adding thoughts on books doubling up by adding notes here seems inexplicably superfluous… but you don’t know till you give something a go, and so far given the tiny list of books here on my shelf it looks like I only read a little, rather than upwards of 20 books per month [...]

    27. This was an interesting test from the prospective of the female profiler in England. Not a bad story with a bit of mystery as to who the serial killer is. I picked this up in my study of serial killer novels as I write own. I felt this story was different and not a bad read.

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