La regina dell'eternità: Il romanzo di Nefertiti

La regina dell eternit Il romanzo di Nefertiti La splendida Nefertiti sta per andare in sposa al giovane principe d Egitto Amenofi IV La famiglia reale spera che la ragazza con la sua forte personalit possa dissuadere il futuro faraone deciso

  • Title: La regina dell'eternità: Il romanzo di Nefertiti
  • Author: Michelle Moran Stefania Di Natale
  • ISBN: 9788854114920
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • La splendida Nefertiti sta per andare in sposa al giovane principe d Egitto Amenofi IV La famiglia reale spera che la ragazza, con la sua forte personalit , possa dissuadere il futuro faraone, deciso a sostituire il culto del dio Amon con quello del dio Aton Tuttavia, una volta salita al trono, Nefertiti non fa che rafforzare l arroganza e la determinazione del nuovo reLa splendida Nefertiti sta per andare in sposa al giovane principe d Egitto Amenofi IV La famiglia reale spera che la ragazza, con la sua forte personalit , possa dissuadere il futuro faraone, deciso a sostituire il culto del dio Amon con quello del dio Aton Tuttavia, una volta salita al trono, Nefertiti non fa che rafforzare l arroganza e la determinazione del nuovo re e si preoccupa solo di dare alla luce un figlio maschio che continui ad assicurare a lei e alla sua famiglia il prestigio e il potere di cui godono a corte L ossessione religiosa di Amenofi e la cieca ambizione di Nefertiti finiscono per trascinare l Egitto nella rovina indebolendo l esercito, i confini, la classe sacerdotale e il popolo Ma proprio allora la grande regina sceglier di sacrificarsi per il bene del suo Paese Tra intrighi di palazzo e amori proibiti, la storia di un eroina dal fascino straordinario.

    • La regina dell'eternità: Il romanzo di Nefertiti - Michelle Moran Stefania Di Natale
      441 Michelle Moran Stefania Di Natale
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    1. Michelle Moran Stefania Di Natale

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Michelle Moran is the international bestselling author of six historical novels, including Madame Tussaud, which was optioned for a mini series in 2011 Her books have been translated into than twenty languages.A native of southern California, Michelle attended Pomona College, then earned a Masters Degree from the Claremont Graduate University During her six years as a public high school teacher, she used her summers to travel around the world, and it was her experiences as a volunteer on archaeological digs that inspired her to write historical fiction In 2012 Michelle was married in India, inspiring her seventh book, Rebel Queen, which is set in the East Her hobbies include hiking, traveling, and archaeology She is also fascinated by archaeogenetics, particularly since her children s heritages are so mixed But above all these things, Michelle is passionate about reading, and can often be found with her nose in a good book A frequent traveler, she currently resides with her husband, son, and daughter in the US.

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    1. Why is this book so popular? I'm quivering with rage. Nefertiti. One of Egypt's greatest queens. She must have been an extraordinary woman. Right?Well, not according to the author. In Michelle Moran's novel, Nefertiti is basically the ancient equivalent of Kim Kardashian. She was beautiful, so she must have been very shallow. According to the author, Nefertiti was a very ruthless woman who was power hungry and cared far too much about her outward appearance. It must be true! If there's one thing [...]

    2. UGHPFFTHEAD SHAKE and a wind-rustling SIGH about sums up my feelings for this MEHstorical bore festival. For this level of detail on life in ancient Egypt, I could have stuck with: *** By the way, for those taking a trip down Nostalgia Boulevard right now seeing Steve Martin’s SNL masterpiece, I have added the lyrics in a spoiler so that those who don’t care can skip over it…otherwise…enjoy… (view spoiler)[ King TutKing Tut (King Tut)Now when he was a young man, He never thought he'd s [...]

    3. Nefertiti, Michelle MoranWhen the Crown Prince of Egypt needs a wife, the beautiful, charismatic, ambitious and connected Nefertiti is his mother's first choice. She quickly becomes accustomed to the opulence of her new life. As Queen of the world's first great empire at the height of its power, all her dreams are realised. Beguiling and wilful, Nefertiti is soon as powerful as the Pharaoh himself. But when her husband breaks with a thousand years of tradition, defying the priests and the milita [...]

    4. Diana Gabaldon tagged this debut novel 'Compulsively readable!' and she's not far off the mark. I'm sure I won't be the first blogger to draw this comparison but this book was like The Other Boleyn Girl - Egyptian style - and for three main reasons:Firstly, thematically. For as much as this was a novel of sisters, it was a novel of rivals. Moran demonstrated unflinchingly the horrible acts women are capable of commiting to gain power over one another through Nefertiti and her dealings with Kiya [...]

    5. Ovako kvalitetna knjiga rijetko se nalazi! Možda je to moje mišljenje jer sam oduvijek pokazivala zanimanje za drevnim Egiptom, a ova mi je knjiga upravo dala ono što sam i željela. Ne znam, ali sa sigurnošću mogu reći da je knjiga čisto savršenstvo, po meni nema praznog hoda, svaki događaj je na svom mjestu i svaki je lik savršeno okarakteriziran.Zanimljivo je čitati o stvarnim osobama koje su postojale gotovo 3000 godina unazad.Nisam imala pojma da je Nefertiti bila toliko jaka že [...]

    6. Remind me next time I'm looking for a new book NOT to buy one that is advertised on perezhilton! I should have known what I'd be getting myself into This was totally a summer beach read - although next time, I will wait for paperback (too heavy)! I felt like it was just ALL dialogue ALL the time - the author never went into too much detail in her description of places, people, etc (this reminds me of my high school English teachers constantly telling us to "show, not tell" in our writing). Overa [...]

    7. This book was rather disappointing.The story of Nefertiti and Akhenaton, two of Ancient Egypt's most emblematic leaders was always one of my favorites. Perhaps because of this, I had very high expectations for this book and in the end, they weren't met.According to several summaries I've read about this book, "Nefertiti" tells the story of the Royal (or First) Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton and it's also somewhat biographic. I was always a little dubius about the "biographic nature" of the book, as I [...]

    8. I am a great fan of (well done) historical fiction - Gabaldon, Gulland and Koen all come instantly to mind - but this certainly doesn't come close to any of them. In fact, I never got beyond the first 50 or 60 pages. I've had a lifelong love affair with ancient Egypt, especially the Armana period, and I've never seen it depicted quite like this. Amunhotep (Ahknaten) was depicted as a headstrong, foolish kid,bad enough, but where oh where did she come up with her idea of Nefertiti's character? Va [...]

    9. This particular historical fiction book reminded me a lot of what occurred in the lives of sisters Anne and Mary Boleyn in Philippa Gregory's book, The Other Boleyn Girl, except with an Egyptian twist. It's easy to picture 1351 BC from Moran's vivid descriptions and use of various Egyptian words. This is Moran's version of Nefertiti's tale, told through the eyes of her younger sister, Mutnodjmet. For the most part, everything that occurs regarding Nefertiti is assumed. She may have been crowned [...]

    10. What I found to be fascinating about this book is that compared to other periods in history i.e. Tudor England, very little is known about it. Michelle Moran has woven an interesting and credible tale. What an amazing imagination she has!This story is told in first person by Mutny, Nefertiti's younger sister. As a character Nefertiti has been portrayed as a beautiful and passionate woman, who will go to any lengths to get what she wants. There are many characters in this novel and I must confess [...]

    11. An enjoyable historical fiction about the ambitious Nefertiti, who married the heir and future pharaoh Akhenaton. Much is obscure about that period of Egypt's history, so Michelle Moran's creativity comes forth in Nefertiti as she pictures a time of political intrigue, the building of a new city, art flourishing to all end up with a spectacular downfall. An interesting and absorbing historical fiction that provides a window into the sophisticated lifestyle back in 1300 B.C.

    12. 4.5Se sabe muy poco sobre la verdadera historia de Nefertiti y su familia, hay mucha especulación y muchas versiones diferentes, por eso el trabajo de la autora rellenando los huecos vacíos me pareció muy bueno. Todo lo que es parte de la ficción tiene sentido y está enlazado de forma coherente y razonable. Hace sentir que los agregados importantes perfectamente podrían haber sido así como se cuentan.El libro está narrado en primera persona pero no tiene como protagonista a Nefertiti, co [...]

    13. It’s 1351 BCE. Tuthmosis, the older brother of Amunhotep is dead and the wise men of Egypt have concluded that Amunhotep has killed his brother for power, to become the pharaoh.And as the author Michelle Moran puts itWhatever the truth, that night the crown prince, Tuthmosis, dies, and a new crown prince rose to take his place.Thus begins the story of greed, unlimited power, dirty politics and one family’s journey into royalty.Nefertiti is chosen by Amunhotep’s mother and her aunt as his w [...]

    14. The cover art lied to me. The beautiful portrait on the front suggested to me that someone took a look at the real life bust of the queen revered for her beauty and finally decided to write a story about black Egyptian royalty. If we're not talking about the Helenistic dynasty (the line of Cleopatras and Ptolenmys) I don't want to hear about them being white. And even then, because of Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt, Cleopatra came from a long line of inbred Greeks and Macedonians. Yet, [...]

    15. Bingo y reto de lectura Amor y Letras 2017: 25. Historia/mitología egipciaEs un libro muy adictivo, lo disfruté bastante. Me agradó conocer un poco más acerca de la cultura egipcia y más que nada sobre Nefertiti. Aunque indudablemente me conecté más con Mut-Najmat. Le grité al libro en incontables ocasiones también me sorprendió en muchas otras.En algún momento me sentí un poco en shock por todo lo descrito, pero entiendo que el libro es inspirado en la historia, todo lo sucedido de [...]

    16. Wow. Wow. Wow. Why have I waited so long to read this book? No need for a lengthy review. I don't have anything to say that isn't already said in the thousands of reviews this book has. I devoured this book in about 24 hours. It was addicting.

    17. Egypt, 1351 BCE. Fifteen year old Nefertiti and her thirteen year old sister, Mutnodjmet, are the daughters and only children of the Vizier Ay, brother to the Queen of Egypt, Tiye. The prince of Egypt and Pharaoh's heir, Tuthmosis, is dead - possibly murdered by his younger and much less liked brother, Amunhotep. With no other heir, Amunhotep is made Crown Prince and Tiye goes to her brother's family for a Chief Wife for him: Nefertiti. Both Ay and Tiye need Nefertiti to control Amunhotep, who t [...]

    18. Contrary to what some other reviewers have said, I found this to be a very poorly-researched book. While there is, of course, very little information available about the personalities of people who lived so long ago, there is certainly a good deal of information about this period and these people, from which one can draw some intelligent inferences about what they were like, as people. And these characters simply do not fit the available historical data. Nefertiti, for example, is portrayed by M [...]

    19. #29: A book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit.This. Was. Amazing.Nunca, nunca pensé que esta historia me iba a gustar TANTO. Siempre me ha encantado la historia del Antiguo Egipto, y si bien este no es un libro de historia, sino un ficción histórica, me encantó de principio a fin.Debo decir que este libro no fue lo que me esperaba, empezando porque está narrado desde el punto de vista de la hermana de Nefertiti, no de Nefertiti misma. Cuenta la historia a partir de que Nefertiti s [...]

    20. It's not a bad book, but it's not Pauline Gedge. Narrator here is too much of a prefect princess.However, Moran does get points for research.

    21. I am still reeling from this delicious book! Power, royalty, wealth and a sweet love story all rolled into one, this book swept me up and did not put me down until the last page of the preview to the sequel. Told through the eyes of Nefertiti's younger sister, Mutnodjmet, who was the exact opposite of her - but both were compelling and strong characters. I couldn't help but liken Nefertiti to Anne Boleyn: both driven by their families and their own ambitions for power, both used religion to seal [...]

    22. At first the back cover had me ready to read when I saw "meticulously researched" stated by the Boston Globe's review on the back. I tore through it in 9 hours because it was such an easy read. While the story was decent, I was rather disappointed. Although her character portrayal was good, she never really made me SEE Egypt. It also lacked the one thing every other "meticulously researched" book on ancient Egypt lacks. No one ever> uses the actual Kemetic names of cities or gods. If it was s [...]

    23. I think a better title for this novel might have been, "Mutnodjmet, The Chief Wife's Sister." If your able to endure the entire story, you will become well acquainted with that phrase. You never get to really know Nefertiti, or what she is thinking, but you do get to witness one whiny temper tantrum after another. I lost count how many times Mutnodjmet had to break down and cry.Strangely Pharaoh's court seems to lack physicians until 13 year old Mutnodjmet arrives with her knowledge of healing h [...]

    24. While I love anything about ancient Egypt, this book was quite a disappointment to me. I have read a number of books about ancient Egypt that seemed to have been a little more researched and that were better written. It seemed that this story was set in the modern day, rather than in the past.While the plot of the story was interesting, a lot of the characters became more annoying than anything as the story went on. I became less and less interested in Nefertiti's struggle to cope with her eccen [...]

    25. Borrowed this from my lovely friend Pam!So this story follows Nefretiti and her family as she is wed to the Pharoah. With the looming threat of war just beyond the boarders and a leader who is going against everything the people of Egypt believe in makes it difficult to keep your family safe. Incredibly descriptive and beautifully laced with accurate historic facts. This book stands out in a crowd for sure. The only issue I had was getting use to the slow pacing of this book. It's historical fic [...]

    26. Yuck yuck yuck. Sorry, I must not be in line with the New York best seller's list's standards. This was poorly written, the characters weren't believable, and the main character was especially 'catty' and 13-year-oldish/Disney showish. What a very tedious book to get through. I kept reading, hoping it would redeem itself (I'd never read an Egyptian novel and really wanted to enjoy it), but boy oh boy did it ever flop! I'm definitely avoiding Moran's writing from hear on out. There are just too m [...]

    27. Michelle Moran is no Philippa Gregory. Her book seems to reach for it, bringing the idea of a historical and controversial queen to the readers intimacy with the relationship she has with her sister. I will give her credit for the research involved which was probably a lot harder to procure than Tudor knowledge but then again, it warrants that half of what I am reading might be made up. In fact, reading through a historical account of Nefertiti after completion of the book has left me wondering [...]

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