Bound for the Forest

Bound for the Forest England Ex soldier Melmoth Brien returns to his ancestral home in the ancient Greenwood intending to retrieve his family s valuables and get the hell out of there When he s beaten to it by Scar

  • Title: Bound for the Forest
  • Author: Kay Berrisford
  • ISBN: 9781611185539
  • Page: 180
  • Format: ebook
  • England, 1817 Ex soldier Melmoth Brien returns to his ancestral home in the ancient Greenwood, intending to retrieve his family s valuables and get the hell out of there When he s beaten to it by Scarlet, a young woodsman turned thief, Brien overpowers him and ties him up, demanding he help get the family fortune back by leading him deep into the forest The flash of sexEngland, 1817 Ex soldier Melmoth Brien returns to his ancestral home in the ancient Greenwood, intending to retrieve his family s valuables and get the hell out of there When he s beaten to it by Scarlet, a young woodsman turned thief, Brien overpowers him and ties him up, demanding he help get the family fortune back by leading him deep into the forest The flash of sexual fire between them is undeniable, but a force powerful than rivalry or lust is ratcheting up the tension.Brien s family are Protectors of the Greenwood, a responsibility he has discarded like every other in his life To Scarlet, whose very life force is bound to the Greenwood, this makes Brien a traitor He would use anything, even his body, to drive him away After all, a traitor may stir the fouler Spirits, who will demand blood And Scarlet knows he is marked for sacrificeLured ever deeper into a realm of ritualized sex and magic, bondage and blood, the fighting gives way to rampant lovemaking, but Scarlet needs than just sex to survive Can Brien admit his identity as a Protector and bind his underling forever, or will the Greenwood Spirits enslave them both Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable BDSM theme and elements, dubious consent, male male sexual practices, ritualistic sexual practices, ritualistic impalement, sex in partly shifted tree form, violence, voyeurism.

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    1. This BDSM romance is an intriguing romp through a fantasy alternate history of Britain, where washed-up debauched Brien turns up at his ancestral pile in the greenwood to discover fey young Scarlet, and a whole heap of trouble.There's heaps of UST as Brien and Scarlet struggle with their antipathy and attraction, but don't worry because there's tree sex to keep you entertained while you wait for the two heroes to get it on together! Brien and Scarlet are a good match for each other, and while Sc [...]

    2. The best part of this book is world building - the dreamlike landscape of Greenwood, far removed from actual England of early XIX century, with deep roots in folklore was fascinating and I was spellbound by it through the entire book. There were elements of it that were left unexplained, but that wasn't enough to ruin it for me. The characters too had a certain charm - the rogue captain, sensual Scarlet, the druidesses - and the writing was solid. These are the reasons why I gave the book 3 star [...]

    3. Kinky! More fey than historical, or rather, it's historical regarding fey more so than historical England. Lots of bondage. Sometimes I really didn't get quite what it was going to prove, but there was definitely bondage!Also, (view spoiler)[TREE ON MAN SEX! (hide spoiler)](It's a pretty mild spoiler, and if you saw "kinky!" above and purred a bit, you want to click it.)Still ruminating on how I want to describe the story. I would say that it's a fun read. I don't think it's meant to be a quick, [...]

    4. Excellent kinky gay dark historical fantasy romance about a former soldier who returns to the family manor in the Greenwood (the manor which he just sold to cover debts) to retrieve some hidden valuables before the new owner takes possession. When he finds another, very captivating thief already there, he has no idea how the course of his life has just shifted.

    5. What do a former military captain and an orphan boy have in common? They are brought together by a magical force compelling them to protect the ancient Greenwood forest. Brien is the heir to his ancestral home in Greenwood. His parents are deceased and his fey sister is on a loony binge. Brien can't stand the magical talks of the Green Man and how there are forces out there he can't comprehend. He's a man in the real world and he just wants to sell his home for some money to fund his wandering t [...]

    6. 4 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressMelmoth Brien wants just one thing and that’s his family’s hidden treasures so he can pay his debts off before he is dragged to the debtor’s prison. His plans go awry though when he comes across a young woodsman about to set fire to his old family home. Scarlet has to drive out the intruders before they damage the forest but he never expected Melmoth to appear and ruin his plans. Now he needs to get rid of Melmoth as [...]

    7. Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/The world building in this book was absolutely excellent. The myths and lore that Ms Berrisford spun through out the story were worth reading alone. Melmoth Brien is deeply in debt so returns to his ancestral home which he hates deep in the Greenwood of England. When Brien arrives at his ruined home he finds that a young man named Scarlet has beaten him to the family jewels and other well hidden treasures and is about to set the estate ablaze. The y [...]

    8. You know you are in trouble when you KNOW you are reading fantasy and still have a difficult time suspending disbelief and simply letting go. This book went way over my head, so much so I don't even want to bother trying to make sense out of it. All the rituals, all the forest creatures, I think there were realms didn't get it. Liked some parts enough to finish, but most of it was a miss for me.

    9. Ok this one is an odd book and really not for everybody. Not because of the kink although some of it was pretty far out there in terms of nonhuman sex but because of the fantasy element in this. This book as a very strange world full of mysticism and at times has an otherworldly feel to it. There were times that I was engrossed but there were also times where I was scratching my head.I didn't find the romance part of the book of this book to my taste being not really insta-love but insta-lust sp [...]

    10. Itwasn't bad, I suppose, but throughout the entire thing, it just felt like all of whatever developed was for the sake of the kinkif that makes sense. Like, the developments in plot weren't because of natural progression but like means-to-and-end-ish - the end, of course, being the kink. It just felt like pwp with some excuse plot thrown it. It makes it seem like porn instead of a transgressive arthouse piece, if that makes sense. Still, the concepts are interesting, so I gave it the second star [...]

    11. Very strange. I'm not quite sure how to review this one. I believe I'll think on it and return to review later.I do, however, agree with another comment that the relationship wasn't entirely believable. Perhaps it was more that they didn't pull me in - with this story I should have been cheering for them, but instead I kind of feel I was dragged along for the ride

    12. I really enjoyed this book, although it was my opinion that there were a few extraneous scenes that drew away from the story at large. This story sort of takes place in an alternate version of England in 1817. That's mostly not relevant within the town of Greenwood. Melmoth Brien returns in mind of getting the deed to his family home in order to see what it is worth in the wider world. What he doesn't know is that the land has recently switched hands in his absence. That is a fact that Scarlet i [...]

    13. This is a historical (England, 1817) fantasy. Or alternate history, maybe?Cover - Good concept. I was disturbed by Scarlet's nose/face. And kept thinking that the coat worn by Brien looked more London Fog than Regency England's - Brien, an ex-soldier who tends to gamble. Scarlet, a young man who lives in the forest surrounding Brien's family estate. POV is alternating 3rd person.The historical aspect of the book is pretty negligible. It sort of gives a bit of framework for the fantasy, but reall [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book. But I couldn't give it 5 stars which is weird, because I read it in one day and couldn't put it down. Normally those kind of books are 5-star reads for me. I gave it a couple days to 'digest,' and here are my thoughts:* Loved Scarlet. He seemed pretty sexy, and I imagined him being a beautiful guy. I liked when he got a little snarky, and wished he did that more often. It was fun.* Brien was captivating. I believed his character arch throughout the book, and was excit [...]

    15. This book reminded me of a recipe where you get all the ingredients perfect, but somehow the end product isn't quite right. I love the setting. The mystical Greenwood reminded me of my favorite incarnation of Robin Hood, the BBC series Robin of Sherwood. If you haven't seen it, know that it too included a spark of magic.The sexual content, when spelled out in the publisher warnings, seemed appealing:BDSM theme and elements, dubious consent, male/male sexual practices, ritualistic sexual practice [...]

    16. Reviewed by Jamie: This book was a breath of fresh, woodland air; a sheer delight to read from start to finish.If you are put off by 'historical' novels or settings, rest assured this is one story that does not drag or focus on 'the boring parts' in any way. While it's set just after the Napoleonic era in England and the background knowledge is evident, the story is fast paced, original and dives straight into the action. Throughout the story there are interesting and often very amusing referenc [...]

    17. My quest as a fan of queer romance has always been to find books that combine genuinely excellent world-building, story-telling, character-development and that certain indefinable magic sparkle that makes a book swallow you up (in other words, all the things I'd want in any off the shelf book) with the one thing most books in my local bookshop lack - intense, loving, hot, queer romance.This book delivers that and then some. Kay Berrisford has created a fantasy world steeped in English folklore, [...]

    18. I was fortunate enough to win a print copy of this book, and I must say I really enjoyed it.The story is intense, it gets going quickly and never lags. You're almost breathless as you read.There is a goodly amount of rumpy-pumpy throughout, yet it was never too much, and I'm pretty quick to trigger on that subject, having read a lot of books recently that were just too much sex to plot, imo. It helps that the main characters here are both very sexy and go together very well. I loved the top, Bri [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book significantly more than my other Kay Berrisford read, Catching Kit. This was set in the far history, but felt like less of a history lesson than the other book. And the sex worked much better. I thought there was something of a good dynamic between Brien and Scarlet, although part of their relationship was magical and a quick bond. I was somewhat disappointed by the ending the problems were solved too neatly and everyone was too happy. It would have been nice to see some of t [...]

    20. 4/5 stars.Review is on my non Pen-name here:/review/show/This is a copy. :) Also, not putting stars, as I don't want to double-rate.Interesting historical paranormal m/m. I enjoyed the world-building quite a bit, though I would like to know more about why Brien disliked his home so much and I'm curious as to what happens with the druidesses in the future.The sex was hot and kinky and I'm not sure I'd want to live in the Greenwood, given that things are a little.hound the edges. But as a fantasy [...]

    21. Reading this novel was like sinking into an epic lemony original fanfic.Set in the Greenwood forest, where magic abounds, world-weary Brien returns to his childhood home one last time, he thinks. Instead he is irresistibly drawn to find out more about the forest and his part in it, when he meets Scarlet.I was unsure if I was going to enjoy the book at first because Brien was huge and brawny, Scarlet, fey, slight and beautiful, whereas I prefer more evenly matched partners, but I needn't have wor [...]

    22. I don't care for historicals but this didn't have too much of actual history in it. The supernatural element was the main thrust of the story. I enjoyed the plot and story line. I had a hard time with the actual relationship. It wasn't really "insta-love" but it wasn't a natural progression either. Neither seemed to want the relationship but it still happened. I also didn't see how they could say they "loved" each other when there wasn't really any interaction between them except for when they w [...]

    23. This was an oddly put together story. I enjoyed it's elements, but they never seemed to really come together as a whole. The character's were somewhat vague, and the setting was not all that solid. The sexual tension was okay, but the actual sex left something to be desired. I don't know. I definitely didn't hate it. I actually enjoyed the subject matter a lot, but would have liked more info on it. I think the author may have forgotten we may not all be as well read in old English history as she [...]

    24. BDSM relationships can be beautiful and fulfilling, but they are not to be taken lightly and the most important part of any successful relationship is communication, ESPECIALLY if someone is being tied up and hurt in the process. This book does NOT follow the golden rule of safe, sane, and consensual at all. The sex scenes are dub-con AT BEST and often could be better classified as rape. There is one scene of flat-out rape, where one character is protesting and a group of men are attempting to g [...]

    25. Immersive fantasy setting, with a mythology that's clear, but never over-explained (something that few fantasy authors seem to grasp, as far as I'm concerned). Ridiculously hot sex, especially in the beginning before the MCs relationship is consummated. It's rare for me to get swept up in characters' desires for one another and feel the growing attraction right alongside them, but this book totally captured me and convinced me right from the beginning. I only wish it were longer so I could have [...]

    26. Interesting historical paranormal m/m. I enjoyed the world-building quite a bit, though I would like to know more about why Brien disliked his home so much and I'm curious as to what happens with the druidesses in the future.The sex was hot and kinky and I'm not sure I'd want to live in the Greenwood, given that things are a little.hound the edges. But as a fantasy, it was wonderfully squrimy at points.I'll be reading more of Ms. Berrisford's works. She paints vivid descriptions and builds inter [...]

    27. I don't really know why I loved this book so much. The thought of pagan ritualized sex in an English forest sounds a bit silly, and I guess that it is. Perhaps this book is my kind of guilty pleasure. To me the most important thing about reading is that it should be fun. This book is no Dostoyevsky but if it was I would not have enjoyed the book.I really loved the book, I will most certainly reread it, and I would recommend it to all interested in this genre. :)

    28. I did not finish this, nor do I think I will come back to it to do so. The blurb had so much promise, but the actual book didn't deliver. I think I am close to 1/3, maybe 1/2 of the way through when I just gave up.And yes, in that time frame, there was tree sex. As in the tree had sex with Scarlet while Brien watched. Which was not quite what I was expecting (I was thinking Scarlet would turn out to be part dryad) with the warning of sex in partial tree form.

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