The Buenos Aires Quintet

The Buenos Aires Quintet Assignment Finding one of Argentina s Disappeared likely outcome Becoming one yourself The Argentine army s Dirty War disappeared people and the last thing Pepe Carvalho wants is to inv

  • Title: The Buenos Aires Quintet
  • Author: Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Nick Caistor
  • ISBN: 9781612190341
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Assignment Finding one of Argentina s 30,000 Disappeared likely outcome Becoming one yourself.The Argentine army s Dirty War disappeared 30,000 people, and the last thing Pepe Carvalho wants is to investigate one of the vanished, even if that missing person is his cousin But blood proves thicker than a fine Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon, even for a jaded gourmand lAssignment Finding one of Argentina s 30,000 Disappeared likely outcome Becoming one yourself.The Argentine army s Dirty War disappeared 30,000 people, and the last thing Pepe Carvalho wants is to investigate one of the vanished, even if that missing person is his cousin But blood proves thicker than a fine Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon, even for a jaded gourmand like Pepe, and so at his family s request he leaves Barcelona for Buenos Aires.What follows is perhaps Manuel V zquez Montalb n s masterpiece a combination white knuckle investigation and moving psychological travelogue Pepe quickly learns that Buenos Aires is a beautiful city hell bent on self destruction, and finds himself on a trail involving boxers and scholars, military torturers and seductive semioticians, Borges fans and cold blooded murderers.And despite the wonders of the Tango and the country s divine cuisine, he also knows one thing He ll have to confront the traumas of Argentina s past head on if he wants not only to find his cousin, but simply stay alive.

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    1. Manuel Vázquez Montalbán Nick Caistor

      Manuel V zquez Montalb n was a prolific Spanish writer journalist, novelist, poet, essayist, anthologue, prologist, humourist, critic, as well as a gastronome and a FC Barcelona supporter He studied Philosophy at Universidad Aut noma de Barcelona and was also a member of the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia For many years, he contributed columns and articles to the Madrid based daily newspaper El Pa s He died in Bangkok, Thailand, while returning to his home country from a speaking tour of Australia His last book, La aznaridad, was published posthumously.

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    1. Mi piacciono i romanzi con protagonista gente che fa indagini, alla Sherlock Holmes per intenderci. Quindi preferisco i detective privati rispetto ai poliziotti, forse perché i detective, in un certo senso, hanno più libertà. Primo romanzo che leggo con protagonista il detective Carvalho, e primo libro di Montalbán che divoro. E devo dire che è stata una lettura davvero piacevole e positiva. Ventesima indagine del nostro Pepe, che deve allontanarsi dalla sua amata Barcellona per sbarcare in [...]

    2. Pepe Carvalho is one of the most fascinating private detectives in a literary world stuffed full of eccentric detectives. For one thing he was a communist, and he worked for the CIA, and he describes himself an anarchist. He is also a gourmet cook and his recipes fill the books. (Apparently there is a spin-off book comprised of all the recipes in the series.) He also has the disconcerting habit of burning his books, either for kindling or to stimulate puzzle solving. He lives in Barcelona and hi [...]

    3. Although I found the early Carvalho books fascinating.cially their insight into post-Franco SpainI thought he ran out of steam a bit in his later booksI feel the transition to Argentina gave the character of his detective new life and the vicious background of post-dictatorship Argentina provides the necessary political context that was slipping from his books as Spain developed into a liberal democracy. Longer than most of the other books in this series I found this a well-shaped novel by a mat [...]

    4. Maradona, tango, desaparecidos.E Carvalho si infila in tutto questo, soprattutto tango e desaparecidos, in una delle sue più belle indagini, una delle più dolenti e mirabolanti, con uomini che cadono come mosche e tanghi strappamutande, e, come sempre, buon cibo e ottimo vino.Un libro che fa venire la voglia di vistare Buenos Aires, e mantiene vivo il ricordo delle bastardate della politica.

    5. Technically, I guess this is a mystery, although it read more like a South American novel that had a private detective as the main character. However, it was interesting, eventually engrossing, and more about politics, people, and history than crime. I enjoyed it, but I probably won't go out and buy another one of his books.

    6. review of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán's The Buenos Aires Quintet by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - November 25-28, 2014 I think this is one of my best bk reviews. To some, it might seem excessively rambling, to me, it's scholarly. It's also "too long" for here by a long shot so interested readers must read it here: /story/show/I acquired this bk b/c the back cover's description of it begins w/ this paragraph: "The Argentine army's "Dirty War" disappeared 30,000 people, and the last thing Pepe Carva [...]

    7. If you like Latin American fiction, then you will love this. The book is labeled a mystery, but it wanders through the plot with characters who would fit as well in comic books. The plot jumps and lurches; Argentina does too. A political satire. A political horror. Ride with it.

    8. Montalb�n si avvicina al nucleo duro della crudelt�. L'Argentina ha il grossissimo guaio di parlar castellano. Questa coincidenza d'istinto illude lo straniero, in particolare il gallego che ci siano delle sovrapposizioni possibili. Gli esiti sono molto peggiori dell'affrontare gli USA convinti di trovarsi in UK. Pepe si trova coinvolto negli strascichi della dittatura, da spagnolo le sue uniche leve interpretative sono derivanti dal Franchismo e per fortuna che da uomo accorto si rende cont [...]

    9. The Buenos Aires Quintet is a somewhat curious book using a Spanish detective out of place on a case in the Argentine capital as a means to explore the legacy of the military government period (1974-1983) in which several thousand left-wing politicians and activists ‘disappeared’. Pepe Carvalho’s task is to find his cousin, Raul, who having been in exile in Spain has returned to find the daughter stolen from him and his dead wife. The story is told in five parts, each focusing on a differe [...]

    10. Regalo de Shawn durante su memorable visita en Julio."¿Que es lo que sabes de buenos Aires? Tango, los desaparecidos, Maradona". En general un libro bastante disfrutable, un detective español con grandes debilidades, pero ingenio y facilidad de palabra. Esos son sus aciertos. Lo leí justo antes de ir Buenos Aires, y de ahi mi insistencia a ir al Tigre, ya por eso habria valido la pena. El libro tiene dos garrafales errores estructurales: en una ciudad de seis millones, todos los acontecimient [...]

    11. Probably one of the best Pepe Carvalho novels out there.Although Carvalho is regarded by some as a detective the main features of this novel are definitely the characters and the beautiful descriptions of Argentina. Yes, there is a central "case", which Carvalho has been tasked to resolve but this case is not what leads the plot but it is rather molded by the interactions between the characters.A little uncomfortable to read and it took me much longer to finish than I thought because I felt like [...]

    12. My second and probably last Montalban book, while the book was fine and prose way above average I found that for me the plot and intrigue was often broken up by long soliloquy's on social issues or other matters that seemed to break up the pacing of this already long book. Still enjoyed the lead character of Pepe Carvalho and his eccentricities, but found the story drawn out and a late chapter killing spree really superfluous. Social history of Argentina and sense of place with description of Bu [...]

    13. Finally finished this. It was fascinating and very difficult to follow. I need to read more Argentinian history to really understand all that was going on. Argentina: Maradona, the disappeared, tango. And all of that was in this book. Interesting characters, but convoluted plot, that really was never resolved. Characters were numerous, and not easily distinguished from each other, although they all had a part to play they were so detailed.Glad I read this, but not anxious to start another in thi [...]

    14. "Una mañana mi madre me dio un pedazo de pan que parecía recién hecho o quizá lo imagino recién hecho y un puñado de aceitunas negras, muy sabrosas, de esas aceitunas arrugadas que se llaman de Aragón. Recuerdo aquellos sabores, la alegría de mi libertad en la calle. La mirada protectora de mi madre. Si pudiera volver a aquella mañana."

    15. El tío de Pepe Carvalho pide a su sobrino que encuentre a Raul, su primo, en el Buenos Aires democrático. Su visita le llevará a explorar los vacíos que dejaron 30.000 desaparecidos y el tango siempre presente. Encontrará también el drama de los hijos robados.

    16. Me hubiese gustado mayor emoción en torno a la verdadera historia de Muriel, un poco predecible ciertamente. Sin embargo el pequeño retrato de la memoria colectiva de la Buenos Aires post-dictadura es lo valioso en el libro.

    17. I found this book to be a bit scattered and not up to the enjoyability of his previous books. Too many vignettes of life in Argentina that did not fit together seamless and seemed a bit like padding.

    18. Great introduction to modern Argentina and Buenos Aires. Lots of problems with plot and character. Yummy recipes.

    19. Actually, I read the British edition published 2003 by Serpent's Tail; translated by Nicholas Caistor. Vasquez Montalban was one of the influences on Andrea Camilleri, an Italian author I like.

    20. I found this book delightful, but at times confusing. Private detective Pepe Carvalho has a thoroughgoingly ironic worldview, and an activist's conscience.

    21. An interesting detective and a lot of fascinating information in one book. sometimes very funny but also tragic. The sheer number of characters was hard to keep up with!

    22. Pales in comparison to the books set in Spain. Still haven't read anything else set beyond the Iberian peninsula.

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