Doctor Who Series 2 Volume 2: When Worlds Collide

Doctor Who Series Volume When Worlds Collide Join the Doctor and his companions Amy and Rory as they travel to the far reaches of space a vacation planet built on a rift where multiple alternate adventures overlay each other and the distant pa

  • Title: Doctor Who Series 2 Volume 2: When Worlds Collide
  • Author: Tony Lee Mark Buckingham Matthew Dow Smith
  • ISBN: 9781613771044
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Join the Doctor and his companions, Amy and Rory, as they travel to the far reaches of space a vacation planet built on a rift where multiple alternate adventures overlay each other and the distant past where our heroes must face Vikings to save their friend and the future of Britain This book collects issues 5 8 of the ongoing series, written by Tony Lee with art bJoin the Doctor and his companions, Amy and Rory, as they travel to the far reaches of space a vacation planet built on a rift where multiple alternate adventures overlay each other and the distant past where our heroes must face Vikings to save their friend and the future of Britain This book collects issues 5 8 of the ongoing series, written by Tony Lee with art by Mark Buckingham Fables and Matthew Dow Smith, and cover by Tommy Lee Edwards Turf.

    • Doctor Who Series 2 Volume 2: When Worlds Collide By Tony Lee Mark Buckingham Matthew Dow Smith
      225 Tony Lee Mark Buckingham Matthew Dow Smith
    • thumbnail Title: Doctor Who Series 2 Volume 2: When Worlds Collide By Tony Lee Mark Buckingham Matthew Dow Smith
      Posted by:Tony Lee Mark Buckingham Matthew Dow Smith
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    1. Tony Lee Mark Buckingham Matthew Dow Smith

      A New York Times Best selling Graphic Novelist, Tony Lee was born in West London, UK in 1970 Informed by a teacher that he had a comic book style of writing, a comment meant as an insult , Tony decided that one day he would write for comics.Tony has written for a variety of mediums including Radio 4, The BBC, commerical television in both the UK and US, magazines and both local and national newspapers He has also written several award winning local radio campaigns In 1991 he wrote for a small press comics publisher, of which only one project, The Cost of Miracles in Comic Speculator News was ever printed, and remains his first printed commercial comic work Moving away from comics, he went back into trade journalism and media marketing creation His small press magazine Burnt Offerings was a minor seller on both sides of the Atlantic, and was the first esoteric magazine to interview mainstream creators like Terry Pratchett and Pat Mills.Since returning to comics in 2002, he has written for a variety of publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics Zuda, Games Workshop, Panini Comics, Titan Publishing, AAM Markosia Enterprises, Rebellion 2000ad and IDW Publishing amongst others, writing a variety of creator owned titles and licenses that include X Men, Spider Man, Doctor Who, Starship Troopers, Wallace Gromit and Shrek.He is the writer of the ongoing Doctor Who series of comics from IDW, beginning in July 2009, and his award nominated, creator owned miniseries Hope Falls was collected by AAM Markosia in May 2009 His next book with them, From The Pages Of Bram Stoker s Dracula Harker, was released in November 2009 to critical acclaim.Added to this, Tony adapted Pride Prejudice Zombies into a graphic novel for Del Rey Publishing, with art by Cliff Richards this was a New York Times 1 Bestselling Paperback Graphic Novel for May 2010 he is also adapting Anthony Horowitz s Power of Five series into graphic format for Walker Books, the first Raven s Gate is due out in late 2010, and he has adapted four Horowitz Horror books with Dan Boultwood for Hachette Children s Books His other book with Walker Books, Outlaw The Legend Of Robin Hood drawn by Sam Hart was released in 2009 and has already been awarded a Junior Library Guild Fall 2009 Selection, and best for 2010 awards from both the American Library Association and the New York Public Library in the USA, among others In March 2010 it was announced that it was also a finalist for the Children s Choice Book Awards The next in the Heroes Heroines series, Excalibur The Legend Of King Arthur by Tony Lee Sam Hart is scheduled for March 2011.Outside of comics he is writing several books for children.Tony is represented by Julian Friedmann of the Blake Friedmann Literary, TV and Film Agency Tony is also an accomplished Bard and performer, and has held the High Bard chair of the East Sussex Broomstick Rally on several occasions His lecture Creating Gods for fun and Profit and his series of lectures on Bards and Ritual Magic were received to critical acclaim, and he still lectures occasionally in London, the Midlands and Sussex As a Covent Garden Street Performer in the 90 s, he performed The Scarlet Blade Street Theatre show at the Edinburgh Festival and at locations across the UK, convincing members of the public to act out an insane pantomime for his amusement Added to this Tony is an accomplished storyteller and lecturer on writing, and has performed at libraries, events and schools around the world including the 2009 Edinburgh International Book Festival, a 2009 tour of India for the British Council, and in 2003 around the Wadi Rum bedouin campfire in Jordan.Tony currently lives in London with his fianc e, Tracyom tonylee

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    1. I would be the last one to deny that I am a Whovian, big time. My friends and I all got together to watch the premiere of the last series, and I often enjoy listening to audiobooks involving the characters. Needless to say, when I saw that the first part of a Doctor Who comic was available through Netgalley, I pounced on it. All things considered, I was quite impressed with the art. The likenesses were off several times, but as an artist myself, I more then understand how extremely difficult i [...]

    2. I liked this one quite a bit better than Doctor Who The Ripper Eleventh Doctor Comics 1. It felt much more like I was watching an episode. It was exciting and the characters felt more alive and like their actor counterparts. Plus it mostly took place in space, which I think I usually prefer over the episodes where they're on Earth, because it's more unexpected and atypical. It takes place on a vacation planet in which you can choose whatever reality you'd like, whatever time and place you've alw [...]

    3. The Sontaran-heavy story was nice, but without threat or tension (despite trying really hard for both). Ah well. And again my complaint that this was a story that happened to the the characters instead of it being about them. Rory yelling about his past in a wall of text to an otherwise-empty frame is a particularly uninspired waste of space that could've been better used to enhance the Sontaran threat, foreshadow the reveal, expand upon the emotional stakesFine light fluff, but nothing I expect [...]

    4. 3 1/2 StarsFirst things first, IDW needs to get it together! Often the artwork in these Doctor Who comics is absolutely appalling, it looks like a child trying to recreate Picasso.It is so distracting because I know what Rory and Amy and Matt Smith human beings look like.As far as the stories go, they were average. The first story, which was very short and very cheesy, had the Doctor and Rory challenging Vikings to soccer shootout for Amy's honor and the future of England. The second, and title [...]

    5. This one was fun. A single-issue story with art by Mark Buckingham, and a longer story with art by Matthew Dow Smith. Both stories are complete nonsense, but they're enjoyable nonsense.As to the art, I've always loved Mark Buckingham. I like him better with the right inker, like Steve Leialoha, but he's still great here, inking himself (I presume).And I'm really starting to like Matthew Dow Smith. His art is a little like Mike Mignola. (And I mean that in a good way; not a cheap imitation, just [...]

    6. This storyline was one of the best that I've read in the the Doctor Who universe so far. The issues of multiphasic worlds and multiverse characters is an awesome thought process. It is a total throwback to Jet Li's movie "The One" and that is a good thing. There should've been an actual episode devoted to this!

    7. Yet another mediocre Doctor Who comic (in this particular case, containing two separate stories) that isn't completely awful but at the same time fails to go anywhere interesting. Somehow the majority of these books seem most successful at capturing everything I dislike about new Who while omitting the magic.

    8. Not quite as good as volume one, but only just falling short!!! Tony Lee is perfect at the helm, mixing history and future amazingly. He also pays homage to a lot of Moffat doctor who era stories and mini episodes. Artwork is fantastic, and works well with the story. Hopefully volume 3 continues the same excellent tone these have set. GERONIMO!!!!

    9. I received an advance reader's copy of this book from netgalley.Do I consider myself a Doctor Who superfan? No. Do I like Doctor Who? Yes.This comic is beautifully illustrated, with a great story line.I would assume that any fan of Doctor Who would really like this book.

    10. Terrific volume! A couple great Dr Who stories. Loved the long story that's like Westworld all mixed up and the art on that one was superior. Much like Mike Mignola's art. Great storytelling. If you're a Dr Who fan, I strongly recommend this book. Love the new companion, Kevin the T-Rex!

    11. If you like the 11th Doctor, Any and Rory, you should enjoy this collection from the comic book run.The 'main story' reminds me of the film Westworld. But of course with more plot twists and Sci Fi action!

    12. Fun read.Both the short and long comic are good.I found myself truly laughing out loud win some parts.The conclusion of the long comic is a little lame but you just gotta go with it.Love these comics because 11, Amy, and Rory are still with us.:)

    13. Bought this and Les oubliés on my trip to France in 2013. My French isn't very good, but I managed to get through it and somewhat understand what was going on. Great art, and (as far as I could tell) a pretty good story!

    14. A good story, but terrible artwork mars it. It often feels lazy and unfinished, with long-distance shots of the characters not even having any facial features. I am looking forward to seeing how long the new 'companion', Kevin the polite dinosaur, sticks around.

    15. Love love love. These comics strike the perfect balance between representing the television show and creating a separate world appropriate for the storytelling mode that comics offer. Simply brilliant.

    16. I really liked the story, it being over the top like a 'proper' episode, having 12 versions of The Doctor, Rory and Amy fighting the Sontarans and, ehm, phone spam but it was dragged down by the artwork. Too cartoony for my taste unfortunately.

    17. (This review covers Series 2 Volume 2 and Volume 3.)Entertaining series of Eleventh Doctor adventures. The main writer is a bit shallow with his characterizations, and uses really similar plot twists in the main stories of both volumes, but he still has some interesting ideas.

    18. Having read Issue 5 through NetGalley, I want to read the rest of Volume 2. Although I might just buy the issues separately because it'll be easier to track them down through second-hand stores, plus I already own Issue 6.

    19. Team TARDIS ends up on another vacation planet where guests create a custom world to live in. Of course things end up in chaos, and the Doctor has to try to save the day. Very enjoyable, and the Doctor is perfectly in character.

    20. There was a brilliant review here earlier that GoodReads somehow devoured. It wentsomething Vikings something something Westworld something talking dino named Kevin! something something somethingLibrary copy

    21. Received issue 5 from NetGalley. Love the artwork. I've seen some of the comics at conventions and stuff, but never really read them. I want to read the other issues now. These were beautifully drawn.

    22. The initial issue is pretty much a one-joke pony: Vikings playing football [6/10]. The three-part that follows however has a lot of nice elements: evocative settings, fun action, and some good surprises at the end [7/10].

    23. This is a good read for a bus commute, for people who have a hard time reading on a bus. It was so good, someone had to tell me that I arrived at my stop.

    24. A unique main story and a fun shorter one. The idea of duplicates is a lot of fun, and a hard one to put on tv certainly, so I'm glad it's here in comic form

    25. I loved it of course simply because it was Doctor Who. However, I did not find it as awesome as the other one, The Ripper. I do want to know how they manage to get a dinosaur inside the Tardis. :)

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