What the Day Owes the Night

What the Day Owes the Night If a woman loves you Younes if she truly loves you and if you have the wisdom to appreciate this great privilege then there is no god to touch you As a young man Younes life is irrevocably changed

  • Title: What the Day Owes the Night
  • Author: Yasmina Khadra
  • ISBN: 9780434019939
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • If a woman loves you, Younes, if she truly loves you, and if you have the wisdom to appreciate this great privilege, then there is no god to touch you As a young man Younes life is irrevocably changed when he leaves his broken home for the vibrant, colourful and affluent European district of R o Salado Renamed Jonas, he begins a new life and forges a unique friendship If a woman loves you, Younes, if she truly loves you, and if you have the wisdom to appreciate this great privilege, then there is no god to touch you As a young man Younes life is irrevocably changed when he leaves his broken home for the vibrant, colourful and affluent European district of R o Salado Renamed Jonas, he begins a new life and forges a unique friendship with a group of boys, an enduring bond that nothing not even the Algerian Revolt will shake.Yet with the return to R o Salado of Emilie a beautiful, beguiling young girl who captures the hearts of all who see her an epic love story is set in motion that will challenge the complicity of these four boys and force Jonas to confront the burden of having to choose between two worlds Algerian or European loyalty or selfishness past or present surrendering to fate or grasping control of his own destiny.In What The Day Owes The Night, Yasmina Khadra has written a majestic novel of colonial Algeria, a turbulent, passionate, heart rending country Set against the war of independence and a harsh yet mystic landscape, Khadra s dazzling prose and consummate compassion illuminate the terrible rift between lovers, family and friends who love the same country.

    • What the Day Owes the Night BY Yasmina Khadra
      233 Yasmina Khadra
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    1. Yasmina Khadra

      Yasmina Khadra Arabic , literally green jasmine is the pen name of the Algerian author Mohammed Moulessehoul.Moulessehoul, an officer in the Algerian army, adopted a woman s pseudonym to avoid military censorship Despite the publication of many successful novels in Algeria, Moulessehoul only revealed his true identity in 2001 after leaving the army and going into exile and seclusion in France Anonymity was the only way for him to survive and avoid censorship during the Algerian Civil War In 2004, Newsweek acclaimed him as one of the rare writers capable of giving a meaning to the violence in Algeria today His novel The Swallows of Kabul, set in Afghanistan under the Taliban, was shortlisted for the 2006 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award L Attentat won the Prix des libraires in 2006, a prize chosen by about five thousand bookstores in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada.Khadra pledges for becoming acquainted with the view of the others In an interview with the German radio SWR1 in 2006, he said The West interprets the world as he likes it He develops certain theories that fit into its world outlook, but do not always represent the reality Being a Muslim, I suggest a new perspective on Afghanistan, on the religious fanaticism and the, how I call it religiopathy My novel, the The Swallows of Kabul, gives the readers in the West a chance to understand the core of a problem that he usually only touches on the surface Because the fanaticism is a threat for all, I contribute to the understanding of the causes and backgrounds Perhaps then it will be possible to find a way to bring it under control.

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    1. On the surface, this is an agonizingly thin story of love and renunciation. The events of the brutal war of liberation and the looming tragedy of the Algerian civil war color the novel, but are not the secret of its compelling inner life. This is a novel of lost love told without nostalgia. It is permeated by the spirit of forgiveness.Younes/Jonas is a boy without a home, and later a young man without a clear place in the world around him. He stands with a foot in each camp that divides colonial [...]

    2. Un Coup de Cœur! Vibrant, lumineux, époustouflantQuel talent! Quelle éloquence! On dirait qu'il était inspiré par toutes les forces de l'univers en écrivant chaque phrase, chaque passage Une écriture merveilleusement musicale, un style très particulierYasmina Khadra sait très bien aller tout droit à son but. Au cœur du lecteur! Un roman profondément humain, généreux. Il parle des racines, de la dignité, du courage, de la sagesse, de l'ouverture et de la tolérance, de la vie et de [...]

    3. Não tinha referências deste autor nem dos seus livros. Foram as opiniões de alguns "colegas" de leituras - que já aprendi a levar em conta - que me convenceram a apostar no livro. Aposta ganha!E agora chegada ao fim, entendi a dificuldade em falar do livro Uma vida contada da infância até à velhice, não é nada de novo, já se leu em 1001 livros. Então onde está a diferença?Na escrita? Absolutamente! Sentimental e melódica arrebata-nos para dentro da história e esmaga-nos pela forç [...]

    4. What the Day Owes the Night is a strong criticism of the French colonisation of Algeria. Seen through the eyes of a young boy called Younes, we travel through time with him to see how Algeria copes with colonisation before demanding for independence, which is long in coming. Younes himself was born to a farmer and lived in the countryside as a child. When his father lost his farms, they had to move to Oran, where they lived in a filthy slum. His father tries to make ends meet, but when things do [...]

    5. .u à cerca de uma hora a tentar escrever uma opinião sobre este livroSinto-me incapaz de colocar em palavras as sensações, emoções, ensinamentos que este belíssimo livro me ofereceu.Deixo apenas uma frase das tantas que me maravilharam:“Se queres fazer da tua vida um elo de eternidade e manteres-te lúcido até no meio do delírio, ama Ama com todas as tuas forças, ama como se não soubesses fazer mais nada, ama até causares inveja a príncipes e deuses porque é no amor que qualquer [...]

    6. ”Dacă vrei să faci din viaţa ta o verigă a eternităţii şi să rămâi lucid până în toiul delirului, iubeşte… Iubeşte cu toate puterile tale, iubeşte ca şi cum n-ai şti nimic altceva să faci, iubeşte într-atât încât să-i faci geloşi pe prinţese şi zei… pentru că în dragoste toată urâţenia îşi descoperă frumuseţea.”

    7. Fotograma do filme “O Que o Dia Deve à Noite”, com realização de Alexandre Arcady e com Nora Arnezeder (Émilie) e Fu'ad Aït Aattou (Younes/Jonas) “O Que o Dia Deve à Noite” do argelino Yasmina Khadra (pseudónimo de Mohamed Moulessehoul) (n. 1955) é um daqueles livros que transcendem e alteram a percepção do leitor sobre a qualidade magistral de uma “história” escrita como uma prosa poética e sentimental, mas que reflecte sem subterfúgios os sentimentos humanos decorrente [...]

    8. "Celui qui passe à côté de la plus belle histoire de sa vie n'aura que l'âge de ses regrets et tous les soupirs du monde ne sauraient bercer son âme.""Un jour, sans doute, on pourrait rattraper une comète, mais qui vient à laisser filer la vraie chance de sa vie, toutes les gloires de la terre ne sauraient l'en consoler.""La vie est un train qui ne s'arrête à aucune gare. Ou on le prend en marche ou on le regarde passer sur le quai, et il n'est pire tragédie qu'une gare fantôme.""Si u [...]

    9. Although we learn a lot about the history of Algier in this book, I found the main story of Younes/Jonas unsatisfying. He holds back, torments himself, doesn't find the courage to say yes to the love of his life, until it's too late, way way too late. I found his constant regurgitation of his sorrows to be quite depressing. The event in his life that supposedly kept him prisoner, feels rather insufficient to cause him such incapacity to live. I'm biased, I admit, I like people who despite circum [...]

    10. Too many things left unsaid, too much cowardice, too many silences in this book. Younes could have had a beautiful life without so much to miss and to regret, if only he decided to really want something bad enough. To act, to react, to say what was in his mind. His family's story tore me apart, his friend relationships saddened me, his loneliness was too much to bear to me.This book is the essential proof that you can be the unhappiest when you don't open your mouth and speak your feelings.

    11. Thinking about it, what I am going to write is not a review. It is just what I felt reading the book.It is 4:52. I couldn’t stop reading till the last page.I have never been found of history classes. I always hated dates. I understood history involvement in future, but never got over the idea of talking about famous people who were clearly a “nobody” to me. Let’s just say people I only knew their names, their faces, what they did in history, but I never felt related to any. I have always [...]

    12. am reading this in English- What the Day Owes the Night. this version is v recently published, and there does not seem to be an English entry in . Just started yesterday and it seems promising already. Having read other books by this writer, i have been activelt seeking out his new works. This book is not similar to others Ive read. It is the story of one man In Algeria, his life in the farms, of poverty, migration to the city, liivng in the slums, then his new life with his uncle. With his uncl [...]

    13. Mon tout premier contact avec Yasmina Khadra. Ce n'est habituellement pas dans cet ordre que je procède mais cette fois-ci, j'ai vu l'adaptation cinématographique de Ce que le jour doit à la nuit par Alexandre Arcady avant de lire le roman. Ici, on suit toute la vie de Younès, fils de paysan dans l'arrière-pays oranais, et on voyage au cours de plusieurs décennies algériennes : des années 1930 lors de l’apogée de l’Algérie française à sa chute dans les années 1960. C'est l'occas [...]

    14. I loved this book. Such a great read. You can feel the emotions of the subject throughout. I could not put it down until the last paragraph.

    15. What the Day Owes the NightThis novel starts on the right track. The first part is so promising and strongly captures the readers’ attention. You feel strongly attached to “Younes” as you drift through his world. The slums, the poor, and the hard working proud father who is trying so hard to provide for his family, and when he fails, he looses his dignity, and runs away from humiliation. We get to know the Algeria we never new, Algeria before, during and after the revolution that lead to i [...]

    16. 4,5 rounded up to 5 because I so needed to read a book like this. A story with big s. This was an exceptionally touching one and full of heart. A traditional novel set in colonial Alger, love story and coming-of-age about choices we made in life: love or promise? love or friendship? inherited or gained? Yasmina Khadra (pseudonym for Mohammed Moulessehoul) is a writer of great talent and soft touch. In short, storytelling at its best.

    17. Next!Moving on from the wintry and chilling images of supernatural Muscovites, I picked up this novel of the Algerian revolution. The story starts with a boy called Younes, an Algerian boy, witnessing his family losing his family's lands. After a steep decline from that point onwards, his father ends up asking his uncle who has been educated in the West and married to a French woman, to look after Younes and raise him as his own. Younes then becomes Jonas, as he moves from a life of a poor Arab [...]

    18. Entre brumas, recuerdos, dolores y silencios, una severa historia de amor melancólica y sentida, dando la importancia que corresponde a amistades que perviven más allá de los años y de los enfrentamientos en una Argelia colonial que nos deja un magnífico sabor en los labios.Muchas gracias a Mohammed Moulessehoul. De verdad.

    19. Les mots m'échappent à chaque fois que j'essaye de décrire ce live. Cependant, j'ai pu trouver trois mots qui peuvent le décrire: IL EST FASCINANT!

    20. Aqui está um livro que eu nunca teria lido se não fossem as excelentes opiniões que fui lendo pelos blogues e . Quando o vi à venda na Feira do Livro por 5€, nem hesitei. Yasmina Khadra era um nome que desconhecia por completo - aliás, até pensei que fosse uma mulher, porque (descobri depois) o nome é um pseudónimo que o autor algeriano utilizou para não sofrer censura por parte do exército do seu país, onde permaneceu até 2001, altura em que a guerra civil no país ainda durava. E [...]

    21. Romanul prezintă povestea lui Younes, un algerian care încearcă să își găsească un rost în viață și o identitate, căci pendulează permanent între două lumi diferite. Începutul e promițător și chiar emoționant, căci prezintă copilăria grea a lui Younes, sacrificiile făcute de tatăl său și mentalitatea familiei lui. Odată adoptat de unchiul său, viața lui se schimbă. Romanul a devenit mediocru de la jumătate încolo. Băiatul își face o gașcă de prieteni, îns [...]

    22. O que o dia deve à noiteé um romance que se desenvolve em torno de dois pólos: o amor (nas suas várias formas) e a guerra. Tendo como pano de fundo a Argélia Colonial e a guerra pela independência, conta-nos uma história que se desenrola ao longo de mais de vinte e cinco anos (de 1936 a 1962, com uma espécie de epílogo em 2008). Uma história de amores e afectos que se constroem e cimentam, até se desmoronarem ao sabor das clivagens de uma sociedade que entra em convulsão e desemboca [...]

    23. What the Day Owes the Night is a tale of a journey through life that begins in a shack in a deserted plain in Algeria and ends at an airport in France.I was immediately drawn in by Khadra's photography of words, and my eyes pricked with tears as the story unfolded. I found the first part of the book to be the strongest. It was intimate and crushing, and kept me turning pages in anticipation of what would happen next. The second part of the book, however, was frivolous and in some ways lacked dep [...]

    24. "Celui qui passe à côté de la plus belle histoire de sa vie n'aura que l'âge de ses regrets et tous les soupirs du monde ne sauraient bercer son âme.""La vie est un train qui ne s'arrête à aucune gare. Ou on le prend en marche ou on le regarde passer sur le quai, et il n'est pire tragédie qu'une gare fantôme." __________Il m'est très difficile de parler de ce livre.Ce que le jour doit à la nuit c'est le roman sur l'amour d'un pays, amours tumultueuses, violentes, meurtrières, charnel [...]

    25. Abençoada noite de insónia, acompanhada pela leitura deste memorável livro de Amor.Como colocar em palavras tudo o que este livro me ofereceu?O Amor em toda a sua plenitude é o fio condutor da vida, a lógica e a explicação para tudo.Um texto admirável, triste, comovente e muito belo que nos fala do amor eterno, da amizade…Um livro quase sensorial, que através da sua mágica prosa nos permite ver, ouvir, cheirar, tocar e até provar tantas emoções.Mais um livro perfeito.

    26. "comendo vivamente esta leitura, é um livro que nos faz sentir e que nos ensina, acerca da história e da vida. A escrita é simplesmente maravilhosa. Preciso de ler os outros livros do autor!!" (opinião completa: encantodashistorias.p)

    27. Một cuốn sách tuyệt vời về tình yêu, tình bạn, sự tha thứ và chuộc lỗi được đặt trong bối cảnh chiến tranh khốc liệt ở một đất nước dường như không ai quan tâm đến ở châu Phi, Yasmina Khadra đã cất lên tiếng nói thay cho thân phận của đất nước, dân tộc mình.

    28. Cette fois encore, j’ai été charmée par l’écriture de cet auteur et par sa façon particulière de décrire les villes, en les personnifiant :Oran ne manquait de rien, ni de charmes ni d’audace. Elle s’éclatait comme autant de feux d’artifice, faisant d’une boutade une clameur et d’une bonne cuite une liesse. Généreuse et spontanée, il n’était pas question, pour elle, de se découvrir une joie sans songer à la partager. Oran avait horreur de ce qui ne l’amusait pas. [ [...]

    29. Wow! I had this book recommended to me by Nikos79 and this was a powerfully great read. Yasmina Khadra, author of the hit "The Swallows of Kabul" has a remarkable way with words (translated from French). Khadra, whose name is Mohammed Moulessehoul, is an Algerian soldier who now lives in France. He knows his land, his people and the Algerian history. Add in the romance and you have the making of a great story.Set in Oran and nearby Rio Salado during the 1930's to the 1960's, I felt the ghost o [...]

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