The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets

The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets Lourd Ernest Hanopol de Veyra is many things at once front man of the band Radioactive Sago Project TV personality poet award winning writer blogger and now author His two year old blog This is

  • Title: The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets
  • Author: Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra Joanna C. Manalastas Warren E. Espejo
  • ISBN: 9772011121005
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lourd Ernest Hanopol de Veyra is many things at once front man of the band Radioactive Sago Project, TV personality, poet, award winning writer, blogger, and now, author His two year old blog This is a Crazy Planets has gained a large following on SPOT, and his best works are now compiled in a book of the same title With Lourd s various entries on everyday life s absLourd Ernest Hanopol de Veyra is many things at once front man of the band Radioactive Sago Project, TV personality, poet, award winning writer, blogger, and now, author His two year old blog This is a Crazy Planets has gained a large following on SPOT, and his best works are now compiled in a book of the same title With Lourd s various entries on everyday life s absurdities, This is a Crazy Planets mirrors Filipino pop culture in a way that is both humorous and endearing Lourd is able to say what we re dying to say, but can t or can t articulate well enough, says Sison.

    • The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets By Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra Joanna C. Manalastas Warren E. Espejo
      253 Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra Joanna C. Manalastas Warren E. Espejo
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    About "Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra Joanna C. Manalastas Warren E. Espejo"

    1. Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra Joanna C. Manalastas Warren E. Espejo

      Lourd Ernest Hanopol de Veyra is a multi awarded Filipino musician, poet, journalist, broadcast personality, and activist who first became famous for being the vocalist of Manila based jazz rock band Radioactive Sago Project.De Veyra graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Santo Tomas.As literary influences, de Veyra cites Beat movement writers such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac He explains, speaking as a fellow at the 45th UP National Writers Workshop What I look for in poetry is an uneasy kind of energy An energy that is already beyond the configuration of words and then assumes a density that is akin to music At the heart of it all is jazz Jazz, the manipulation of breath the unleashing of breath, the holding of breath, the destruction of breath The most basic unit of jazz is the swing and the breath My primary influence is the Beat movement and I think my initial fascination for them was rather hinged on the wrong reasons the radical visual arrangement of lines on the page, the profanity and the absurdity that struck my mind as a welcome relief from the stultifying archaisms of 17th century English poetry force fed on us by high school teachers Here was, at long last, literature that spoke to me It was in sympathy with the energy of free jazz and punk rock records that I was listening to at that time Through the lyrics of punk rock and hardcore records, I had an inkling of how words can be powerful than a guitar amplifier cranked up all the way to ten My exposure to the poetry of Ginsberg and Kerouac opened me up to the world of possibilities And I am obsessed with the idea of possibility Possibility is what art is all about It is the constant wrestling with forms, styles, and structures It is the idea that something better is always out there It is about discontent It is about discontent with the safe, the middling, the accepted, and the acceptable He has thrice been a recipient of a Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature A Third prize in essay English division in 1999, a second prize in the same category in 2003 and a first prize in teleplay Filipino division in 2004.When the hardcore punk band Dead Ends ended their 4 year hiatus, he became the band s lead guitarist in 1994, thus making Dead Ends a four piece band Then, they recorded their comeback and final album, the influential Mamatay sa Ingay 1994 , it was a different sound than their past materials, it was of a crossover thrash approach When Dead Ends disbanded in 1996 because of Jay Dimalanta s passing He also became a member of Al Dimalanta s new band Throw, with his brother Francis playing the bass.

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    1. Original post at One More PageI've only heard about Lourd De Veyra through friends, because most of my friends are big fans of him. I've seen him every now and then on his TV5 segment, Word of the Lourd, and I have read some of his articles in his Spot blog. But I was never really one who followed his stuff regularly. I wasn't really 100% excited to attend his book launch when I was invited, except that I can't really say no to a free, local book. Unfortunately, the launch happened on the night [...]

    2. “But people who cannot distinguish between “it’s” and “its” have no right to look down on jejemons. Also, the high and mighty who think that reading the Twilight trilogy lends them a sense of intellectual superiority.”Going local! It’s been a really long time since I last read a work of a Filipino author,and it’s my Bob Ong days back then as far as I can remember. Anyway, after reading this, I was able to bring back the Filipino self in me. Well because this country is not hard [...]

    3. (A bit) shallow note: For a book that's priced P195, the quality is great! Lourd De Veyra's writing is "make-you-laugh-out-loud-obnoxiously-in-public" funny, sarcastic at times but also a very spot-on insight about the Philippine society and culture. His writing is also very quotable. Some of my favorites are:"Lalaking labas na ang boxers sa sobrang baba ng pantalon. Alam namin na mahal ang Calvin Klein. Perohindi mo naman kasing-katawan si Mark Wahlberg." "That sex video scandals have the power [...]

    4. I kowtow to the Lourd.I was not really an avid fan of Mr. de Veyra - until I finished reading this book. I’ve read some of his works online and from what I can conjure they are either concurred or abhorred. No ‘sakto lang’, no ‘pwede na.’ It’s either you hate his commentaries or love it.The book is basically a compilation of his blog entries in SPOT - a site which I’ve only read/heard of now. It’s equally thought-provoking as it is diabolically funny and intriguing. Lourd transgr [...]

    5. Book #14 for 2012: My copy is signed by the author. I have met my Personal Philosopher (yes, capital P). Felt so humbled and blessed in the presence of the Lourd (and not in a blasphemous way). That moment with him last December was priceless (sorry, fan-girl in the house. Was able to hog his attention for almost 5 minutes, yey self-high five!). Lourd is just so smart and witty, full stop.

    6. I love how this book makes me laugh out loud. It's not only hilarious, though; it's also a sharp and insightful look at Philippine culture and society.I keep rereading it; it's so good. One of my favorite books.

    7. The Word of the Lourd on this “Crazy Planets” (published in Baguio Chronicle)“The public toilet—along with sidewalks, other public spaces and soap operas—is a metaphor for the state of society… Show me a filthy public restroom and I’ll show you a society where discipline and order have broken down.”So goes one of many of Lourd de Veyra’s satirical statements in the collection of essays “The Best of This is a Crazy Planets” from his Spot blog. In the 30 essays compiled in hi [...]

    8. The Lourd has spoken.Well, Lourd de Veyra that is. And he wants you to listen. For he will tell take you to a raucous ride filled with tongue in cheek humor about some of the awesome and, at times, awful Filipino idiosyncrasies there are today. And he’s by no means holding back; in fact The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets holds thirty different expositions from his Spot blog that will make you burst into tears of laughter. Don’t be fooled by this man’s witty banters though, because he back [...]

    9. “Mornings with Pareng Lourd” is what I mentally call my work-bound shuttle rides that I spent reading The Best of This is a Crazy Planets. It’s like tuning in on a dangerously strident portion of a talk show about Philippine pop culture, except that there is no actual boob tube and it involves me trying to stifle my chuckles as I turn the pages of the book. Caffeine’s no match—it’s my best pick-me-up at that time.Sugarcoating or subtlety isn’t simple Lourd’s game. He pours his br [...]

    10. An out of the book compilation of essays The title is not lying: the BEST of This Is A Crazy Planets.The topics compiled in this book covers a vast of topics. From Politics, Traffic, Films, jejemons, Religion, Fashion to Porn, And the MOST IMPORTANT of all:Ang Tunay na Lalake Walang ABS!!!A perfect mix of everything. Humor, sarcasm and most important of all the truth not sugar coated.I'll recommend it for a fresh perspectives on different issues with our everyday life.Read it nownahI end with qu [...]

    11. This is a crazy planets! ika nga ni Pepsi Paloma sa kaniyang "alleged" suicide note. Siguro nga nagkamali siya sa pagsasaling wika ng mga katagang "Baliw na Mundo". Masisisi mo ba siya? Marahil hindi.Yan ang naintindihan ko sa pagpapaliwanag ni Master Lourd kung bakit This Is A Crazy Planets ang titulo ng kaniyang napakasikat na Spot blog. Makikita mo talaga sakaniya at sakaniyang pagsasalaysay kung bakit nga ba crazy ang planets na ito. Makikita mo sakaniyang mga sinulat ang kaniyang mga panana [...]

    12. Lahat ng mga gusto kong sabihin tungkol sa kultura nating mga Pilipino, nasabi na ni Lourd.Ang daya ko ba? Binasa ko muna ang Book 2 ng This Is A Crazy Planets bago ang Book 1? Siguro.Medyo hindi lang ako naka-relate sa ilang bahagi ng librong ito. Tulad ng mga Pinoy movies dati, Rico J. Puno, at Paquito Diaz. Malamang hindi talaga ako makakarelate, iba ang henerasyon ni Lourd sa henerasyon ko.Ilista ko na lang ang mga kabanatang nagustuhan ko:1. 10 Stupid Expressions That Must Die Soon2. Attack [...]

    13. Truly the best of his works! he's brutally honest yet hilarious at the same time.I like his choice of words and the wisdom he left his readers to ponder upon.The book encompasses various points in everyday filipino life from politics,hierarchy,words that should die,the origin of his name,certain celebrities he either like or dislike,transportation even urinals! Whoa! this guy is unstoppable! for sure you'll know you're hella pinoy either by heart,ethnicity or by nationality when you read/can rel [...]

    14. Right from the get-go, readers would have that unsettling feeling that the compilation of De Veyra's blog posts (both in Filipino and English) would sooner or later offend a sensitive soul. His penetrating words and unabashed expletives lace his criticisms on the contemporary society that idolizes people and trends we shouldn't be giving a damn about. De Veyra's insights (ranging from his open dislike of Kris Aquino to his affinity with Rico J. Puno and his outrage with stupid bus drivers from h [...]

    15. Lourd de Veyra is really fantastic, hands down! A big mind opener for a book and each essay never failed to make me laugh and agree with him more. I will forever cherish the facts that "The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets" shared. Maybe I can read it 10 times or more and his essays and it's impact will never change. I have immense respect for Lourd de Veyra now. All the issues, the absurdities, the unjust way of life here in the Philippines were delivered clearly with humor. I can say no more - [...]

    16. And I say to Lourd, AMEN.Lourd's essays on (pop)socio-cultural issues give a witty and more contemporary view to the same questions people have been asking since nineteen-kopong-kopong. I'm in my late teens and most of his old-school references go over my head, but I appreciated everything inside.A few of my favorite essays are "Ang Tunay Na Lalake, Walang Abs", "Noynoy to Kris: Shut Up Little Sister", and "Pornucopia".If you've got P195 to spare and would like a good read that makes you think, [...]

    17. Naunahan pa 'ko mag-rate nung pinahiram ko nito (Ryan Arioja) I hate you! hahahaah joke lang =)))OMG Lourd de Veyra fan girl here. Sorry biased ata 'tong gagawin kong book review na 'to kase gagawin ko 'to with gooey eyes and all. chos.Very informative. Very current event-ish. Actually I've read this at yung book 2 with Lourd de Veyra voice playing on my head lololz.Nage-enjoy ako sa walang pasintabi niyang pagmumura haha. Sorry ang sama at babaw ko. Pero tuwing magmu-mura siya eh bagay na bagay [...]

    18. Mapapa-"Tongue in a, Lourd, pakasal na tayo." ka talaga.Thumbs up for Mr. de Veyra. A compilation of masterpieces indeed. Sana marami pang Filipino writers na kagaya niya. Honest. Direct to the point. Hindi gaanong makwento pero malaman yung mga sinasabi. And super hilarious. You brought giving commentaries into a new level. Yung tipong makakarelate yung tao. At sa dami ng "aha-experiences" while reading this book, napapaisip ako na sana kung ganito mag-isip yung mga namumuno sa bansa, kung gani [...]

    19. okay uhm you will start to have a love-hate feelings on this book since this is opinionated and of course, we couldn't avoid to agree or disagree depending on the topic given. there are some views that i didn't like and totally disagree with it but who am i to blame, it's his opinion. but for the whole book, it's great because of lourd's use of sarcasm and when he points out his """point""", they are excellent.

    20. Nakakatawa. (Nakakatuwa?) Natawa ako sa lahat ng articles. Lalo na yung tungkol sa social networking site na twitter. (Oopps, spoiler.)Nakita ko lang 'tong pakalat-kalat sa sala. Hindi ako aware na nagbabasa pala ng mga librong nakakatuwa si papa. Gusto ko pa sanang basahin lahat kaso umabot lang ako sa artikulo tungkol sa twitter at yun nalang talaga ang naalala ko. Hindi ko na mahiram yung libro. (Paker)Kung bibigyan pa sana ako ng pagkakataon, gusto kong basahin ulit ito.

    21. Hindi ko matapos kasi napagod na ako. Ang daming isyu/chika ng taong 'to. Pati ba naman si Baby James problema pa niya? Dapat magtake siya ng How to be Witty 101 a.k.a pag-aaral kung ano ang kaibahan ng witty sa offensive. Mas nakakapagod basahin 'tong libro niya kesa sa pagmasdan ang billboard niya sa EDSA na naka-salawal lang at may fake na abs.

    22. A collection of some of his best essays on Spot, The Best of This Is A Crazy Planets is one humorous, albeit tongue-in-cheek commentary on the nuances of the Philippine pop culture landscape. At times biting and all the time witty, this book gives more than a peek into the happenings of street culture, or at least how De Veyra sees it.A must read.

    23. I don't know about his site before this but after reading this book I went straight to his site and read some more! The articles are really very funny (humorous at times) and very satire. He addresses social issues by mixing seriousness with humor. Great book!

    24. This book is super good! choc-ful of insights about the Filipino society and Lourd writes in such a way that'll make you think and make you realize things about the country and about yourself. Love this awesome, awesome book!

    25. Covers Lourd de Veyra's insights from our crazy Philippine political circus, Pinoy pop culture, up to bus and taxi drivers from hell to dirty public restrooms Will make you see everything Pinoy the other way around with proper logical reasoning. Must read.

    26. It was well written, straightforward and hilariously that will surely get your attention on Philippine pop-culture. The author himself is a maestro in these kind of writing, words aren't enough for me to describe how wonderful this book was. :)

    27. Lourd de Veyra writes exactly my sentiments about our country in a precise, unabashedly on point way that is not grating on the nerveshis mixture of humor, sarcasm and irony is a delight to readd will have me thinking "oh that's a good way to put it.!!"

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