The Girl Who Cried Monster

The Girl Who Cried Monster She s Telling the Truth But No One Believes Her Lucy likes to tell monster stories She s told so many that her friends and her family are sick of it Then one day Lucy discovers a real live monster t

  • Title: The Girl Who Cried Monster
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780590466189
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s Telling the Truth But No One Believes Her Lucy likes to tell monster stories She s told so many that her friends and her family are sick of it.Then one day, Lucy discovers a real, live monster the librarian in charge of the summer reading program.Too bad Lucy s told so many monster tall tales.Too bad no one believes a word she says.Too bad the monster knows whoShe s Telling the Truth But No One Believes Her Lucy likes to tell monster stories She s told so many that her friends and her family are sick of it.Then one day, Lucy discovers a real, live monster the librarian in charge of the summer reading program.Too bad Lucy s told so many monster tall tales.Too bad no one believes a word she says.Too bad the monster knows who she isd is coming after her next.Reader beware you re in for a scare

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      Robert Lawrence Stine known as R L Stine and Jovial Bob Stine, is an American novelist and writer, well known for targeting younger audiences Stine, who is often called the Stephen King of children s literature, is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas, including the books in the Goosebumps, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and Fear Street series.R L Stine began his writing career when he was nine years old, and today he has achieved the position of the bestselling children s author in history In the early 1990s, Stine was catapulted to fame when he wrote the unprecedented, bestselling Goosebumps series, which sold than 250 million copies and became a worldwide multimedia phenomenon His other major series, Fear Street, has over 80 million copies sold.Stine has received numerous awards of recognition, including several Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and Disney Adventures Kids Choice Awards, and he has been selected by kids as one of their favorite authors in the NEA s Read Across America program He lives in New York, NYcmillan itsthefirstda

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    1. Lucy Dark loves monster stories. Her favorite pastime is scaring her little brother, Randy, with crazy monster tales she's concocted. But Randy's not the only one! She tells her crazy monster tall tales to her best friend Aaron, and her parents, too! Randy's the only one who ever even half believes her - after all, he's only 6!Lucy goes to the library for her Reading Rangers program. Mr. Mortman is the kindly librarian.The thing all of us kids hated the most about him was that his hands always s [...]

    2. "She's telling the truth but no one believes her!" This is the best one so far. The suspense wasn't too shabby and the creepy, grossly aspects were quite well, creepy and gross, haha. I wasn't expecting that ending at all, which was a great surprise. I don't recommend reading this prior to, during, or right after eating. I made that mistake and almost vomited into Sir BF's face. Poor guy!3 flies outta 5!

    3. I will try to review this book as best as I can. ADD started to kick in big time while reading this book, so I don't remember much.Some inconsistencies in the story. The book says the girl has black hair, but on the cover her hair is blonde. The book also says the librarian wears a ring on his finger, but the librarian on the cover doesn't have a ring.Just thought I'd point that out. makes no difference to the story but still.I found myself skipping parts of the book. For some reason it just did [...]

    4. Every single time I re-read a goosebumps book I adored as a kid I am killed with an odd mixture of nostalgia and disappointment.

    5. Reading through this series, I get the feeling M. Night Shyamalan was deeply inspired by Goosebumps. This book (and the next one especially) exemplify his classic twist ending hullabaloo. Girl Who Cried Monster is about a girl named Lucy, who talks a lot about monsters (imagine that). She just loves scaring her younger brother Randy with stories about toe-biting monsters and the like. She talks about it so much that her family and friends are frankly tired of her shit, but she still insists on m [...]

    6. Μία ακόμα ιστορία του Stine που αυτή τη φορά βασίζεται στο κλασσικό πλέον παραμύθι του Πέτρου με τον λύκο. Σαφέστατα με διδακτική διάθεση, στοχεύει στο να τονίσει πως αν θέλουμε οι άλλοι να μας πιστεύουν, πρέπει να είμαστε ειλικρινείς μαζί τους και όχι να παίζουμε με την εμπισ [...]

    7. Gracias R. L. Stine. Este es el segundo libro de la colección de Pesadillas que he leído y me ha encantado. Lucy es una chica que le fascina inventar historias de monstruos hasta que un día se topa con uno de verdad y cuando quiere que la gente le crea que sí existen los monstruos, nadie le hará caso. Sin embargo, su mejor amigo terminará viendo lo mismo que ella y será el quien la ayude a convencer a los demás de que esta vez sí es cierto que existen monstruos. Me gustó mucho la idea [...]

    8. What an interesting installment. I remembered most of the details from watching the tv episode when I was younger but the ending got me. It is always nice to have a good spin in the story to liven things up a bit. A curious girl intrigued by monsters, someone calling wolf too many times and so much more. R. L. Stine sure knows how to tell a whopper of a tale. I thought it was very unsuspecting to have a librarian play the part of someone in the dark, especially when one would commonly think of a [...]

    9. Review on my blog: kandangbaca/2014/Dari judulnya, buku ini adalah semacam retelling dari dongeng klasik terkenal yang berjudul The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Goosebumps volume 8 ini berkisah tentang Lucy Dark, anak perempuan yang sangat menggemari cerita-cerita monster. Imajinasinya yang luar biasa membuatnya mampu mampu mengarang cerita-cerita meyakinkan tentang monster. Ia menikmati menakut-nakuti adik laki-lakinya dengan cerita-cerita monster. Mom dan Dad telah berkali-kali memperingatkannya, namun [...]

    10. My 8-yr old son and I have recently taken to reading the Goosebumps series together. This is the second book we've read, after Chicken, Chicken. I did not read the series when I was a kid, despite its popularity, but I am happy that my child has an appreciation for this kid-friendly, horror/suspense series. The novel follows the basic premise of the old tale, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Lucy has a fascination with monster stories and she employs them to her benefit to scare her younger brother. Ho [...]

    11. My very first Goosebumps book! They started coming out when I was a junior in high school, so while I knew what they were, I never really cared about them, until I became a media specialist. I know this series gets bashed a lot, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I'm of the opinion that it was a big to do over nothing. It wasn't the most brilliant piece of literature on earth, but the cliff hangers made you want to continue reading. I can see how that appeals to a 8 - 13 year old. S [...]

    12. So, this was actually a surprisingly good and creepy Goosebumps book that would have been three stars from me were it not for the er unforgivably idiotic ending. Now, it's time to address something here.R.L. Stine often has unforgivably idiotic endings. He's something of a master of the ridiculous and downright stupid endings, and eventually it became less of an annoyance and something I found hilarious as a kid. It still makes me smirk as an adult, but this one hoo boy.The idea of a kid that ma [...]

    13. I checked out Night of the Living Dummy from my elementary school's library and liked it, but then saw the preview for this at the back of it. The concept thrilled little me. So my mom got me a copy and voila. The Girl Who Cried Monster is one of my favorite Goosebumps books (alongside Stay Out of the Basement), and the idea of Mr. Mortman being one thing in public and another in private appealed to me. I liked the idea of a creature in human form who'd be his true self behind closed doors. I gu [...]

    14. Because it's one of the earlier Goosebumps books, this one doesn't fall into the traps or pitfalls that the later volumes in the series does - it's almost shockingly funny at times, with inept parents that are kind of hilarious instead of just, like, "um", and the plot moves along at a decent pace. The ending is kind of random and shocking, but the real random and shocking thing about it is that the twist doesn't take place on the last page, but in fact thesecondto last page, so Stine's switchin [...]

    15. The only reason I'm giving this book 2 stars is because the main character, Lucy, is kind of a b*tch, and I sorta liked it for it XDOnce again, we have a set of parents who really suck at parenting. "I'm going to get really mad at you and then walk away". um how is that solving your problem and getting your kid to listen to you? The story was blah. The twist ending was super lameper, super, super lame. So lame in fact I felt that the entire story was pointless because (view spoiler)[if the Dark' [...]

    16. This one was really good! It was fun, funny (on propose!), and I liked the twist on the cry wolf story. I liked the subtext, and it was just a lot of fun.Mr Mortman is supposed to represent all the uptight parents who bitched about goosebumps. “You all deserve to be eaten by monsters while children laugh at you!”an odd way to tell them to bug off, but eh, I don’t mind. Some things didn’t make much sense, but only in that typical goosebumps way. It gets better every time I read it, and it [...]

    17. No spoilers but the conclusion of this book made me laugh out loud. I mean, really? The parents did THAT? XDI've read the Goosebump series when I was younger and reading it now that I am older makes me see it in a different light. It was clearly written for children. These books terrified me then. Now, not so much. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it though. I have forgotten most of the plots now and guessing the endings makes it more enjoyable, imo.

    18. La nostalgia me llevó a leer a R.L. Stine por primera vez. Sí, fue entretenido y se lee rapidísimo, pero tiene varias inconsistencias, es bastante asqueroso al punto de revolver el estómago y al final todo se resuelve de la forma más simple. En fin, sólo espero haber empezado por uno de los más malitos y que los otros sean mejores.

    19. I would recommend this book to everyone.It starts whit a girl and she liver her backpack at the library and she sees the librarian and the librarian changes to a monster.

    20. if Lucy's parents were really vampires, then they're assholes for not believing her when she said there was a monster working at the library. i mean really?

    21. “A spectacular display of the lessons we learn as kids. A true scare.” – Sacramento Scare“A modern take on the classic tale The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Except this time, wolves are the least of our worries.” – Clarence Cowbell, The Children’s Journal“I don’t have to pretend I see monsters. My wife is the real deal. And she doesn’t believe anything I say anyway.” – Doug from BeltsvilleStine is back with another addition to the Goosebumps series and, true to form, it’s a real [...]

    22. This Goosebumps follows Lucy, who is obsessed with monsters and scaring people. kind of sounds like someone I know She is constantly telling her little brother and friends that she sees monsters everywhere in an attempt to scare them. Then one day, she seems the local librarian transform into a monster. She tries to warn her family about what she saw, but similar to the girl who cried wolf, no one believes her. Now, for most people, avoiding the library wouldn't be too hard to do, especially in [...]

    23. This book is a a lot like Stay out of the Basement. There, the Mister Dad ate plant food. Here, the librarian eats worms and Fleas(Yuck!) Most of the book has rides from Home to the Library spying the librarian and watching him turn into a monster and being back again and then trying to convince her parents and friend what she (Lucy) saw. The story progresses not much at the beginning, but at the end you won't believe how fast it goes. The characters and plotlines are predictable (Not at the end [...]

    24. Lucy Dark is spending her summer vacation scaring her brother and participating in the local library's reading program. She scares her brother, Randy, by merely mentioning that there might be a monster behind a tree, in a bush, around the corner, etc. Randy falls for this because he is six years old. The reading program at the library is called Reading Rangers and the deputy of this program is the hideous, bald, sweaty mole-like man named Mr. Mortman.Mr. Mortman tries to encourage Lucy to read t [...]

    25. Lucy Dark is stuck at home for the summer as most of her friends go on vacation. Lucy has a great imagination and likes to think up monster stories that she can use to scare her brother Randy, so she can kind of pass the time and kill the boredom. The books begins with her telling Randy about the Timberland Falls (town which this book takes place) toe-biter. Lucy buries her toes in the sand as she is telling the story and then Randy thinks her toes are bitten off, he runs in the house screaming [...]

    26. I have recently started reading the Goosebumps series. It was a bit scary from Book 1. BUT THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. Like, I did not expect the ending at all! But while reading, it is the only book up to now(in this series) that kept my heart pumping so quick. Every time Lucy was in that library after she saw the monster for the first time, I was always expecting the monster to grab her and say something like "I knew you would come again" or "I saw you that day when I transformed". And when the chas [...]

    27. This was a fun slice of life from the 1990s, and not in a terrible nostalgic way, but written in the period. Rollerblades, phones that ring with a bell, cameras with films, no cell phones, and children spending many unsupervised hours entertaining themselves. This is an excellent tween book, with a good story and easy to read. Not something I would normally pick up, but I was recording the audio and really enjoyed my time in that book. Quick and fun read. 3 stars for something I'd pick up to rea [...]

    28. This isn't so bad. The great thing about Goosebumps books are that you could read them quickly and effectively. It only took me two hours to finish the whole book, and there's always a nice twist in the end, one I did not expect to happen. Of course, I've had different endings on my head, and I thought it would be great if the endings are exactly what I think about - but then, it was great that it didn't go to my expectations.It still is a good book.

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