Banana Fish, Vol. 1

Banana Fish Vol New York City A dying man leaves gay gang leader Ash Lynx a strange drug the key to something called Banana Fish The mysterious potion will lead Ash to a disturbed Vietnam vet who remembers a m

  • Title: Banana Fish, Vol. 1
  • Author: Akimi Yoshida
  • ISBN: 9781569319727
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback Manga
  • New York City, 1985 A dying man leaves gay gang leader Ash Lynx a strange drug, the key to something called Banana Fish The mysterious potion will lead Ash to a disturbed Vietnam vet who remembers a massacre and into brutal battle with the mafia over control of the drug.Vice City New York in the 80s Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful nurture made him a cold ruthlessNew York City, 1985 A dying man leaves gay gang leader Ash Lynx a strange drug, the key to something called Banana Fish The mysterious potion will lead Ash to a disturbed Vietnam vet who remembers a massacre and into brutal battle with the mafia over control of the drug.Vice City New York in the 80s Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful nurture made him a cold ruthless killer A child runaway brought up as the adopted heir, hatchet man, and sex toy of Papa Dino Golzine, the East Coast s Corsican crime lord, Ash is now at the rebellious age of seventeen forsaking the kingdom of power and riches held out by the devil who raised him, preferring a code he can live with among a small but loyal gang of street thugs But his Papa can t simply let him go not when the hideous secret that drove Ash s older brother mad in Vietnam has suddenly fallen into his insatiably ambitious hands.It s exactly the wrong time for Eiji Okamura, a pure hearted young photographer from Japan, to arrive in NYC and make Ash Lynx s acquaintance and fall with him into the bloody whirlpool of pride, greed, lust and wrath unleashed by the enigma code named Banana Fish

    Banana Fish Manga Rock Online Manga Reader Nature made Ash Lynx beautiful nurture made him a cold ruthless killer A runaway brought up as the adopted heir and sex toy of Papa Dino Golzine, Ash, now at the rebellious age of seventeen, forsakes the kingdom held out by the devil who raised him. TV BANANA FISH Blu ray BOX DVD BOX vol. CD ANGEL EYES BANANA FISH ch banana fish banana fish banana fish Hermaphrodite In biology, a hermaphrodite h r m f r d a t is an organism that has complete or partial reproductive organs and produces gametes normally associated with both male and female sexes Many taxonomic groups of animals mostly invertebrates do not have separate sexes In these groups, hermaphroditism is a normal condition, enabling a form of sexual reproduction in which BANANA FISH tv banana fish . BANANA FISH natalie banana fish Cooking banana Cooking bananas are banana cultivars in the genus Musa whose fruits are generally used in cooking They may be eaten ripe or unripe and are generally starchy.Many cooking bananas are referred to as plantains p l n t n US p l n t e n , UK p l n t n or green bananas, although not all of them are true plantains.Bananas are treated as a starchy fruit with BANANA FISH BOX natalie banana fish box vol. Project Profiles For Small Enterprises Food Products sido s golden jubilee series project profiles for small enterprises Peeling Back the Truth on Bananas Food Empowerment Project Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world, with than billion consumed annually Bananas have been sold in North America since the late s, although the popular variety at that time is not the one we enjoy today In , a disease spread throughout banana growing regions of Latin America and the Caribbean and destroyed many banana farms.

    • Banana Fish, Vol. 1 By Akimi Yoshida
      332 Akimi Yoshida
    • thumbnail Title: Banana Fish, Vol. 1 By Akimi Yoshida
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    912 thoughts on “Banana Fish, Vol. 1”

    1. I liked this but not sure yet if it's a series I'll follow to the end. It's pretty violent, but the characters are intriguing and the plot, though not generally my thing (gangs and drugs and gang/mafia/police politics) is compelling. Between a three and four rating. I will probably read the second book in the series at the very least. Several people write in their reviews that 'fortunately' the main character is not really gay. Which makes me 1) annoyed 2) less interested in reading the series. [...]

    2. Banana Fish is one of the more fascinating manga that I have encountered, equally for its engaging story, fascinating characters, and circumstances surrounding its advertisement. Branded a "shoujo" manga because of its shounen-ai or "boys love" subtext, this is a work filled with a degree of violence, sexual and otherwise, that is totally outside of the scope of the shoujo genre. In fact, such a category is a total misclassification. There's very little, in fact, in the first volume — beyond a [...]

    3. For a shoujo series, this really feels "non-shoujo". In fact, it can very well pass for a seinen crime-drama. There are definitely some BL hints/jokes and some pretty looking characters (like Ash and Yut-Lung) but don't let that stop you from picking this up. You should know within 1 or 2 volumes whether you will like this series or not. It's definitely a good mystery with "What is this 'banana fish' and what does it really do?"Pros:- Great character development and interesting dialog.- Simple, [...]

    4. This felt a lot like the manga equivalent of an exploitation film. We practically get the shots of characters on 42nd street, in front of the array of various grindhouse movie theaters. However, unlike exploitation films, this manga has a production valume you can see on the page. Akimi Yoshida has an art style that reminds me, a lot of Katsuhiro Otomo, from the way she draws faces, to the detail in her background.If I was to lay one complaint at her work, it's that she doesn't draw black people [...]

    5. Banana Fish is one of those sprawling manga series that takes up multiple volumes. It is considered shojo, meaning that it supposedly intended to appeal to both male & female readers. Well, sure, maybe. Superficially this series is about a mystery to uncover the meaning of Banana Fish, but it's really about the growing & evolving relationship between Ash Lynx, a young NYC gang leader, & Eiji Okumura, a displaced Japanese young man who is hopelessly out of his element. This volume set [...]

    6. I thought that this vol. of the book was a little boring, but i guess it's because i'm comparing it to manga i've read and really enjoyed that was called "FAKE". This volume is taking the shounen-ai details very slow. So in order for me to get to the good stuff, I have to read the rest of the volumes.

    7. A slow start, but the story really picks up about halfway through the volume. The art style reminds me of Otomo. Very cool.

    8. Liked it enough to read about ten volumes, but not enough to read the full thing (I just got bored, man. I got so bored). Mob drama's not my thing, I suppose.

    9. Akimi Yoshida's classic series kicks off slowly but in a reasonably interesting manner. In the center of the story is Ash Lynx, a respected, feared and envied young gay man who leads a coalition of gangs in New York. The year is 1985.The story actually begins during the Vietnam War, where an odd drug makes people lose their minds completely without warning. Lynx gets involved in the mystery of that drug decades later. Some really powerful and dangerous people are also involved, and on top of all [...]

    10. The plot is fantastic! The author does a great job of tying the mystery of banana fish together. Although this manga starts off slow, it becomes better around the third volume and a few more volumes later, it becomes hard to put down!I read the summary and saw the word "gay" describing Ash Don't worry; he's not really gay and this manga is not yaoi by any means. I suppose it is shoujo but with shounen elements such as action.The art was a major turn-off for me at first; but I'm glad I continued [...]

    11. Much denser than shojo in general, and without most of the stylistic flourishes I think of as "shojo," and which people who actually are familiar with the Japanese market keep trying vainly to convince English-language readers aren't a generic element. Kind of sad to see all the ways in which typical American narrative racism affects the story (blond American hero, despite random inclusion of Japanese characters; spunky black sidekick). Interesting noir/Vietnam conspiracy thriller setup, homoero [...]

    12. This is seriously one of my favorite book series of all time and I probably re-read it at least once a year. This is also one of the best stories I have ever read hands down. The story starts slow and comes together in ways that you just couldn't expect and is just amazing.You really get to feel for the characters that you meet and watch grow (and yes, perhaps even die). There is just so much story in this series and I recommend it to anyone. I just really want it to be a TV show.

    13. Aww yeah, gangsters and plucky reporters and drug centered mysteries. I am all about this life. This volume has no women in it and it didn't even register for me until after I read it, that's how much it catered to me. Now bring me a couple of girls running gangs and I think we can get on very well Akimi Yoshida. Also Skip. More Skip 1000% of the time. 3 stars

    14. #Program BUBUPertama dibeli dan dibaca tahun 2005.Manga ini aslinya terbit 1986-an, jadi terasa sekali di jilid 1 ini kalau artwork Yoshida-sensei khususnya untuk karakter utama yang digambarkan sebagai bishonen belum sehalus artwork di serial Yasha.

    15. harusnya komik satu ini tamat di nomor 18 ajadasar senseinya tega T_Tmemang aku akui sih kalo nomor 19 dengan ending 'itu' bikin komik ini lebih berkesan, jadi pengen baca sekuelnya *request ke elex*

    16. Enjoyable action manga. Drawings are dated but still liked them (reminded of Fake, but maybe it's just the setting / time period). Not sure if I'd continue but that's more because of my genre preference rather than anything lacking in this series.

    17. I was a bit skeptical about this one, but it was fabulous right until the end. In fact, I didn't want it to end!

    18. I'm not a manga fan, nor am I a manga hater. I liked this book just fine. Some of the characters look like 80's porn stars with the all the mustaches.

    19. Um. This is a shoujo manga?! Anyway. This must be the source of the inspiration for Moon Child, the movie, and Ash, the song.

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