The Card: A Van Stone Novel

The Card A Van Stone Novel Van Stone has it all the perfect family great friends and the best job in the world Then his life falls apart Thrust into a deadly plot masterminded by unknown enemies Van is in a race against tim

  • Title: The Card: A Van Stone Novel
  • Author: Jim Devitt
  • ISBN: 9781461030706
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Van Stone has it all, the perfect family, great friends and the best job in the world Then, his life falls apart Thrust into a deadly plot masterminded by unknown enemies, Van is in a race against time to save those closest to him When Van wins an essay contest to become the new batboy for a Major League baseball team, he finds himself in a foreign world of million dollVan Stone has it all, the perfect family, great friends and the best job in the world Then, his life falls apart Thrust into a deadly plot masterminded by unknown enemies, Van is in a race against time to save those closest to him When Van wins an essay contest to become the new batboy for a Major League baseball team, he finds himself in a foreign world of million dollar athletes and fame Forced into the spotlight, Van is uncomfortable in his new role His instant fame at South Seattle High School has turned all eyes toward him, including unknown adversaries that want something he has Jack Stone works for Biotrust, a large and secretive biotechnology company Van s father is on the verge of making one of the most stunning discoveries in over a century, a technology that could change the world forever While finishing the project, Biotrust forces Van s father into a leave of absence In an effort to protect his secrets, Jack may have endangered his family As The Card barrels forward, Van slams headfirst into a plot that threatens the people near to him Working through adversity, Van finds an inner strength He draws on his deductive powers and an unstoppable attitude, to battle the corrupt forces Not knowing who to trust, Van sets out with his two best friends to solve the secrets behind an innocent gift, a Moe Berg baseball card Set in Seattle, Washington, this fast paced mystery takes you behind the scenes in professional baseball and into a world of cutting edge science and technology Full of unexpected twists and high stakes drama, this first in a series adventure will keep you guessing until the final scene As fresh as today s headlines, Jim Devitt, in his debut novel, weaves a suspenseful ride that blows the lid off scientific advancement, in a story of breathtaking action and suspense.

    • The Card: A Van Stone Novel by Jim Devitt
      312 Jim Devitt
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    About "Jim Devitt"

    1. Jim Devitt

      Jim Devitt spent eight years working behind the scenes in a Major League clubhouse After his time in professional baseball, Jim graduated from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, and then continued on to complete his Master of Science degree in Education from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida He has authored and co authored numerous peer reviewed research papers and presented at conferences throughout the country He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Melissa and their son, Gavin.

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    1. Jack Stone works at a big time biotechnology company, Biotrust. While working on a very sensitive project that could change the world as people know it, he is forced to take a leave of absence in the middle of the project. In the efforts to safe guard his work he unknowingly sets off a series of events that he could have never predicted.Van Stone, Jack's son, is floating high as he goes to his first day as a batboy for a major league baseball team. His life is going smooth, new popularity at his [...]

    2. Loved this book, I'd say it's a four and a half stars but I'm rounding it up because it takes place in Seattle and has to do (kind of) with my Mariners. It's one of those where the more I process it the more I like it. I got pulled in by the Safeco Field and baseball aspects (of course) which were cool, but there's a lot more to this book. The story is fascinating, the characters are compelling and easy to relate to, and there's an underlying message here than I was really impressed by. Besides [...]

    3. As an adult, I don't often read novels written for young adults (YA), but I thoroughly enjoyed the story of "The Card." The writing style was easy to zoom through to the next exciting page. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants action, devastation of the heart, recovery, strength, and memories of being a curious teenager. Good going Author Jim Devitt! Bravo!!

    4. Article first published as Book Review:The Card: A Van Stone Novel by Jim Devitt on Blogcritics. Winning the essay and becoming a batboy for the Seattle Mariners, was more than Van Stone had ever wanted. Even at 13, he was much larger than many of his friends, looking more like one of the players in uniform than what he really was. In The Card:A Van Stone Novel by Jim Devitt, Van’s life has just taken on a darker and deeper twist.Receiving a gift from his father for the hard work going into th [...]

    5. Ever wonder what a book by Clive Cussler would be like if Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino were teen-agers? Well I now know the answer, Van Stone and his side-kicks will take you on the same kind of ride I have only found in a Cussler novel. I was originally looking for a book for my sons to read when I stumbled onto The Card. The cover intrigued me, and after reading the synopsis, I purchased it for myself. What seems to start out as a book about a batboy for the Seattle Mariners quickly turns into a [...]

    6. Winning an essay contest definitely turned out to be excellent for Van or so he thought. His prize was the opportunity to be a bat boy in the dugout of a major league baseball team and rub shoulders with all the big names. His dad was thrilled, and so was he. On his first day with the team, his dad gave him a special baseball card that he described as magic. Butwas the card really magic or was it bad news?Bad news happened not too long after the card appeared, and what was to be magic turned out [...]

    7. 3.5/5 stars**Book Copy Courtesy of AuthorAfter winning an essay competition, Van Stone is the new batboy in town. His life is great until a death rocks his world. Then there’s the whole ordeal with the baseball card his father gave him that everyone’s after. What’s so special about this card? It’s just a baseball player who hardly made it to the big time, so it’s nothing of value. Except Van’s wrong—it’s highly valuable. Men who wear black suits (or “Suits,” as they’re call [...]

    8. I gave The Card three stars because I found it was an enjoyable read, and had some nice character development. This book should be considered a sports mystery. I think it would appeal to a wide audience of young people. I would suggest it for seventh grade and up. I wouldn't normally choose to read a book that from its cover looks like its about baseball, so I was suprised when it wasn't really about baseball, and I enjoyed it!The main character Van Stone wins an essay contest among high school [...]

    9. Van Stone wins a spot as a batboy for the Oakland A's through an essay contest and gets a front-row pass to the behind-the-scenes action of major league baseball. This book never opens readers up to field action, it's strictly within the clubhouse and locker room. Although THE CARD starts off slow, showing Van as he's starting off on his new job and interacting with his dad, it was cool to have a YA book in a different environment from the norm. Van's dad, who works on classified inventions, die [...]

    10. Fast-paced, high stakes spy novel for teens, set behind the scenes of major league baseball. (As an aside, if I had known that bat boys could make a few hundred dollars in tips, I might have paid attention in farm league rather than doing cartwheels in the outfield.)

    11. Not a bad story, but the story telling felt a little weak.However, I believe this will be a great novel for my nephew, a sixth grader and big baseball fan. I'll update this after he's had a chance to read it with an opinion from the author's more likely targeted audience.

    12. Van Stone, newest bat boy for the Seattle Mariners, has it made. He's quickly learning the ropes at work, enjoying an improved social status, and may even be allowed to purchase a car. Then tragedy strikes, and he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous mystery involving a recent gift: a baseball card for a mediocre player from the 1920s. Between suspicious men in suits, threatening letters, and gunfire, he and his friends need to piece together the puzzle before time runs out.This novel takes us [...]

    13. This book intrigued me; a young adult novel about a guy and his two best friends (a pretty girl and a geeky guy) plus he's a ballboy for the Seattle Mariners. A tragedy hits his loving family and a gift from his dad of an old baseball card leads to mystery, dangers and attempted murder. Throw in a definite science/high tech element to boot!You would think that a mix like this would have a significant blending issue but Jim Devitt pulls it off brilliantly and in a fairly compelling fashion! Once [...]

    14. A good mystery with lots of questions that keep you wanting more. I enjoyed this story as it was enjoyable and full of mystery. The characters were fun. I could easily see this on the screen as a movie. What was really good was that I didn’t figure out did it because I was so caught up in it that I didn’t think on it much. I just kept reading. If you want a good mystery with teens that isn’t full of sex and stuff, this is a good one for you. I love how the author has this as a young adult [...]

    15. The author gives us an inside look into the daily life of professional sports. He adds excitement to the story without trying to make it a sports biography. This is truly an exciting book to read if you love the world of sports.

    16. YA for boys- but had a nice little mystery involved that I didn't figure out till the end. I liked reading the 'behind the scenes' at the ballfield side. more like 3.5 stars I'd say, just since it wasn't really my kind of book but was enjoyable- could see my nephew liking it now at age 11.

    17. A Seattle high school student is selected to be a bat boy at the ball park. His dad gives him a baseball card of Moe Berg. The boy discovers that when he inserts the card into a certain card holder it heats up. Thus begins his quest to figure out what is going on.

    18. For ENG 540.Sports novel meets spy thriller. Entertaining, with some fun action sequences, but not particularly memorable. If I had this in paper copy, I'd put it on my shelf for the younger boys. Free eBook from , read on my Kindle.

    19. I had a hard time putting this book down. The author did a great job of keeping the story flowing and added some suspense and excitement to it. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more from this author.

    20. Jim Devitt's The Card is a wonderful young adult action/mystery, though it can easily be enjoyed by adults as well(attested by my own enjoyment of the book).The story follows high school student Van Stone who wins an essay contest to become a batboy for the Seattle Mariners. Shortly after landing his dream job, Van's father gives him what seems to be an innocuous baseball card for his collection. The card turns out to be something much more and plunges Van into a mystery adventure in which he fi [...]

    21. "The Card" is written for young readers (13 and older), but I enjoyed the mystery and the experiences of Van Stone, who gets a job as a batboy in the visiting clubhouse of Safeco Field, where the Seattle Mariners play. Van and his friends, Fred and Zoe, join forces when a baseball card that Van receives early in the book becomes the center of a set of puzzling occurrences. It took a few chapters for the story to get moving, but the writing was good, and the conclusion was surprising. Good choice [...]

    22. When I first reviewed this book, I did not give it a real high rating, but my 13-year old son is reading it and likes it a great deal. I enjoyed it fine, but taken as a young adult book, it is a sold effort.

    23. I didn't realize when I bought this book that it's for young adults. I couldn't finish it but I'm not going to rate it.

    24. I'm not going to rate this book. I didn't realize when I bought it that it's for children/teenagers. It reads like it (i.e juvenile) and I just couldn't keep reading.

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