Bl h fnir Bl h fni yrkir Ger ur Kristn um j tunmeyna Ger i Gymisd ttur sem Sk rnir sk sveinn Freys s tti til J tunheima handa h sb nda s num H r er efni hinna fornu Sk rnism la listilega flutt n t malegt s gu

  • Title: Blóðhófnir
  • Author: Gerður Kristný
  • ISBN: 9789979331872
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bl h fni yrkir Ger ur Kristn um j tunmeyna Ger i Gymisd ttur sem Sk rnir, sk sveinn Freys, s tti til J tunheima handa h sb nda s num H r er efni hinna fornu Sk rnism la listilega flutt n t malegt s gulj , fullt af t kum, harmi og trega, og talar sterkt til samt mans.

    • Blóðhófnir - Gerður Kristný
      487 Gerður Kristný
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    About "Gerður Kristný"

    1. Gerður Kristný

      Ger ur Kristn graduated in French and comparative literature from the University of Iceland in 1992 Her B.A dissertation was on Baudelaire s Les fleurs du mal After a course in media studies at the University of Iceland from 1992 1993 she trained at Danish Radio TV She was editor of the magazine Mannl f from 1998 2004, but is now a full time writer.Awards for her work include 1st prize in the National Broadcasting Service short story competition 1986, 1st prize in a TV culture programme poetry competition 1992, the Children s Choice Book Prize in 2003 for her book Marta Smarta, the Halld r Laxness Literary Award in 2004, for her novel B tur me segli og allt A Boat With a Sail and All and the Icelandic Journalist s Award for Myndin af pabba Saga Thelmu A Picture of Dad Thelma s Story in 2005 Her poetry book, H ggsta ur, was nominated for The Icelandic Literary Award in 2007 Her poetry and short stories have been included in school textbooks at the elementary and secondary level, as well as in anthologies published in Iceland and overseas.Ger ur Kristn has published poetry books, short stories, novels and a book for children, as well as a book about the Westman Islands Festival in 2002.

    276 thoughts on “Blóðhófnir”

    1. What is life like when you are young, beautiful and living happily in the land of the giants but happen to catch the eye of a god? How would you feel to be obliged to leave your homeland and cohabit with said god? Kristny reforms elements from ancient texts to tell the story of the abductedGerdur Gymisdottir.In terms of the verse itself, this is a very short read with an illuminating introduction from Rory McTurk describing the background to this modern reworking of ancient myth. Despite his acc [...]

    2. A powerful retelling of an Eddic poem! It is the first time that I read something of this sort and I am quite impressed.The author can definitely play with words and her use of the Icelandic language to write poetry is amazing. What is great about this edition is that even without previous knowledge on Norse mythology or a background in poetry, you can still understand the message provided by the vivid vocabulary used by the author.It tells the story of a forced union between Gerdur and Freyr se [...]

    3. Gorgeous! Wide-stretching fieldsin glowing sunlightthe ears of cornwhispering in the breeze:'No luck like yours'Rightly framed as a story in abduction, or perhaps in the terror that masculine violence performs in the matrimonial history of mythology.With rapid boundsthree bitches caught mefast in their teeth:SorrowSolitudeSufferingThis is also a poem reaching deep in the archive for what it cannot ever contain. Kristný's hands come up drenched in Snorri's unspoken nightmares and in the thought [...]

    4. A fabulous Icelandic short saga/poem and retelling of an ancient partially recorded saga. The translation was lyrical and poignant. The tale was a beautiful yet sad tale of a God wanting to marry a woman on Earth and her travail of leaving her home.

    5. Read originally in February 2014; reread for class in March 2016. Reviewed for The Reykjavík Grapevine in 2014. Original review below, and archived here: grapevine/culture/literaturGerður Krístný is an immensely prolific writer, having produced some 18 books—including poetry and short story collections, novels for adults and children, a biography and a travel narrative—since her first publication in 1994. However, she is as of yet relatively unknown to English-reading audiences. For alth [...]

    6. A new perspective on an ancient story best read aloud. A story of a god who falls in love with a mortal. A story of a woman coerced into a new life and what follows.

    7. I picked up Bloodhoof while I was in Iceland. I have read the Sagas (in translation) and love them as well as Old English epics like Beowulf and The Wanderer, etc but wanted to bring back some contemporary Icelandic poetry. This was an excellent quick read. It is epic in scope but the stanzas are very tight and deeply structured. It is not just a translation but a re-telling and in some ways an expansion of an existing tale within a larger saga. I love that kind of stuff, and so this book won me [...]

    8. This is a powerful poeetic retelling of the few women in Old Norse mythology. While I read the English translation, I enjoyed seeing the Icelandic text by its side as it added to the reading experience. After hearing Gerður Kristný speak about this work, I can more fully perceive its significance, and I hope to read it again - perhaps reading the Icelandic this time.

    9. A short book of startling power. I bought it after hearing the author speak about folklore and social memory and the tales of Iceland. She also talked of the feminine viewpoint in ancient tales. I am so happy to recommend this. I recommend reading it and the Icelandic sagas together.

    10. Fear, anger and pride of a ravaged mistress. The texts in this book were very short, but filled with so much feeling I felt like choking at parts. Now this is the sort of prose poetry I'm excited to read more in the future!

    11. Man ekki hvenær ég táraðist seinast yfir ljóðabók. Ótrúlega mögnuð frásögn, auk þess sem þetta er gullfalleg bók.

    12. An atmospheric re-telling of a medieval Icelandic tale -- I finished this book in one sitting and am re-reading parts of it just to savour the beautiful sounds and images.

    13. Första svensköversatta diktsamlingen av Kristný, läses gärna tillsammans med den gamla Skírnismál. Moderniserad fornyrdislag till moderniserad saga, häftigt!

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