The Ice Cream King

The Ice Cream King It s just another summer day until Teddy visits the new ice cream shop in town Magically he enters a kingdom of ice cream fountains whipped cream lanes and volcanoes that erupt with vanilla fudge I

  • Title: The Ice Cream King
  • Author: Steve Metzger Julie Downing
  • ISBN: 9781589250963
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s just another summer day until Teddy visits the new ice cream shop in town Magically, he enters a kingdom of ice cream fountains, whipped cream lanes, and volcanoes that erupt with vanilla fudge In this land of frosty treats, Teddy rules as the Ice Cream King He can eat as much ice cream as he d like, sail an ice cream sea, and even zoom to an ice cream moon But soIt s just another summer day until Teddy visits the new ice cream shop in town Magically, he enters a kingdom of ice cream fountains, whipped cream lanes, and volcanoes that erupt with vanilla fudge In this land of frosty treats, Teddy rules as the Ice Cream King He can eat as much ice cream as he d like, sail an ice cream sea, and even zoom to an ice cream moon But something very important is missing What could it be Dig into this delicious adventure that serves up a gentle lesson in sharing

    • The Ice Cream King : Steve Metzger Julie Downing
      110 Steve Metzger Julie Downing
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    1. Steve Metzger Julie Downing

      I grew up in Queens, NY in the 1950s with my baby sister, Lois She is now a wonderful writer of young adult novels and nonfiction My mother was born in Vienna, Austria, and my father came from Brooklyn an interesting match My best friends were Neil, Robbie, Krebs, and Paul I m still good friends with most of these guys It was less hectic in those days no computers, no emails, fewer TV channels MANY fewer We had lots of fun playing ball and listening to records I ll never forget when the Beatles came to America Beatlemania After graduating from Baruch College in NYC, I didn t know what to do with my life I bounced around doing odd jobs, including taxi driver, dishwasher, and hotel desk clerk One day, while relaxing in Central Park OK, I was unemployed , I saw a group of children from a local daycare center It struck me that I always liked children perhaps I could make a career out of something I liked Eureka Ever since then, I ve been involved, in one way or another, with the lives of young children.I received my Masters in Education from Bank Street College and taught preschool kids for a bunch of years I loved the childrens innocence and vivid imaginations After moving into school administration for a few years, I began working at , where I have been ever since.At , I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to write children s books The first book that I wrote was The Dinofours I m Super Dino Twenty seven other Dinofours books followed I hope my respect and appreciation for young children shines through in my stories.Nowadays, I m lucky to be married to my beautiful and talented wife, Nancy she s also a writer In 1998, we were blessed with a terrific daughter, Julia, who helps criticize my story ideas and lets me play with her once in a while.And further any recollections of my life would not be complete without mentioning my grandmother, Mutti She was an ever present source of love, appreciation, and wisdom.

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    1. I used this for an ice cream storytime, and it seemed to go over well!A young boy goes into an ice cream shop with his mother, and she allows him to order anything he wants. An employee puts a paper crown on the boy's head, and the boy declares himself the ice cream king. As we enter this fantasy world of ice cream volcanoes, castles, moons, and oceans, the colors become vivid and bright, as the boy relates in rhyme all he will go in his ice cream kingdom. However, the boy soon realizes that he [...]

    2. Teddy Jones stopped dead in his tracks when he saw a new ice cream shoppe. He pleaded with his mom to take him to get a treat. While he decided the server put a gold paper crown on his head. It was then that Teddy became the Ice Cream King. He dreamed of his ice cream kingdom and all the things he would do. But he looks around at his kingdom to find that he is all alone. He wanted someone to share it with. He took off his crown and decided he would just share a banana split with his mom.This bea [...]

    3. Here is a cute book for a hot summer day! When the server at the ice cream shop places a crown on little Teddy's head, he finds a magical world of ice cream "just for him" and declares himself the ice cream king! The pictures start out subdued but turn bright and colorful when Teddy enters his magical kingdom of anything he wants. It was a pleasant surprise and I loved how the imagination runs wild in this story. I felt the best part of this book is that it contained a quiet and gentle message i [...]

    4. Adorable story about being lonely and sharing what you have so that you aren't so lonely. Loved it. So cute.

    5. In "The Ice Cream King" the main character Teddy and his mother are walking on a hot summer day when an ice cream parlor catches Teddy's eye. Like any child he was so happy to pick his flavor but he was also overwhelmed with all of the choices. Teddy goes into a day dream about him being the ice cream and all the flavors where in his day dream. When he was having so much sliding down ice cream hills by himself he realized he was all alone and it was upsetting him. I think this book helps a child [...]

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    7. Little Kid Reaction: My boys LOVED this book. It's a book about ICE CREAM! What more could a kid want? Spying hot fudge? Yum. Cherries? Yay! Ice Cream Cones? YESSSS! This is one we read a lot!Big Kid Reaction: I loved the message: sharing is GOOD. I also loved the way the book is presented. The author, illustrator, and editor have created two worlds in the manner of the famous Wizard of Oz movie. The real world is black and white (sparse light pink highlights), with Arial font type, and prose wr [...]

    8. This is a book in my grandchildren's library which i hadn't seen before. My youngest granddaughter asked me to read it to her at bedtime so i used my best character voices to portray the story while not knowing where it was going to lead. Certain parts of the book are memorable to my granddaughter (she is 4) and she recited these passages with me as i read them. There is an object lesson in this story of a boy who can have however much ice cream treats as he wants, yet he realizes that the best [...]

    9. I have never heard of this book until I researched and learned about children's fantasy books. The bright colors and illustrations are really what caught my attention. I feel that that gives off a happy and bubbly vibe to the text, that children will enjoy! Aside from the bright illustrations, I really enjoyed how this book went back and forth between a fantasy and reality. This keeps the reader on their toes, and it makes the plot interesting and fun. Although this book is not very popular, I w [...]

    10. At first I couldn't get into the story because of the faded style of illustrations. But the illustrations changed when the boy began dreaming about his life as an ice cream king. These illustrations were bold and rich. This book has a wonderful story, a wonderful adventure for children, and a wonderful moral at the end.Would I recommend this book? YES.

    11. A little boy is filled with delusions of grandeur when his mother tells him he can order whatever he wants at the ice cream parlor. His fantasy includes many delectable ice cream creations which he will eat all by himself! But then, he realizes that it's just not as fun if you don't have someone to share it with.Cartoony, but cute, illustrations.

    12. This book has clever ideas. A boy is transported to an ice cream world when he puts a crown on his head at the ice cream shop. Excerpt from the book:Inside my ice cream castle,I slide down chocolate halls.I pick out rainbow sprinklesfrom mint-chip ice cream walls.

    13. Might make the kids hungry but it is colorful and imaginativeWhen Teddy visits a new ice cream shop and puts a paper crown on his head, he enters a magical kingdom where he can eat all the ice cream he wants.

    14. Teddy Jones wants to visit the new ice cream store and oh does he dream he is king of ice cream. A fun book to spark imagination as well as sharing.

    15. Cute story, enjoyed seeing the child become more thoughtful by the end but for me I had a hard time with the transition back and forth from reality to fantasy and back again.

    16. After taking Teddy inside a brand new ice cream shop, Teddy's mom allows Teddy to pick anything he wants. What will "The Ice Cream King" decide upon? There are so many choices!

    17. I love the progression from little color to big, bold and beautiful. And the final message, well, it is the BEST:-)

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