Love According to Lily

Love According to Lily Lily Langdon has finally grown up Now that her brother the duke s completely malleable best friend Edward Wallis has been brutally and luckily rebuffed by his intended Lily knows her chance for a ver

  • Title: Love According to Lily
  • Author: Julianne MacLean
  • ISBN: 9780060597290
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lily Langdon has finally grown up Now that her brother the duke s completely malleable best friend Edward Wallis has been brutally and luckily rebuffed by his intended, Lily knows her chance for a very permissive and entirely convenient husband is here In fact, he is staying in her very own home for a house party.But this promising party s tone is quickly changed by aLily Langdon has finally grown up Now that her brother the duke s completely malleable best friend Edward Wallis has been brutally and luckily rebuffed by his intended, Lily knows her chance for a very permissive and entirely convenient husband is here In fact, he is staying in her very own home for a house party.But this promising party s tone is quickly changed by a horrible twist of fate that threatens Edward s very life Nothing but luck can save Edward, but Lily s heart is lost for good when she sees what a strong and devoted man he can be in times of trouble Lily has set her cap on a man who should be unlovable and fallen in love than she ever thought possible Their passion brings great risk, but when a man and a woman prove to be so much together than they were apart, is there anything that their love cannot overcome

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      Julianne MacLean is a USA Today bestselling author of over twenty historical romance novels, including The Highlander Trilogy with St Martin s Press and her popular Pembroke Palace Series with Avon Harper Collins She also writes contemporary mainstream fiction, and her 2011 release THE COLOR OF HEAVEN was a digital bestseller She is a three time RITA finalist, and has won numerous awards, including the Booksellers Best Award, the Book Buyers Best Award, and a Reviewers Choice Award from Romantic Times for Best Regency Historical of 2005 She has a degree in English Literature from the University of King s College in Halifax, and a degree in Business Administration from Acadia University She lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and daughter, and she is a dedicated member of Romance Writers of Atlantic Canadacmillan author julian

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    1. Love According to Lily was an interesting read and not at all as I was expecting. In a historical romance, readers expect a certain bit of contrivance and melodrama, but Julianne MacLean's Lily was instead subdued and muted compared to the usual HR. No characters reacted in an unlikely way to exacerbate poor circumstances, no tantrums or misunderstandings. All characters reacted in realistic fashion and their conveyance of their displeasure was subtle.Lily and co. were plausible characters but a [...]

    2. Armed only with the knowledge that the hero was the heroine's brother's BFF, I was expecting something less emotionally taxing. This was much more intense than I expected, mostly because Whitby was seriously sick for most of the book. And when he wasn't, it seemed like Lily was going to be seriously sick. And then there were times when Whitby was not as emotionally invested in Lily, so there was that insecurity. Basically, its the type of book you read when you want a heroine who suffers from un [...]

    3. 3.75 starsKind of stuck on how to rate this. I kept wavering as the story progressed. First half? Really enjoyed it. The set up was intriguing and unique. Plus the sexual tension between the hero and heroine was so palpable and angsty. Loved the tropes deployed in here. I can't remember the last time I read a HR book where one of the leads has a mysterious illness and thinks they are dying and there isn't an easy fix or clear prognosis for it. And no it's not some made up illness to push the plo [...]

    4. 3.5/5 stars. So, I chose to read this when I saw NU was reading it and mentioned one of my favorite plot devices -- girl in love with her brother's friend. Thought to myself how can I resist? The beginning of the book showed a lot of promise, and I was really starting to feel for the characters. I loved the meloncholy feel in the first few chapters of the book, but it eventually slid more into malaise for me.As the book progressed, I lost my connection with the hero and heroine and their feeling [...]

    5. I did enjoy reading this book although not as much as To Marry a Duke. This is it’s sequel, the story of James’s sister Lily and his friend Whitby. Actually there are 2 sequels to TMTD because it’s the first book in 2 different series even if it doesn’t appear as the first book in the Lover series.Being raised in a strict, humorless household did nothing to dampen Lady Lily Langdon's romantic nature -- nor cool her lifelong affection for Edward Wallis, Earl of Whitby, her elder brother's [...]

    6. Es la historia de lily, una chica que esta perdidamente enamorada de Whitby el mejor amigo de su hermano al que conoce desde pequeña, a pesar de saber que el jamas fijaría su atención en ella, ya que no la ve como otra cosa que la hermanita de su gran amigo, ella sigue aferrada a la ilusión que le ha acompañado toda la vida.Aunque el sentimiento de ser ignorada le sea familiar, pues la relación entre ella y su madre es desalentadora, ya que Marion es una mujer estricta y sin sentido del hu [...]

    7. Había conseguido el libro a ciegas sin saber lo que me iba a esperar, ya que lo había conseguido por medio de canje y, en ese momento, no tenía mucha idea acerca del libro - en concreto si era una saga o autoconclusivo - o de la autora. Resulta que al final descubrí que era una saga, lo cual metí la pata en haber elegido el libro, y que la editorial ya había publicado los libros anteriores a este en cuestión; tampoco no sería la primera vez que haya caído en la misma trampa más de una [...]

    8. A much better showing from MacLean. I genuinely liked Lily and Whitby (at least in this book), and their angst, while sometimes overwrought, was believable and relatable. Still, MacLean's writing leaves something to be desired for me. Her dialogue is unrealistic and melodramatic, and every book is basically the same story with slightly different characters and back stories. Reading them becomes a bit of a chore.

    9. 2.75 Stars. First of all, the blurb for this book does not reflect the story in any way at all! This drives me nuts - Lily does not chase Whitby for convenience at all Unfortunately my gripes with the book don't end with it's exterior.There were some interesting elements that made me really want to like this story, but the execution just couldn't cut it.The dialogue often featured completely inappropriate speech for the time, and the plot is based on an odd combination of completely implausible [...]

    10. Salah satu novel yang benar-benar meremas hati dari wal aku membacanya sampai akhir cerita tapi kok aku suka y dengan tipe cerita spt ini ;)Lily Langton sudah mencintai Lord Whitby (sahabat karib abangnya – James) sejak dia berusia 9 tahun, yg sekaligus adalah teman bermainnya dimasa kecil dan Lily tidak pernah berhenti menecintainya sampai dia berumur 21 tahun (hem benar-benar cinta mati, the first heroine i loved ;)).Sampai suatu hari ketika ibunya membujuk lily agar segera menikah dengan Lo [...]

    11. Lily has been in love with Whitby all her life. And he only sees her as his best friend's baby sister and certainly not as a woman. But at a shooting party, she finally gets her courage to go after him. But it turns out that Whitby believes he's dying, and a lifetime of acting as though he had all the time in the world leaves him with many regrets. So he can't possibly turn down a chance to end his life experiencing Lily's love. But things might not be so great if he survives after all. I'm torn [...]

    12. The first third of the book drew me in, as I enjoyed the angst of Lily's unrequited love for her brother's friend Earl Whitby. I didn't care for the age difference, but that's a personal bugaboo.Then, things took a turn. While I applaud Lily's honesty with him, her complete frankness seemed odder for the time than was expressed. Her forwardness was a bit over the top of believability for a virgin.The pseudo antagonist, Whitby's cousin is dealt with far too easily and I was left wondering why he' [...]

    13. Fast reading tapi bisa bikin mewek beberapa kali. Jadi ceritanya si Lily ini udah lama jatuh cinta sama Lord Whitby dan suatu ketika Whitby terkena penyakit misterius yang menyebabkan dia sekarat. Vonis dari dokter cuma ngasih dia waktu 3 bulan atau maksimal 1 th. Di sisi lain ada sepupu jahatnya Whitby (Marcus) yang mengincar estate & adek perempuan Whitby (Anabelle), karena jika Whitby meninggal maka Marcus lah yang bakal mewarisi title & estatenya. Maka pilihan terakhirnya Whitby haru [...]

    14. Sizzling hot!!!!I chose this rating because this book had me addicted from the first page. its been a long time since I've read a book that I've actually wanted to read till I finished it and this was one of those books. I recommend this book to anybody who loves romance with a plot and sex scenesd it's not overly sexual it's just enough to make you want to continue turning the pages to see what else happens. And really I think this is a book that could be turned into a movie like Jane

    15. You know, I want to like this series so much, and it's just not quite there. There was an awful lot of melodrama in this one and to some degree, I didn't completely believe in the relationship, which is a problem since this is a trope I usually love.Oh well. I suspect I won't be checking any of the other books in the series out anyway, especially given how it seems Annabelle's story will be playing out.

    16. This book had been on my bookshelf for forever and I finally read it. It was interesting enough - I finished it in one day, however there was something missing. I can't put my finger on what was missing, but it was something about the story and/or the main characters that prevented me from loving the book, although I did like it. I just wasn't completely taken in by the story. HOWEVER, I'm very much looking forward to reading Annabelle and Magnus' story! I feel that has great potential.

    17. Edward was forced to evaluate his life when faced with very dire prospects. Throughout the story, he also grows up as he becomes responsible for more than just his own life; in fact responsible for someone he cares deeply about.The story itself is good and the supporting cast, especially Marion's point of view was well-done. There's nothing larger than life or fantastical in the story; which may or may not be a good thing.The author's afterword explanation did NOT endear Edward to me.

    18. so i had to refresh my mind which series this was and what had happened before.I did enjoy this one, it was a bit different with him sick, her seducing him, then her sick and their marriage all over the placel these emotins and self doubt but it had its really sweet moments, and I did enjoy it

    19. I loved this book. This is the book that had me going out and buying every Julianne MacLean book I could find. Absolutely wonderful. The heroine has loved the hero since she was a child. He was her brother's best friend. The poor guy was sick through a big portion of this book. BUT it was required in order for the storyline to go as it was supposed to. I enjoyed it immensely!

    20. I think this was the last really good novel by Julianne MacLean before her books went badly downhill. I really did enjoy this one about a heroine with a scandal in her past and a hero is so very honourable under the caddish exterior. One of my keepers. For the longer review, please go here:epinions/content_19785

    21. I loved it :) I was really sensitive to Lily's situation. It is so difficult to love someone for so long without that person noticing you. Ah the pain :'(Besides, Whitby was a difficult man. A bohemian. That makes things even more difficult.But love found a way, as always, like it is my belief.

    22. Good writing and plot, but depressing more than anything. I was doubting a happy ending until the very last chapter.

    23. I loved the theme of the book and it started off really good. But it quickly got depressing and stayed that way until the last few pages.

    24. The authors books are pretty predictable when you read them in order. Same story, different person. But I did enjoy Lily's story. Really enjoyed this series.

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